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  • Top 12 Places To Visit in Andaman

    Top 12 Places To Visit in Andaman

    So, weve toured the beguiling snow-clad peaks as well as the historical forts. Want to spend another vacation? Alright, gear up for the tropical islands of Andaman. Yes, you are right! The alluring archipelago with turquoise blue waters that kisses the virgin shoreline is an exuberant destination to succumb oneself to nature. The tranquil ambiance of the Andaman Islands, nestled away from the noises of the city, is an ideal destination for spending an unforgettable holiday. The people can tour the various place that, oops, thats more than enough. You have to go through this guide thatll tell you about the must-see places in the Andaman Islands. Several types of holiday packages for Andaman and Nicobar Islands are available that is helpful to cater to the need of travelers.

  • Cellular Jail National Memorial

    Cellular Jail National Memorial is one of the famous tourist destination

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    Can a gruesome jail be a tourist destination? Well, the answer to this question is a yes. The Cellular Jail National Memorial used to be a prison where many political personalities were sent to serve a period of lifetime exile. The building is constructed in a beautiful manner & the silent walls of this jail-cum-tourist site tell a lot about the harsh atrocities that were faced by the Indian during the British rule.

  • Havelocks Gem- Radhanagar Beach

    Radhanagar Beach is one of the most popular beach in Andaman

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    Virgin sands, turquoise blue water and calmness in the ambiance- this is the way to define the Radhanagar Beach. Popularly known as the beach number 7, Radhanagar Beach is one amid the beautiful beaches in the archipelago. More than a decade ago, the Time magazine crowned Radhanagar Beach as Asias most beautiful beach. This alluring and serene beach draws a large number of tourists from different places. Indeed, it is the right place for spending a relaxing vacation.

  • Explore Whats Underneath the Turquoise Waters of Havelock Island

    Havelock Island is a beautiful destination in the Andaman

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    The Havelock Island is a beautiful destination in the Andaman. It is famous for boasting the beautiful beaches and resorts. The tourists that flock to Havelock Islands do not miss to explore the underwater life. The water sports like scuba diving & snorkeling are enjoyed by the tourists. It is a wonderful chance to get candid with the exotic marine creatures like turtles and the fishes.

  • Mount Harriet and Madhuban

    Mount Harriet is one of the popular places in Andaman

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    So heres a surprise for everybody. Those who thought that islands are just about relaxing at the beaches while sipping a mock-tail then think again. The sport of trekking can be enjoyed at the beautiful Andaman Island. The beguiling trek-route between Madhuban & Mount Harriet is measured by hundreds of adventure aficionados throughout the calendar year. This trek path is cloaked under the garnet green beauty & can be explored by the elephant safari as well.

  • Go on a Museum Circuit

    Museum Circuit is one of the most popular places in Andaman

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    A museum is a place where an individual is exposed to the grass root detail of the local culture of a place. The Andaman Island gloats a museum that houses the history of the soil of Andaman. The information about the indigenous tribal groups & their life-style & weaponry is displayed in the Anthropological Museum in Andaman whereas the Samudrika Museum in Port Blair holds amazing information about the mysterious marine life.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

    Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is amazing places in Andaman

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    If you are not interested in enjoying the water sports in the huge sea then head towards Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Museum. It is an exuberant place for the tourists that wish to enjoy the thrill of water activities like jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking etc. Whether youre a novice or a professional, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is a place that caters every-one.

  • Sea Walking at North Bay Beach

    North Bay Beach is most popular beach in Andaman

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    Who doesnt want to get candid with the school of fishes? Thats intriguing indeed. The underwater act of sea walking can be enjoyed at North Bay Beach where the tourists get a chance to meet the sea creatures face to face. The North Bay Beach is the acclaimed to be the safest place for indulging in sea walking in Asia. Interestingly, you dont have to be pro swimmer to enjoy this activity.

  • Hog on the Delectable Seafood

    Sea food of Andaman is most popular in tourists

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    The sumptuous and mouth watering sea-food of Andaman is something that shouldnt be skipped. When youre vacationing on a tropical island then you simply cannot miss out the sea-food delicacies that seduce the nostrils. The lobsters, prawns, fishes, shrimps etc. are available everywhere at affordable prices. You should better treat your taste buds with piquant seafood dishes after a long and tiring day.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

    Mahatma Gandhi National Park is an exotic tourist destination in Andaman Island

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    Mahatma Gandhi National Park is an exotic tourist destination in Andaman Island. This national park, comprising of 15 islets, was created to preserve the species of sea turtles in its area. Nestled away from the noises of the city, the MGMNP is the place where the sea turtles lay their eggs. This place is visited by an impressive number of tourists. The people can also witness different corals under the crystal clear waters.

  • Diglipur- A Playground for Nature Lovers

    Diglipur is a pristine place in the Andaman Island

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    Whether you call it the turtles nesting site, nature devotees haven, crocodile sanctuary or a reticulation of caves: all are acceptable. Diglipur is a pristine place in the Andaman Island that houses the highest point of Saddle peak and the mud volcanoes. The mud volcanoes arent accessible but the tourists flock to the Saddle peak for spending some intimate time with nature. With navigable waters, the visitors can glance at the mesmerizing beauty of Diglipur.

  • Chidiya Tapu

    Chidiya Tapu is one of the amazing tourist destination in the Andaman Island

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    Going with its name, Chidiya Tapu or the Birds Island, is a quaint spot & a reckoned tourist destination in the Andaman Island. This island is basically an islet that is frequented by the bird watchers as it houses various species of the birds. The hornbill, dove, sea hawk, franks kite and hundreds of other birds can be found at Chidiya Tapu. Some migratory birds like crowned hoopoe and red breast swan can also be spotted during the months of October-December.

  • Ross Island

    Ross Island is one of the most famous destination in Andaman Island

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    Ross Island is another sightseeing destination in Andaman Island. This place houses the ruins of the famous architectures that were erected by the English. The land of Ross Islands is the prime witness of the Japanese invasion & the hazardous earthquake of 1941 that swallowed its beauty. Though the ruins are not worth seeing, but they tell the story of Ross Islands during the post-independence era under the British rule.

  • Truly, nature has endowed its beauty on the astounding archipelago of Andaman. From the exotic beaches to the magnificent architectures, the Andaman Island is a one-stop tourist destination that offers a great vacation. Whether youre a stag or a honeymoon couple, book your tickets for a perplexing tour of the Andaman Islands.

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