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  • Top 12 Popular Places to Visit in Mangalore

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    12 Most Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Mangalore

    Being one of the tidiest port cities, Mangalore is an important business center and also holds an amazing natural and cultural beauty with tall swaying coconut palms, pristine beaches, harbors, ancient temples, and a diverse culture. Though the city has faced a rapid growth in urbanization in the recent times, yet reined by numerous dynasties from the prehistoric era, such as the Kadambas, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Vijayanagar Empire, Portuguese, and the British. A mention of this city in the writings of the Arab traveler IbnBatuta in the 14th century, states that the city preserves a historical importance.Mangalore has a long stretch of shoreline with pristine beaches, offering a pleasurable natural milieu along with its grand shopping complexes and vivacious seafood culture. With an array of places to visit in Mangalore, the city offers a quick and appeasing retreat from the hustle & bustle of life and still conserves just the prcised volume of the urban glam.

    Let's explore the city a bit more to have a thorough idea about the various places to see in Mangalore. Here it goes:

  • Tannirbhavi Beach

    Tannirbhavi Beach is one of the popular beach and places to visit in Mangalore

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    Set along the Malabar Coast, Tannirbhavi Beach is one of the popular beaches of Mangalore city. This pristine beach with cold breezes of the Arabian Sea and the shimmering sands offers an unforgettable experience. Perfect spot for those who need some moments of seclusion, the beach is safe for swimming as well. The remnants of the ship that sank 15yrs ago are still visible near the beach. Well, this is one of the most famous places for the couples in Mangalore.

  • St. Aloysius Chapel

    St. Aloysius Chapel is one of the top tourist attraction in mangalore

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    Positioned right in the heart of the Mangalore city, St. Aloysius Chapel stands erect in all its glory. Priestly Father Joseph Willy built this chapel in 1885. With a scenic location and a panoramic view of the vast Arabian Sea, St. Aloysius Chapel is sited at the top of the Light House Hill on the campus of St. Aloysius College. The interiors and the murals are much influenced by the Roman architecture; one section of the chapel is dedicated to Saint Aloysius.

  • Mangaladevi Temple is one of the popular tourist place in mangalore

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    Elevated at 1337 meters above sea level, concealed between the thick woods of Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar Tiger Reserve, Mangala Devi Temple has a conventional Pandian style of Kerala architecture. The mountaintop possesses a picturesque view of the Eastern Ghats. The borderline walls and the steps of the temple are constructed with the gigantic stone pieces that predict the past glory of the temple. The devotees are permitted here only on the Chithra Pournami festival held during the month of April-May.

  • Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is one of the famous place to visit in mangalore

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    Devoted to Gokarnanatheshwara, this temple was specially constructed for the Billava community, which was forbidden to enter into any other temple in the area. Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is an eminent example that defines the irrational culture of caste discrimination. The structure of the temple is developed in Tamil Nadu style, with decorative frescoes depicting various mythological legends. The temple is famous for its Dussehra festival celebrations, otherwise known as Mangalore Dasara.

  • Sultan Battery is one of the best tourist spot in mangalore

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    A small town located between the Mysore and Calicut at an altitude of 930 meters, Tipu Sultan constructed this watchtower that had a battery made from black stones giving an impression of a miniature fortress, thus the name Sultan Battery. Previously called Hennaradu Peedike, the town served as an army post of Tipu Sultan. This renowned place stands in relics at present, weathered out due to the extreme climatic conditions.

  • Milagres Church

    Milagres Church is one of the famous tourist place in mangalore

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    This tourist spot in Mangalore is an ancient Roman Catholic Church positioned at the Hampankatta locality. The Milagres Church, better known as the Church of Our Lady of Miracles was created by Bishop Thomas de Castro, a Theatine from Divar in 1680. One of the oldest churches in Dakshina Kannada, the novel structure was created at the site of the existing cemetery.

  • Panambur Beach

    Panambur Beach is must visited tourist place in mangalore

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    Positioned at a distance of 13 km from Mangalore to the south of Mangalore port, Panambur Beach welcomes tones of visitors and is still listed as one of the top cleanest beaches of India. It hosts numerous festivals including the boat racing, kite flying, and making sand sculptures. Famed for The International Kite Festival, which is organized every two years during the last week of April, the beach is also a significant landmark to the location of Mangalore chemical and fertilizers factory and Kudremukh iron ore factory.With a picturesque view of the vast sea, this ethereal beach offers a feeling of harmony and respite from the fast life of the city.

  • Mantra Surf Club

    Mantra Surf Club is one of the popular things to do in mangalore

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    The club was officially commenced in 2004 by Jack Hebner and Rick Perry, who as kids begun surfing themselves in 1963 at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA. Pioneering the activity of surfing in India, the duo seeking higher levels of spiritual enlightenment led to the Indian shores, where yoga and spiritual enlightenment have been a comprehensive way of life from the ancient times. They established the first Surf and Yoga Retreat in the country. Back then, surfing was not a much of a sport in India. Changing the definition of surfing, the duo has evolved the sport into a spiritual experience for seeking a higher enlightenment that can be termed as surf yoga!

  • Suratkal Beach is one of the best place to visit in mangalore

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    Situated 12 km from Mangalore city, Surathkal is a discreet suburb that vaunts of a beautiful beach and an edifice of Karnataka Engineering College, which lassos young engineering candidates from across the country. Having just one budget hotel, in Surathkal, the travelers are suggested for a day excursion to the beach. The immaculate beach has an exquisite view of the sunset with the waves hitting the rocks, washing off the sands.

  • Durga Parameshwari Temple is most popular tourist attraction in mangalore

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    Located 6kms off the Kinnigoli Moodbidri road, Muchur is a small village famed for Durga Parameshwari Temple that was constructed in the 7th century AD. The temple is dedicated to Durga Parameshwari and Ganapati. Being surrounded by a thick forest, the temple has a pleasing tranquility. The temple structure is applauded for its grandeur and intricate carvings. The aged Kannada copper plate engraving was discovered under the foundation of this temple in 1952, which states that certain rights were given to the Village Council.

  • Light House Hill Garden

    Light House Hill Garden is one of top places to visit in mangalore

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    Constructed in the 18th century by Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan, the Light House Hill Garden (also known as Tagore Park) is situated in the heart of the city. A spot for all ages, the lush green garden has an array of flowers that adds to the beauty of the garden. The artificial stream that gushes down a rock-strewn channel is an amazing view to watch. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset with sailing ships and boats in the sea. A paradise for the book lovers, the lighthouse also houses a library named after a famous freedom fighter Karnad Sadashiv Rao.

  • Kadri Hill Park

    Kadri Hill Park is one of the popular tourist attraction in mangalore

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    Have a rendezvous with nature at the largest park of Mangalore, hosting a broad range of wild animals, rare species of birds, anteaters, and many other animals. A fun place to be for the toddlers, the park is a unique combination of a Nature Park, zoo, and a picnic spot. Blooming flowers give a vibrant charm to the park. The kid's play zone can keep your kids busy with the toy train rides and other arresting activities. A paradise for a nature lover and a great respite from the blazing sun, the park is a must visit tourist spot in Mangalore.

  • With its tantalizing beaches, majestic sites, and holy shrines, Mangalore will surely cast a spell on you with its pictorial delight and glorified culture to add color to your journey!

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