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  • Top 13 Incredible Places to Visit in Indore on a Budget

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    Top 13 Incredible Places to Visit in Indore on a Budget

    Located in the Heart Of The Country Madhya Pradesh, Indore is a renowned city. It is tagged as the largest city in the state. From the ancient times, this beauteous city has been the residence of the royal family of Holkars who ruled over Indore till the arrival of the British. They erected numerous structures in the city. Post independence, it served as a princely state for 2-3 years but later it was merged with the Indian union. At present, Indore is developing with a great speed and has emanated as a frequented tourist site.

    Youll be surprised to know that the Largest City Of Madhya Pradesh also has a moniker of Street Food Capital Of India. It is due to the availability of the widest number of the delicious dishes like Dahi Bhalle, Jalebi, Samosa, and other slurpy items. Apart from food items, there are various travel goals in Indore as well. Since you have gathered an overview about the city, let us begin with our splendid expedition.

  • Lal Bagh Palace

    Lal Bagh Palace is well known places in Indore

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    Have you seen an amalgamation of English and European culture in India? Not yet, dont worry. Let us visit Lal Bagh Palace and get to know about it. Lala Bagh Palace is a mammoth-sized building that was built in during the reign of Holkar dynasty in the late 17th century. This palatial structure is renowned for its architecture. The lavishing interiors of Lal Bagh Palace are truly awe-inspiring and display the luxurious lifestyle led by Holkars.

  • Annapurna Temple

    Annapurna Temple is a famous religious Hindu site

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    A grandeur carved entirely out of white marble, Annapurna Temple is a religious Hindu site. This temple is devoted to Goddess Annapurna, the deity of food. The architecture of this temple is eminent as it holds the sculpted figurines from the religious Hindu scriptures. It also has a resemblance to Madurai Temple of Madurai. Devotees, as well as tourists, can be spotted at this temple extensively.

  • Kanch Mandir

    Kanch Mandir is one of the famous temple in Indore

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    Wouldnt you be astonished to see a temple entirely made up of glass? Of course, you will be. Kanch Mandir is such a grandeur located in Indore. Constructed under the reign of Holkar dynasty by a Jain trader Seth Hukumchand, Kanch Mandir is a mesmerizing Jain temple. Since it is constructed completely out of glass, it houses amazing glass paintings of the Jain Tirthankaras.

  • Gommat Giri

    Gommat Giri is a pilgrimage spot for the followers of Jainism

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    Originally known as Gomateshwar Hill, Gommat Giri is a pilgrimage spot for the followers of Jainism. Gommat Giri is a beauteous hill that stands at a height of 50 meters above the sea level. On the hill, there is a group of 24 Jain temples and each is devoted to the Jain Tirthankara. But, you have to abide by the stringent rules as the temple is open from 6 am -7 pm. Moreover, no eatables are allowed inside the sacred temples.

  • Rajwada Palace

    Rajwada Palace is one of the famous tourist spot in Indore

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    Displaying an eminent craftsmanship of the Indian architecture, Rajwada Palace is a beguiling structure located in Indore. This mammoth-size palace was the residence of the Holkar rulers that ruled the land of Indore. Visitors are fascinated by seeing the eyeball-grabbing interiors as well as exteriors of Rajwada Palace. Recently, the service of hosting small events have also commenced by the state government.

  • Bada Ganpati

    Bada Ganpati is famous Hindu shrine in Indore

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    You might be pondering that why this alluring Hindu shrine is known as Bada Ganpati? Well give a sneak peek into it. Bada in Hindi means Huge. Bada Ganpati of Indore is a frequented Hindu shrine that came into being in the 17th century. It stands tall at a height of 25 feet from toe to crown. Hundreds of devotees are spotted here daily. Just like Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Mumbai, the festival is celebrated here with a great zeal.

  • Pipliyapala Regional Park

    Pipliyapala Regional Park is a well-known picnic spot in Indore

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    Unfolded across 80 acres of land, Pipliyapala Regional Park is a well-known recreational and a picnic spot located in Indore. Whether you are an adolescent or a mature individual, you can bring out the child inside you after entering through the doors of Pipliyapala Regional Park. There are numerous rides that can be enjoyed by all. On the other side of the park, there lies a huge lake where you can take delight in the boat rides as well.

  • Maa Vaishno Dhaam

    Maa Vaishno Dhaam is a well-known Hindu shrine in Indore

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    Anyone can be surprised on seeing an identical replica of the Hindu shrine of Vaishno Devi in Indore. Known by the same name, Maa Vaishno Dhaam is a well-known Hindu shrine dedicated to Goddess Shakti. It resembles the identical divinity of the devout shrine that is located in Jammu. It took only 7 months for its construction and presently, it is frequently revered by the enthusiastic Hindus.

  • Tincha Fall

    Tincha Fall is one of the famous fall in Indore

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    What else can be more mesmerizing that spending a peaceful day at Tincha Fall? Tagged as an ideal weekend getaway by the Indoreans, Tincha Fall is an exquisite place for spending some time amid nature. The white waters of this enormous waterfall gush down from a great height of 300 feet. If seen from a distant, it seems that milk is consistently spilling through the boulders that give an impression of Dudhsagar Fall.

  • Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

    Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known sanctuary located in Indore

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    Talking about Indore and not mentioning Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary? Bahut Na-insafi hai Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known sanctuary located in Indore. Initially, it emanated as a hunting reserve for the royal family of Holkars but was transformed into a wildlife reserve. Today, it houses numerous species like a panther, sambar deer, partridge, boar etc. Apart from the exotic fauna, it is also a home to umpteen flora.

  • Nehru Park

    Nehru Park is most amazing park in Indore

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    This park isnt related with late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Bearing the name of Kamala Nehru, this beauteous garden is regarded as one of the oldest parks in the city. This park is a multipurpose garden that serves as a small reserve and a recreational spot. People from nearby areas visit the park on an extensive scale & witness the animals like white tiger, bear, horse etc. The pony ride is a special attraction for kids. By paying a minimal price, it can be enjoyed by children.

  • Indore White Church

    Indore White Church is one of the famous Church in Indore

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    The sight of a church is indeed soul calming, especially if it is built entirely out of the white marble. Popularly known as White Church, this cathedral was erected in the mid 18th century. It reflects the European style of architecture and has an ethereal ambiance. There are frescoes that reflect the teachings of the Holy Bible inside the church. It is decorated beautifully on the auspicious occasions of Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday.

  • Sirpur Lake

    Sirpur Lake is one the popular lake in Indore

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    Another gift from the Holkars to Indoreans, Sirpur Lake is a popular lake and a recreational spot located in Indore. Spanning an entire area of 600 acres, Sirpur is a lake and a bird sanctuary that is visited by tourists and migratory birds extensively. It is hemmed in the lush green surroundings and becomes the seasonal habitat for the migratory birds like a flamingo, swan, duck, goose, and more.

  • And here we halt our journey. Throughout the tour, we saw some real astounding destinations of Indore. Right from the palatial structures to the calm backwaters of the lake, a lot of memories were spun. Now, it is time to pack the bags and visit these locations in real. We hope that youve booked your tickets and packed your luggage. If not yet then hurry up!

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