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  • Top 15 Places To Visit In Paris

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    Top 15 Places To Visit In Paris

    Paris, the capital of France is renowned as the city of lights. Celebrated as a romantic destination for lovers, one can feel the love in the air of Paris- L'amour EST Dans l'air Paris! Its elegant and sophisticated aura can lure any travel enthusiast to visit this city of overwhelming splendour and architectural grandeur. Hosting cenotaphs such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, churches such as Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur, and even a Disneyland, Paris can no more be entitled as a travel destination for lovebirds only. Paris truly merits its international reputation and the credit goes to its fascinating treasures. The admirers of extravagance can never run out of sites when it comes to the enchanting city of Paris. To experience the blooming magic of this city, one must be well acquainted with the major points of interests in Paris. And to make the task easy for you, we have enlisted some famous tourist attractions of this city. Here it goes:

  • Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower is an iconic tourist attraction in paris

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    Witnessing thousands of love proposals at its zenith, the majestic Eiffel Tower is an iconic attraction of The City of Love! Its towering lattices attract couples to relish its romantic aura and architectural brilliance! This historical icon has an average of 7 million visitors annually, enlisting it in the world's top most visited historical places. You must not miss the dazzling, 5-minute long light shows on an hourly basis every evening. The bewitching midnight view of this enchanting city from the pinnacle will surely leave you awestruck!

  • Disneyland Paris

    Disneyland Paris is the famous tourist spot in paris.

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    Disneyland Paris is the synonym of fun and entertainment not only for kids but also for adults too, as this is where the adults literally become children and the children behave like superheroes or various characters of the Disney movies! Wandering into any of the three main precincts of Disneyland Paris will be blood-tingling for sure. Take a stroll through the lands of fairy tales that were once your best bedtime stories (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Aladdin, etc.) in Disneyland Park. Get involved in the world of TV production, with the fascinating thematic zones created on the basis of some popular Hollywood movies at Walt Disney Studios. The Disney Village includes the finest cinemas, fine bars, and restaurants.

  • Louvre Museum

    Louvre Museum is one of the best place to visit in paris

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    This paradise for art lovers sits along the banks of the Seine River in Paris. Louvre Museum is the world's largest museum and stocks one of the most remarkable masterpieces of art from the history. Crowds throng to this stunning and baroque style museum to perceive the popular art works such as the armless beauty of the Venus De Milo, the enigmatic smile of theLeonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Winged Victory, and much more. Mind that the treasure hunt price doesn't include a free entry ticket to the museum so better to pay to meet Mona Lisa'!

  • Arc de Triomphe

    Arc de Triomphe is one of the top tourist attraction in paris

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    This symbol of victory was conceived by Napoleon in 1806 after the Battle of Austerlitz. He welcomed the brave soldiers, who march under the Arc De Triomphe upon returning to France. This iconic monument carries the detailed sculptures on the arc and visitors are welcome to pay a tribute at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, for whom the flame is ignited every evening.Enjoy the amazing views over the Champs lyses from the terrace.

  • Notre-Dame de Paris

    Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the famous tourist place to visit in paris

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    One of the most famed cathedrals, Notre Dame Cathedral is among some of the most reminiscent edifices of Paris and its tempestuous history. The long journey of the construction of this leading masterpiece of the Gothic architecture started in 1163 and was supposed to get completed in 1345.Though, with the ravages of time and recurring restorations, the original veneer altered quite a bit. Its exclusive design, as fascinating as its history, describes the tale of Christianity through its significant periods of time.

  • Palace of Versailles

    Palace of Versailles is one of the best place to visit in paris

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    The former French royal residence and centre of the government, Versailles is surely a spectacular establishment throughout the planet. An intense specimen of 18th century French architecture, it is one of the most visited attractions in Paris. The profligately opulent bastion comprises of two background estates and sprawling gardens with a lake as a centre permeated with orchards. The musical fountains in the vicinity will surely leave you awestruck! Even the most superlative descriptions won't justify the magnificence of Versailles. Tour to the Palace of Versailles will not only delight you but also will surely render you dizzy!

  • Moulin Rouge

    Moulin Rouge is one of the best travel destination in paris

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    It is advisable to pre-book the tickets of the extravagant cabaret show at iconic Moulin Rouge performed by attractive girls from all over the world. Watch showgirls flaunting bushels of feathers and sequins dancing and dominating the stage by performing a captivating choreography. You can choose to upgrade that includes a French meal and fine Champagne. Feast your senses with a touch of naughtiness and charisma of the Ferie' show at Moulin Rouge in the City of Light!

  • Quartier Latin, Paris

    Quartier Latin, Paris is one of the popular tourist place in paris

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    Quartier Latin, the title only conjures metaphors of bohemian Paris at its pinnacle. Most of the Quarter Latin is a primitive labyrinth, except for the Boulevard Saint-Michel. This section has a discrete old-world oddity. Take a stroll in the meandering constricted streets and stone-paved alleys, with a few quiet squares. Feast aboard a boat berthed on the Seine River and unearth the relics of a Roman amphitheatre, depicting the tale of the loss of its former identity. Second-hand bookstores and top grade dive bars nestle together, often serving as a platform for some intense speculative conversation. The Latin Quarter's buoyant ambience, with its ethnic eateries, cinema, shopping, and auditoriums will leave you with fun and frolic memories to cherish lifelong!

  • Palais Garnier

    Palais Garnier is one of the top tourist attraction in paris

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    All you Opera lovers, Paris has a surprise for you! With an accommodation of 2,000 audiences and its stunning 30metres high dome, Palais Garnier is a glorious structure! Under the authorization of Napoleon III, it was crafted by Charles Garnier in the well-admired Beaux Arts style. The nineteenth century Opera House is embellished with the heavy glass chandeliers, across-the-board marble staircases and gilded adornments. The double staircase of this majestic edifice leads to the hallway and the various floors of the theatre. Relive the past and admire the opulence of the late 1800s!

  • Montmartre

    Montmartre is one of the famous tourist destination in paris

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    Montmartre, a district of Paris is expressed by Parisians exactly the way New Yorkers talk about the Village! It is famous for the Sacre Coeur Basilica that sits on the crest of the most famous Parisian hill and the Moulin Rouge at its base. On the way up the hill, you may come across some extravagant cabaret, bars, kebab shops, sex shops and peep shows that you possibly pretend to avoid! Montmartre witnessed artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, etc. who created these masterpieces at this place, making it a sacred abode of art. Monument to Saint Denis and Monument to Dalida are the famous landmarks of this downtown. Loosen yourself in the precipitous and paved streets of one of the most ancient and fascinating vicinities in Paris!

  • Place de la Concorde

    Place de la Concorde is must visited tourist attraction in paris

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    The majestic European squares possessing a rich decoration is another striking site and is legendary for its importance in the French history. The Place de la Concorde plays a great emblematic part in the Historical Axis, as it has witnessed many happy or wistful national gatherings. The fountains that flank the obelisk, shipped from Egypt in the 19th century, are the masterpieces that were created in Paris. This marvellous panorama routes through some of the most distinguished monuments and squares, starting from the Louvre and the gardens of the Tuileries to La Dfense, transiting the Champs-Elyses that are lead by the famous Arc de Triomphe.

  • Sainte-Chapelle

    Sainte-Chapelle is one of the best place to visit in paris

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    The hoariest remnant of the primitive royal palace of the Parisian Ile de la Cite, Sainte-Chapelle, is a vivid instance of the great Gothic architecture. It encompasses two assemblies, one atop the other and royal tainted glass windows that speak volumes. Its extraordinary design and embellishment make it one of the top places to visit in Paris. The Sainte-Chapelle demonstrates to be one of the supreme architectural masterworks of Europe and the western world.

  • Musee d'Orsay

    Musee d'Orsay is one of the top tourist place to visit in paris

    Situated in the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries, Musee d'Orsay hordes a remarkable assembly of impressionist and post-impressionist pieces, especially the Monet's masterpiece and Water Lilies. Check out for more details about the museum with a video in the auditorium and grab a snack at the caf that will keep you energized for the long walks inside the museum. And yes, don't forget to admire the paintings made by Picasso and Cezanne!

  • Sacre-Coeur, Paris

    Sacre-Coeur, Paris is one of the popular tourist attraction in paris.

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    This daunting cathedral transpires as you progress to the top of the Montmartre hill, welcoming the visitors with equestrian sculptures of Jean D'Arc and Louis the Blessed. Dedicated to Jesus Christ, its spectacular features such as astonishing interior, mosaics, paintings, and other works of art will truly make you awestruck. The moment you turn around in front of the Sacre Coeur, you can see the entire Paris bowing down to you, making it a perfect spot for experiencing the sunset! On the other hand, the rear view from the quaint park marvels the greatness and grandeur of this cathedral.

  • Centre Pompidou

    Centre Pompidou is one of the popular place to visit in paris

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    Your first interface with Centre Pompidou could be out of absolute inquisitiveness. A chunk of metal created like a scaffold or exoskeleton projects out in a blatant fashion from the adjacent edifices. Placed in Beaubourg, in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, this Pritzker trophy winning assembly lines the art of the moment and the art of avant-gardism. Visited by Obama, Centre Pompidou has a wide assortment of contemporary masterpieces. Housing a beautiful bookstore, the city's prime library resource and invigorating panorama of the city that can satiate a day with reconnoiteringespecially for those who are entranced with the arts.

  • Whether you're planning a romantic getaway with your love mate or you are an art lover, look no further, as Paris is waiting for you to get closer to the city's rich history, with its endless experiences to mesmerize you!

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