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  • Top 5 Exemplary Places For Skydiving In India

    Last Updated: 2017-06-06 by admin

    Top 5 Exemplary Places For Skydiving In India

    As heard in childhood stories about imaginary pals who have powers to fly in the sky, we all wish for a chance to fly like a free bird and scale the mammoth heights of the cerulean sky. Alas! humans cannot fly, but they can enjoy the delight of the same skydiving. Yes, skydiving, an intrepid sport that has gained a huge fame within a shorter period of time in India. The youth, especially the venture freaks, have gone nuts when the sport was introduced. Till date, this not-so-inexpensive-sport has established its roots firmly and heres a sneak peek at the top 5 exemplary skydiving destinations in India.

  • Mysore is one among the best places to enjoy the valiant venture of skydiving in India

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    The City Of Palaces is a thronged travel goal in India. Alright, we arent here for the royal amenities this time. We are here to jump off a great height to feel like a burly bird in the blue skies. Mysore is one among the best places to enjoy the valiant venture of skydiving in India. Here, you are pushed off the aircraft from a humungous height varying between 3,500-5000 feet.

    PRICE- 10,000 INR per head

  • Dessa is one the famous places for skydiving In India

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    We arent happy with the way Gujarat government is promoting the tourism. Mr. Bachchan, how can you betray us? You really never told us that we should visit Deesa and experience the adrenalin pump while taking a dive from the sky. Apart from Gir-Sasan, the state of Gujarat is also famous for Deesa. It is the appropriate place to fall like an asteroid without bumping the head on craggy terrains.

    PRICE-10,000 per head (negotiable)

  • Dhana is well known Places for Skydiving In India

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    Dont you feel that theres solidarity between adventure and Madhya Pradesh? By this, we mean that this state houses 12-15 tiger reserves and thats a record in itself. But, theres another way of seeing (if you can) these reserves, especially in Dhana. Youll be made to jump off from a great height of 5000 feet and then you can test your skills of identifying the tiger reserves and other destination from the sky.

    PRICE- 12,000 INR per head

  • Pondicherry is well know places For Skydiving In India

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    Pondicherry is stereotyped with ancient temples, delectable cuisines, dance forms, and Carnatic music. Well, not everyone enjoys visiting temples or watching classical dance performances. Some people belong to the adventure aficionado breed and seek adventurous activities. You can experience the venture of skydiving in Pondicherry apart from trekking and all. Take a jump from a gigantic height of 8,000 feet and feel the classical melody come out from the throat.

    PRICE- 10,000 INR

  • Do you how an asteroid feels when it bumps down on the surface of the earth? If you have no idea, try the freaking venture of skydiving. Post the activity, youll surely have some sympathy for the poor asteroids. Relax, youll not go break your skeletal system but will feel the rush of your adrenaline system.

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