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  • Top 8 Places to Visit in Lansdowne

    Top 8  Places to Visit in Lansdowne

    Lansdowne is a quaint hill town perched in the green and misty hills of Uttarakhand. Untouched and away from the noises of the city, Lansdowne is endowed with immensely tantalizing surroundings. The backdrop of the place is remarkably hemmed by the towering peaks of snow capped Himalayas. So, theres no doubt in saying that the pristine ambiance of Lansdowne lures the visitors. This less crowded hill station is frequented by many amid the year and is one of the perfect holiday destinations in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. It offers some beautiful places of interest, so heres a sneak peek to the best tourist places in Lansdowne.

  • St. John's Church, Lansdowne

    St. John's Church is the perfect places in Lansdowne

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    Encircled by emerald green surroundings, St. Johns Church is a Roman Catholic grandeur that was established in the year 1936. The church is located near Tip-In-Top point and is the only working church in Lansdowne. In the year 1983, the structure of the church was re-constructed by the local government. The Christmas season is the perfect time to admire the ornamented beauty of St. Johns Church.

  • Garhwali Mess, Lansdowne

    Garhwali Mess is one of the popular places to visit in Lansdowne

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    Shrouded by the misty Himalayan peaks, the Garhwali Mess on amid the oldest existing British architectures in Lansdowne. This historical landmark was erected in the year 1888. Post independence, this mess was left abandoned for a larger period of time but was soon taken over by the higher authorities of Indian army. The locals as well as tourists visit the Garhwali Mess to know about its history from the grass root level.

  • Hawaghar, Lansdowne

    Hawaghar is the most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand

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    As its name suggests, Hawaghar is a tranquil hill-top point beckoned by the snow capped peaks of Himalayas. The serenity of the place promises its visitors an ethereal pleasure that is soul soothing. The lofty hills and semi jagged terrains of Hawaghar are blissful and not less than a haven for the nature lovers. Due to its picturesque surroundings, this place is also frequented by the photographers to capture the beauty of nature.

  • Tip-In-Top, Lansdowne

    Tip-In-Top is one of the most popular tourist places in Lansdowne

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    Tip-In-Top, also known as Tiffin Top, is a serene hill-top in Lansdowne. Un-touched from the tumult of the cities, Tip-In-Top point offers a mesmerizing panoramic view of misty hills of Shivalik range. With the backdrop of snow capped Himalayas, it is enveloped by pine and oak forests and has a tranquil ambiance that assures an ethereal pleasure. The tourists do not forget to swarm at this breathtaking hill-top during their visit to Lansdowne.

  • Regimental Museum, Lansdowne

    Regimental Museum is one of the amazing Museum in Lansdowne

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    Darwan Singh Regimental Museum, or The Regimental Museum, is a defense museum that stands in the parade ground of Lansdowne. It was established in the year 1983 and is named after Darwan Singh, the first ever Victoria Cross holder from Garhwal Rifles regiment. This regimental museum houses a colossal collection of weapons, medals, uniforms and rarest photographs with details of the achievements of Garhwal Regiment.

  • Bhim Pakora, Lansdowne

    Bhim Pakora is the famous trekking spot in Lansdowne

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    First of all, it has nothing related with the pakoras that we eat. Bhim Pakora is a famous trekking spot in Lansdowne and can be accessed by a 2 km. trek. It is said that Bhim, the 2nd Pandava, placed one rock on the top of the other. He placed it in such a manner that the upper rock can be moved but it doesnt fall off. The place is also frequented by the photographers for its scenic surroundings.

  • St. Mary's Church, Lansdowne

    St. Mary's Church is one of the most visited church in Lansdowne

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    Representing the skilful architecture of British era in India, St. Marys Church is an ancient grandeur situated in Lansdowne. It was erected on the orders of A.H.B. Hume in the year 1895. Post independence, the Garhwal Regiment took over the authority of this marvel and looks after it till date. A smaller portion of St. Marys Church has been converted into a museum that gloats the images of pre-independence era in Lansdowne.

  • The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial, Lansdowne

    Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial is a splendor in Lansdowne

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    The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial is a splendor in Lansdowne. It was constructed in the year 1923 & is located in the parade ground of Lansdowne. This memorial glorifies the heroism of the Garhwal Regiment. Over the years, it has turned out as an alluring tourist destination and people visit in a large number to know more about the history of pre-independence Garhwal Regiment.

  • Delighted, mesmerized, tantalized, haven and many more words with the same meaning that you can think about describe the hill town of Lansdowne. This luring destination has an ethereal ambiance that will inject the syringe of peace into the senses. Since Mother Nature has bestowed Lansdowne with remarkable beauty, this quaint little place will never let you down.

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