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  • Top 8 Tallest Buildings In India You Must Visit

    Top 8 Tallest Buildings In India You Must Visit

    You know that I live on the 23rd floor, I can see the entire market from the 30th floor where I reside`, and more different things have been told by people to each other. If you assume that those who speak such things are high on weed, nope, youre not getting them. They do reside in such skyscrapers!

    Touching the skyline, there are numerous multipurpose skyscraper buildings located in the City of Dreams Mumbai. At first, the first skyscraper that strikes the mind could be Antilia but, there are more buildings that are far monstrous (and expensive) than it. Whenever people see such amazing architectural marvels, they too aspire to own a flat in such buildings. Buying and residing in the tall buildings is an experience in itself. All you need to do is check out your bank balance and if you think thats enough for purchasing one, go for it.
    Prior to that, take a glance at some renowned marvels known as the tallest buildings in India.

  • The Imperial, Twin Towers

    The Imperial, Twin Towers is one of the tallest building in India

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    Standing at a whopping height of 833 feet, The Imperial Twin Towers are awe-inspiring. These twin towers (with a monstrous height) are located in the region of Tardeo in the Glamour City Mumbai. The Imperial Twin Towers were constructed by Shapoorji Pallonji Pvt. Ltd., and are counted amid the worlds tallest residential towers. There are total 60 floors in these towers.

  • Kohinoor Square

    Kohinoor Square is well known building in Mumbai

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    Kohinoor is a diamond and it cannot be square in shape. First of all, Kohinoor diamond has nothing to do with Kohinoor Square. Standing tall, no, standing taller with a monstrous height of 666 feet, Kohinoor Square is a 52 storey skyscraper located in Shivaji Park, Mumbai. It is a multi-purpose skyscraper that houses the shopping mall, residential floor, car parking, office, and 5-star hotel under the same roof! Unbelievable but true.

  • Lodha Bellissimo

    Lodha Bellissimo is famous tallest building in Mumbai

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    Lodha Bellissimo Tower is another marvelous addition to the list. This humongous skyscraper has a height of 728 feet and it is entirely a residential skyscraper developed and owned by Lodha Group, a laudable name in the real estate of Mumbai. Lodha Bellissimo is a 53 storey building that was opened for public in the mid-2014. Today, many families reside in this marvelous skyscraper.

  • World Crest

    World Crest is one of the famous building in Mumbai

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    World Crest aka World One is an under construction skyscraper in Mumbai. The construction of World Crest commenced in the year 2011 and it is estimated that by the end of the year 2018, it will be opened as a residential tower for people. Having 117 floors (damn!) the height of this whacking building is expected to be 1,450 feet. After its construction, it will leave behind the 111 West, 57th Street skyscraper located in the United States.

  • Ahuja Towers

    Ahuja Towers is one of the famous building in Mumbai,India

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    Whilst talking about the buildings that touch the skyline in India, the name of Ahuja Towers cannot be missed. Ahuja Towers are gigantic towers that stand with a mighty height of 813 feet. This 53 storey building is a multipurpose skyscraper and was opened recently in 2016. Just like Kohinoor Square, it has different luxurious floors that are utilized for commercial as well as residential purposes. All floors are well-furnished and can simply lure anyone at the first sight.

  • The Ruby

    The Ruby is marvelous skyscraper that is located in Dadar,Mumbai

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    The Ruby is marvelous skyscraper that is located in Dadar (West) region of Mumbai. This huge building has a height of 626 feet and is well-furnished with 40 floors. It is also a multipurpose building that constitutes the shopping mall, multi-level parking, office, and residential apartments. Even some renowned B-Town celebs and reside in The Ruby apartments.

  • Planet Godrej

    Planet Godrej is one of the tallest building in Mumbai,India

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    Planet Godrej is a residential skyscraper that was constructed the fastest. It is located in the Mahalaxmi area of Mumbai and owns a height of 594 feet. The 51 storeys of this building took merely a time of 2 years for the completion. The rich interiors of Planet Godrej do not appear to be less than a 5-star hotel. Just think about those people that reside at the topmost floor of this building. They might freak out to climb up and down so many stairs daily (because lifts can face a technical glitch!)

  • Orchid Woods

    Orchid Woods

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    With a gargantuan height of 623 feet, Orchid Woods is a triplet skyscraper located in Mumbai. These 3 stupendous buildings stand together and have 55 storeys in each. Developed by DB House, these lavish buildings are known as Orchid 1, Orchid 2, and Orchid 3. The construction of these buildings began together in the year 2007 and within a span of 6 years, the triplets were erected.

  • (Sigh) catch your breath now. These tallest buildings are simply amazing. Touching the skyline, these gigantic skyscrapers are multipurpose buildings. You can run your office and reside a few floors above in the same building. Thats true! If you reside in a skyscraper then theres a surety of relishing the world-class facilities. Since a majority of flats and apartments are vacant, you can buy one for yourself and live like a king.

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