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  • Shopping in Dharamshala 2021: Check Out The Top Markets For The Shopping Sprees

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    Top Markets for Shopping in Dharamshala

    Dharamshala resides at an altitude of 1750m. A beautiful hill station which comes inside the Himachal Pradesh. People have the wrong notice that Dharamsala has no market or shop. There are places where you can get shops for shopping in Dharamshala. One such place where you can shop with your friends and family is McLeodganj. Here in this market will you will get different products and items that have a Tibetan origin and also represents the Himachal culture. Here are some of the places where you must visit when you are looking for things to buy in Dharamshala. You will be amazed to see the varieties of products that you will get here in these places.

    Tourist from different region visit this place all around the year. Here they can explore the magnificent beauty of nature and the Buddhist and Tibetan influence. Choose the best Dharamshala holiday package and plan your holidays this year with your family and friends. The trip to Dharamshala is thrilling and exciting, and also you will get a lot of tourist attractions and shopping places here in this place.

    Here are some of the places where you must visit when you are looking for things to buy in Dharamshala. You will be amazed to see the varieties of products that you will get here in these places.
    Top Seven Places For Shopping In Dharamshala

    The right places where you can get unique products, mostly situated in the McLeodganj region. One can take local transport to reach this place. These places are famous and quite popular tourist spots for years and everyone falls in love with them.

    1:Namgyal book shop
    2:Divine Buddha Handicrafts
    3:Semshook Tibetan handicraft
    4:Kotwali bazaar
    5:Village boutique
    6:Green shop
    7:Jogibara round bazaar

  • Kotwali Bazaar

    One of the most popular tourist spots in Dharamshala is the Kotwali bazaar. Here in this bazaar, you will get woolen garments along with Tibetan trinkets. There are plenty of shops where you will get sweaters, shawls, and cardigans that are gorgeous and beautiful than the other items that are essential for your day to day life. In this market, you will get products that belong to the Tibetan heritage. These also include Buddha statues that are made-up of crystal, stone, wood, and other such materials. The shopkeepers in this market are customer-friendly and will also sell your products at a very reasonable rate.

    You will also get to buy carpets, Tibetan rugs, and garments that are inspired by the Designs of Tibetan and Himachal. Along with the shops for different products, you will get roadside stalls, restaurants, and other food carts where you will be getting Tibetan food and delicacies. The food that you can enjoy here - includes Thukpa, Momos, and much more. One of the famous hotspots for travelers is the Kotwali Bazar Dharamshala. You will get a great ambiance here that you will love to enjoy.

  • The Semshook Tibetan Handicrafts

    Located in Dharamshala, it is one of the most-popular handicraft stores in India and also all around the globe. You will get a connection of all the products that you get here in the market with Tibet. Some products are both spiritual and magnificent. The beauty of these products is unmatchable.

    One can choose to buy authentic Tibetan products like statutes of Buddha, Thangkas, drapes, rug, and much more to change the ambiance of your residential space. You will also get Italian and Tibetan clothes which are quite popular in the market these days. Delivery of your purchased stuff will be within two days of your stay.

  • Divine Buddha Handicrafts

    Dharamshala is influenced a lot by Buddhism. Many people who live in this area are Buddhists. Therefore, this is quite natural that you will get many trinkets that are related to Buddhism. In Dharamshala, Inside the market, you will get many shops where you will get divine Buddha handicrafts. Not just that other Tibetan handicrafts are amazing to look at. You will be amazed to see so many handmade sculptures made-up of wood, brass, crystal, and even stone beads.

    You will feel, extremely happy when you visit these stores and not even spiritual. These items made-up with care, and these are magnificent as well. The small details and intricacies that you will see in the sculptures made by the sculptors will make you respect them more. Along with the Buddha Statue, you will get the local people icons in Dharamshala as well. Make sure that you carry cash always as the stores do not accept cards.

  • Namgyal Book Shop

    When you are in Dharamshala, you will also notice how the Tibetan culture is vivid. People here not only live that lifestyle but also once Dalai Lama lived here. Therefore you will get to see monasteries, monks, and other such Tibetan and Buddhist influences in every corner of the place. This book shop is one of the most popular book shops in Dharamshala where you will get books on the Tibetan lifestyle, culture, and also their beliefs. The books on Buddhism are also available here in this store.

    A bookstore is a right place to visit if you have an interest in knowing the unknown facts about the local people and places. There are plenty of places for shopping in McLeodganj and Dharamshala among which this bookstore is popular and famous. You can even buy books on spirituality, meditation, and other such aspects of Tibetan culture and Buddhism and the cost of these books are quite low. This store is situated in the Dharamshala Tibetan complex which is visited by many travelers and tourists from around the world.

  • Green Shop

    This shop is one of the few shops in India where you will get everything organic. Not just the products that are sold in this shop are made with the use of recycled paper but also these are made with hulled sesame seeds. From Tahini to consumers, books to cosmetics everything available in this store is made with the use of organic foods.

    You will get a whole new experience by visiting this store. The reason is that it is commendable that the owners of this store are the Tibetan welfare office is working so much to preserve the environment. The stores closed every evening around seven. You can also visit the mall in Dharamshala after you visit this store.

  • The Village Boutique

    In Dharamshala, the Village Boutique is quite popular. Here you will not only get Tibetan heritage but also singing amazing bowls and top class. If you do not know what a singing bowl means, it is a bowl which when rubbed with the use of a wooden stick produces a beautiful, melodious sound. This is used as a gorgeous showpiece all around the globe and also it is used for meditational and spiritual purposes and needs.

    This place has made a name among all the other Dharamshala tourist places. Along with singing bowls, you will also get books, wall hanging, deities, and much more. You will also get an authentic essence of the Tibetan culture and well as Himachal Pradesh if you visit this place.

  • Jogibara Road Bazaar

    Another popular place in Dharamshala for shopping is the Jogibara Road Bazaar. Here you will get fashionable items that have Tibetan authenticity. You will also get jewelry made with beautiful gems, handcrafted bead necklaces, and also colorful beads. The designs are unique and intricate. You can visit the shops and choose the one that you prefer more. There are different varieties of products to choose from.

    All the jewelry pieces that you get here in this market are inspired by the heritage and culture of Tibet and they are extremely beautiful. Some are also encouraged by Buddhism. There is jewelry made with the use of Buddhist healing stones that you can use in case if you are spiritual. There are also pendants available in this market which has Tibetan scriptures written in them. The exchange also has shops that provide Tibetan bowls, Thangkas, masks, and other such products. The details are colorful and have religious and spiritual significance as well. This has become a part of the tourist attractions in Dharamshala with time.

  • Therefore, Dharamsala has multiple shops that sell necessary and essential commodities like antique items, woolen garments, and also handicrafts that will help you connect to the Tibetan culture. If you are planning to visit this place, you must explore all these places. These are the right places for you to shop.

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