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  • Top Locations to Enjoy Nightlife In Shimla In 2021

    By: Palak Jain | In: Weekend Getaways | Create Date: 2021-02-27

    Top Locations to Enjoy Nightlife In Shimla In 2021

    Are you a lover of night party and any of your trip is just incomplete without it? Yes. Surely help is shared here. If you are searching for the right tourist end, no doubt, Shimla promises some amazing and interesting nightlife. Here, you can find several renowned and well-decorated pubs and nightclubs spread from mall road to the outskirts of the town where you can look through the finest experience of nightlife in Shimla. One will be happy inside the scenic beauty of Shimla from up high while enjoying your inspirational blend. Tour packages for Shimla is available for tourists. You can choose any package according to your budget. Tour Operators in Shimla are available to answer your queries and give you the best hotel stay and food as well.

  • 10 Top Locations to Enjoy Nightlife in Shimla

    We have jotted down a catalog of renowned places for Shimla nightlife which comprises pubs, nightclubs, and bars. Now, you can spend quality time here at the lively location. If you are ready to roll on, read out the information here.

  • Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar

    Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar

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    Located inside Hotel Marina, Mall Rd, Bemloi, Shimla, it is one of the most popular bars in Shimla. Here, you can chill out on the top Bollywood songs with your friends. Not just amazing songs, but the place serves out the finest liquor to perfectly match up with the ambiance. So, you are staying in Shimla at night and look out for a wild night out, you can visit Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar. You can spend quality time with your friends.

  • Himani Bar & Restaurant

    Himani Bar & Restaurant

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    Located just straight to the stairs, Middle Bazar at the Mall road, Shimla, Himani Bar & Restaurant is one of the best places to explore the wonderful nightlife. The bar offers a diverse range of drinks with lip-smacking foods from cuisines which include Indian and Mughlai. A visitor can look ahead with a special night here while drinking their special drinks and munching on starters. People who wish to prefer to spend a peaceful yet lively evening then book your presence at the Himani Bar for a wonderful evening in Shimla.

  • Lobby Lounge The Oberoi Cecil

    Lobby Lounge  The Oberoi Cecil

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    The dance and drink lover you enjoy the party at the Lobby Lounge, Shimla. It is located at Chaura Maidan Rd, Nabha, Shimla. It is the right place to boost the mood as it gives a plush atmosphere with a wide range of soft drinks, cocktails, and mocktails. The setting of the vintage along with tasty music and food will help you to enjoy the peace of some other world. The best here is that there is no additional entry fee to enter. The traveler can have the best time in their life at one of the best lounges offered by Oberoi! Now, you can look at a special and unique holiday with your friends.

  • The Pub

    The Pub

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    Located inside the Ritz Cineplex Shimla, The Pub gives some of the finest brews in Shimla. A person can enjoy every sip of the favorite drink with the classy people inside the town. Check the menu and you can try some of the delicious beverages. It gives a wonderful experience and is one of the most visit locations for somebody who wishes to visit the vacant disco pubs in Shimla. Moreover, The pub also gives a wide range of mocktails. Therefore, you can hop in the place and enjoy drinks in a perfect ambiance with the life partner and friends.

  • Rendezvous Bar and Restaurant

    Rendezvous Bar and Restaurant

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    After finishing a day full of sightseeing and outing, during the evening you wish to unwind and relax down. There is no need to get troubled. Rendezvous Bar located at Scandal Point, The Mall Road, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh promises to share special kinds of drinks to select from. The expert bartenders give new blends that you can take pleasure with tasty and crispy appetizers. You can enjoy the delicious food which is complemented with special and enjoyable Punjabi numbers. It is just sufficient to perk up the mood. Place an order for the favorite drink and enjoy the dazzling ambiance for purveying the top nightlife sight in the town.

  • Topaz Restaurant And Bar

    Topaz Restaurant And Bar

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    Head towards the Topaz Restaurant and Bar to become a part of the best nightlife in Shimla. This resto-bar serves out the best multi-cuisine food without hitting your pocket. It is not just made for the friends who wish to have a special night but appropriate for families. Visitors who are looking for some tasty food items can come here as it gives of the finest set of drinks and dishes from special foods. You can place an order for the best drink and enjoy the dance with your partner.

  • Cloud Nine Bar

    Cloud Nine Bar

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    Located inside the Hotel Combermere, Mall Rd, Bemloi, Shimla, Cloud Nine Bar is the best club in Shimla where you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of Shimla while partying. It makes sure for an enjoyable experience with its planned location. The beautiful mountains and peaks can be easily enjoyed while partying and dining. Do you wish to have a special ambiance and a collection of wines, it is known as one of the finest bars in Shimla, India. It is one of the best places in Shimla where you can enjoy vibrant energy. During the weekends, you can observe a good crowd here.

  • Devicos Bar

    Devicos Bar

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    Located inside 5, Mall Rd, Vijaya Bank, The Mall, Shimla, Devicos Bar is a renowned Shimla nightclub visited by the guest for the relish toothsome delicacies with a special collection of the drink. It is a nightclub in Shimla cum restaurant. If you are planning to travel to Shimla with friends then it is the right place for several groups to take pleasure in the absolute nightlife of the city. After finishing your day outing after fresh up, you can visit this place without burning any hole in the pocket. It is one of the best delights for budget travelers as one can enjoy tasty eateries and preferred drinks at a reasonable cost here.

  • The Night Bazaar

    The Night Bazaar

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    If you are a lover of shopping, then Shimla is not at all behind and shares a special collection with you. The Lower Bazaar and the Ram Bazaar in the city are popular among the lovers of shopping and the market remains open at night as well. started from the local clothes to a special list of souvenirs, you can purchasing anything from here at the best price. Moreover, Hindi Music songs are just enough to set the mood to shop with greatness. So, purchase some things and clothes for friends and family or enjoy the tasty food offered by street retailers.

  • The Ridge

    The Ridge

    The summer festival is celebrated in Shimla every year. During the summer festival season, the Ridge in Shimla comes to life both day and night. Here, the visitors can enjoy the fancy live performances shared by various bands and can also enjoy the incredible views of Shimla. Started from the tasty delicious food to harmonious performances in the middle of the scenic beauty of

  • Shimla, an enticing understanding one must not miss out on at the time of summers in Shimla. These are some of the best pubs and bars available in Shimla. Therefore, next time while planning to sojourn to Shimla, dont forget to try out the exciting pubs and bars. What are you looking for? Get set to practice the best nightlife in Shimla.

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