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  • Transportation Tips

    Transportation Tips

    Transportation is one of the inevitable parts of our lives. Each one of us has to travel by any means be it air, road or sea, to reach up to our destinations. But, what makes the difference is the way one travels!

    While planning a trip, transportation comes amongst the few unavoidable expenses, and is of course on the top of the list. It should be taken care off equally with other things to make the trip a hassle free one. All the ways to reach up to a destination should be enquired and the best one should be opted for, so that your time and money are saved. All the transport available from the airport, seaport, and railway stations should be checked before and in case of hiring a taxi always pre-enquire about the fares. To stay well informed make use of the maps and guides, so that your travel experience is a smooth and pleasant one. The most important thing is to keep your transportation costs minimum so that you can spend more in your vacations.

    There are certain tips that you should keep in mind while travelling by air, road, and sea. We have listed some of them below so that your trip experience is a memorable one!

  • While Traveling by Air

    It is one of the quickest ways to reach any destination, therefore is highly opted for by people. But there are certain mistakes that people tend to make and hence involve a lot of panic and hassles in their travel. Some of the things that should be taken care off are :

    The airport should be reached well before the time of departure, so that all the formalities such as checking in and going through security checks, luggage checks, complying with air travel requirements, paying duty on your purchases etc can be done smoothly. Starting your travel in a relaxed way sets the tone of a successful venture.

    Always check on transport that can be availed to and from airports. Opt for the one which is most comfortable for you and is quite reasonable. Bus shuttles should be preferred, if your destination is on the route of the bus, as they are quite reasonable. Sometimes, taxis are also reasonable so one should always enquire about the fares before availing any transport.
    Always remember to keep your luggage with yourself so that you don't loose it.
    Always keep your money in a safe pocket sewn in your clothes.
    After you've taken all the precautions, don't think your travelling is absolutely safe. Beware, as crime is a worldwide problem and it can happen to anyone anywhere.

  • While Travelling by Sea

    Another quick way to reach a destination is by sea. There are various options which one can avail while travelling by sea. Ferries are a quick and cheap way and wipe out the problem of getting to and from airports. Hovercraft, though very expensive, is another means which is very fast. All the food and drinks can be availed on ferries but it would be advisable to carry bottled water and your own food if you are on a tight budget.

    Cruises, highly popular among people, are great fun and provide a wonderful experience of relaxing along with sightseeing. Though it is expensive, but including one cruise in your itinerary would be really cool. Traveling by boat on long distance routes is expensive but is a great holiday in itself. One can even travel by working on a ship.

  • While Travelling by Road

    A. By bus
    Buses are one of the great and cost effective ways to travel in and around countries. But there are a few things that should be taken care off while travelling in a bus:

    Always use map and guide books to keep yourself well informed so that you are not mislead.
    When you are in bus shuttles, always tell the driver about your destination. He will himself drop you at your location, but for your own safety, constantly keep on asking about your destination so that you don't end up in a different place.
    Enquiring about the transport patterns of cities before hand is really beneficial.
    Always keep your luggage with you and keep a watch on it. Don't place it in the racks above your seat, you might forget them in a hurry.
    Have a pocket sewn inside your clothes where you can keep your money and passport, eliminating all the chances of loosing them.
    Travelling in poor countries in a bus can be a colorful experience with chickens and ducks all around. Bus rides can also be taken just for relaxation and enjoyment as the circular routes of buses drop you at the point of departure.

    B. By Car
    If you can afford renting a car, nothing like it! It provides you total freedom as you can go anywhere anytime, just according to your mood. But before you rent a car, keep the following things in mind :

    Be sure and properly understand the car rental contract.
    Make sure you have an international driver's license in English language which can save you from a lot of hassles.
    You should be well aware of the rules of the road.
    Never drink and drive.
    Always check on the costs which include car renting costs and the fuel costs and then make a decision

    C. By Rail
    Travelling by rail is one of the most popular means and it also saves your money effectively. Underground or Metrorail in the cities are a fast and efficient way of getting around and also a great way to know big cities and explore places of interest. Once you come out of the underground, buses and taxis are also available for road travel.

    But while travelling in a rail may be an underground or metro rail, you should keep the following things in mind :

    While crossing country borders through a rail, keep your passport with yourself. You might need it!
    Check before where you want to travel and where will you get the trains from to avoid delays.
    In case of overnight travelling in a train, don't forget to book a sleeper.

  • If you are using a Metrorail or an underground in a city, then opt for a multiple day travel ticket as it is a cheaper option.
    Also use an underground rail map to plan your route and also for keeping yourself well informed before you embark on an outing.

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