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  • Try Your Hands on River-Rafting in Manali This Winter

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2021-10-26

    Try Your Hands on River-Rafting in Manali This Winter

    Manali takes pride in securing its top position in the list of most-favored tourist destinations in North India for all aged travelers. What throngs Manali with tourists from all across the world, almost all times of the year are its range of attractions like ice-skating, snow-surfing, snowboarding, paragliding, and skiing. That said, only a handful of people are aware of the river rafting in Manali. The place is home to some of the largest rafting stretches which are also touted as the finest amongst the Indian mountains.

    For those blessed with a group of friends who love taking on an adventure, you can plan a trip to Manali during January-February to make the most of the adrenaline-pumping sport and to feel the rush inside. But before you go and taste the adventure and fun of river rafting, here are some of the ways to make the trip one of its kind. Explore the best deals on the Manali holiday package that includes rafting, available at Tour Travel World.

  • What Is River Rafting?

    River rafting is one of the must-try recreational activities in Manali that includes paddling through high and low streams of river water on a raft. Water sports are a mix of both adventure and excitement. Rafting amidst the postcard-perfect Beas valley, on the cold rapids and curves of Himalayan River water, is something that you cannot miss. The river rafting in Manali is one of its kind and guarantees optimal fun for all types of adventure enthusiasts.

  • White Water Rafting Or River Rafting: Which One Promises More Fun?

    To begin with, white water isnt different from river water, except the froth developed in it because of the rapid water floor, and making the water look white. The water looks white because of the current which not only gets aerated but also bubbly. This should be sufficient in clearing your doubts about water rafting and river rafting.

  • Why Manali Is The Go-To Place for River Rafting?

    In Manali, you can experience the joy of river rafting in four of its rivers including Ravi, Satluj, Chenab, and Beas. Depending on the difficulty level, the rafting in Manali is categorized into 6 parts. Of all the rivers, the Beas River Manali is known to have the most perfect waters to make the most of your rafting experience. The river has its roots in the Rohtang Pass and it happens to pass through the Kullu Valley while descending downwards. Beas has garnered huge popularity in terms of river rafting in the whole of North India because it has the correct level of stability that is needed over a whopping 20 km stretch.

  • What To Expect From Manalis River Rafting?

    Try the highly adventurous river rafting experience in Manalis Beas River. A seasoned and a highly-talented pilot will offer you all the professional help that you need. The rafting sport in Manali is the safest. The pilot will have a video camera attached to its head and he will record the entire action so you can keep it as a memory. The rapids are what will keep up with the fun and excitement of the sport.

  • Who Organizes The Besets, Safest, and Most Popular River Rafting in Manali?

    The route leading to Manali from Bunter is rife with water sports operators and organizers stalled on the roadsides themselves. The organizers follow all the safety measures when hosting these adventurous sports, keeping the yearly footfall in mind. Several Kullu rafting service agencies in the region offer affordable rafting packages.

    There is a multitude of private rafting operators who offer rafting essentials on a rental basis like a life jacket, helmet, raft, and oars. The rafts provided to the tourists are tried and tested by the experts first. If you are new to rafting, you can always ask for assistance and you will be guided by a group of 2-3 highly-trained rafters who will ensure your safety.

  • River Rafting in Manali: Safety Guidelines To Keep in Mind

    River rafting in Kasol and Manali agencies is present in abundance in the Kullu Valley. All your safety river rafting gear is provided by these agencies. Not only this but the agencies are also equipped with a team of trained and experienced professionals who have a deep knowledge of resolving emergencies. These rafting experts will also brief you about all the potential risks and how to overcome them in case you happen to face them. Before diving for the rafting experience, it is important to have a word with them and wear all the safety gear to enjoy the experience in a better way.

  • What To Keep In Your Bag During River Rafting?

    There are a handful of things that are allowed for your rafting in Kullu and are a must-take to make the most of your adrenaline-rush invoking experience. You need not have to think about the belongings that you would take during the rafting, as everything will be packed and kept inside a rucksack in cases of high tides. Furthermore, you would also have the time and opportunity to take photographs and make videos.

  • Some Of The Things That You Should Carry During Your River Rafting In Manali Are:

    1>A Swiss knife
    2>Waist bag
    3>An additional set of clothes
    5>Water bottle
    6>ID Proof
    7>Your medications

  • Overall Cost of River Rafting and Facilities Included

    The Manali travel agents combine all the various rafting packages that also run inclusive of the overnight stay, food, and a few other adventure sports. When going for river rafting, plan and think of spending the night inside the tented stays by the river banks to feel the essence of river camping. The travel agents also arrange campfires and bonfires if you request them for it, so you go home with a suitcase packed with memories.

    INR 500- INR 1000 is the approx price range for Manali river rafting. The rafting packages include that stays and food begin at approx. INR 2000.

  • When To Visit Manali For River Rafting?

    Since Beas River has the most perfect current in Manali, it witnesses Manali rafting throughout the year. However, the best time for river rafting in Manali is either in June or in July. During monsoons, the river rafting is usually closed in Manali and it only restarts by either late October or early February.

  • Where To Go For River Rafting in Manali?

    The Beas River in Manali is the place where river rafting is held. It is the ideal current setting and the stretch spanning over 20 kilometers from Manali to Jiri sharing proximity with Banjara, which falls on the road from Bunter to Manali. But for those who are new to rafting, you can however choose the shorter stretches for the same that are located in the Manali region. There is a popular water sports center based in Pardi which is famous for offering diverse kinds of adventurous activities in Manali. You can also find various courses on other sports in this center like

    1> Canoeing
    2> Kayaking
    3> Rafting

  • Now that you have sufficient knowledge on how to go about river rafting, its time you let Tour Travel World curate you the best Manali holiday package that includes rafting as the main attraction. The travel agent will take all your expectations in mind before creating a holiday package. Explore the best deals on Manali rafting packaging only at Tour Travel World. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan your trip to Manali for an exciting holiday experience. The river rafting in Manali awaits your arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is the perfect time for river rafting in Manali?
    Manali rafting season is between June to July.
  • What is Manali’s white river rafting?
    The rafting on frothy and turbulent waters is termed white river rafting. White river rafting is considered the hardest rafting level.
  • What are the ‘things-to-do at night in Manali?
    For those adventure-hungry souls looking to delve into some adventure, you can think of camping at Soling Valley under the open sky and into the wilderness.
  • How safe is river rafting in Manali?
    Unlike other Indian destinations which offer river rafting to their tourists, the one in Manali is safer and promises a lifetime of experience.
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