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  • The Ultimate Guide To Celebrating Holi In Mathura Vrindavan

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Travel | Last Updated: 2024-03-21

    The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Holi in Mathura Vrindavan

    Dancing in the colorful shower, throwing balloons to the roadside people, and eating delicious guides at home. Are these your Holi plans for this year 2024? Then we dare you to celebrate Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan this time. Both the places are the most loved for celebrating this rich culture, full of colors festival. At the ghats of Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, people love to celebrate the festival of colors. They are always adored for their enthusiasm and amazing revelry.

  • Things To Do In Mathura Vrindavan During Holi

    Vrindavan, India, is a sacred place known for the birth of Lord Krishna. Celebrating Holi there can be a unique, enjoyable, and vibrant experience. Along with the things you can do in Vrindavan, the best thing is enjoying the lathmar Holi in Barsana. This is one of the unique and lively celebrations which people love to enjoy in Mathura and Vrindavan. Tour Travel World with all its expertise has crafted the tour packages for Mathura perfectly so you never miss any fun anyhow.

    Here Are Some Things You Can Do In Vrindavan Mathura During Holi

    1: Visit Multiple Temples Of Vrindavan
    2: Play With Colors
    3: Participate In Cultural Events
    4: Holika Dahan
    5: Visit The Widow's Ashram
    6: Enjoy A Boat Ride
    7: Amazing Photography
    8: Rang Panchami

  • Visit Multiple Temples Of Vrindavan

    Various temples in Vrindavan give tribute to this colorful festival which every devotee must visit. These are Banke Bihari Temple, ISKCON Temple, and Radha Raman Temple. During Holi, these temples are adorned beautifully. Special events, rituals cultural activities, and dances are organized.

  • Play With Colors

    People love to visit the place just to experience the joy of playing with lots of colors. It is specifically known as "gulal" in the streets of Vrindavan. Holi is celebrated with amazing energy, enthusiasm, and love. People spread colors on each other with colored powder, dance, and sing bhajans and Holi songs.

  • Participate in Cultural Events

    Many cultural events and performances take place during Holi in Vrindavan which engages them more to visit again and again. These include folk music, dance performances, and storytelling sessions on the bhajans of Lord Krishna and Radha.

  • Holika Dahan

    Holi festival starts with holika dahan and witnessing this ceremonial bonfire is amazing. this ritual symbolizes the victory of good over evil. This event takes place on the eve of Holi, and locals gather around the bonfire to perform several holy rituals and prayers.

  • Visit The Widow's Ashram

    Do not forget to visit the Widow's Ashram (Meera Sahbhagini Mahila Ashram) during Holi if you have planned your visit to this place. It symbolizes a strong step against the traditional convention like Widows are not allowed to play colors. Indian society usually marginalized widows. But people and priests celebrate Holi here with colors, music, and dance, spreading the message of love and inclusivity.

  • Enjoy A Boat Ride

    You can also enjoy a boat ride on the Yamuna River while observing the festivities from a different perspective. It is like a treat to witness the colorful celebrations along the riverbanks and capture those memorable moments.

  • Amazing Photography

    Holi in Vrindavan offers countless vibrant and captivating moments to capture. The colorful street scenes, joyful faces smeared with colors, and amazing dance pictures are plenty to photograph and cherish.
    Huranga. This is the famous Huranga Holi celebration in Dauji temple, Baldeo, Mathura. You should not forget to witness this during holi.

  • Rang Panchami

    After a long celebration of Holi full of energy, one day it comes to an end. Holi celebrations end in Braj mandal temples on the fifth day of Holika dahan. It is believed that Lord Krishna had played holi with Radha Rani on this day. Also, the deities visit the earth to give their blessings to the devotees.

  • The Story Behind The Lathmar Holi In Barsana

    Legend has it that Lord Krishna, in a mischievous mood, would visit Barsana and tease Radha and her friends. In response, the women of Barsana would playfully chase him away with sticks. This playful act is recreated during Lathmar Holi in Mathura. During this women play the role of Radha's friends and men play the part of Lord Krishna.

    This exhilarating activity of fun starts one week before the main celebrations. On the day of Lathmar Holi, women armed with lath, gather in the streets of Barsana. They wait for the men from Nandgaon to arrive so they can playfully hit them with their lathis. The men try to shield themselves. However, it is all for fun and enjoyment which symbolizes the beautiful loving playful relationship of Lord Krishna and Radha.
    Anyone visiting the place would love to see the laughter, camaraderie, and lots of colors.

  • How To Reach Mathura

    You can reach the place using anything, bus, train, and by car or taxi! Everything is readily available and the Mathura Vrindavan, the holy cities of UP city are well connected from Delhi. Mathura railway station helps you reach the place from any part of India as trains run from all the major cities of India. Also, the super-fast Yamuna Expressway ensures swift road connectivity. Regular inter-state bus services are plying from Delhi and the distance is just 165 km.

  • Where To Stay In Vrindavan & Mathura?

    Visitors come to this place from all over the world just to experience the fun and enjoyment. This is why the locals are ready to welcome them with open hearts. Staying is not a concern in Mathura and Vrindavan during the Holi festival. But you need to book your tour package with housing and staying in advance. From locals opening their homes for visitors to hotels, apartments, villas, luxury resorts, and guest houses. There are options available for every budget.

    Rooms can be rented for as low as INR 300 per day while luxurious stays in resorts and villas are available from INR 2000 onwards.
    However, you need to explore the options online to get a lucrative deal. Tour Travel World can be your travel partner to get you the most beneficial deal on your Mathura and Vrindavan packages. Our experts are always there to support you with your specifications.

  • Conclusion

    People every year plan to visit the place to celebrate this festival in full fledge. They book their tour and make a list of things to do in Vrindavan during Holi. If you are also planning to make an exhilarating plan for this place, this blog is for you. Plan your trip for Mathura Vrindavan at TourTravelWorld.

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