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  • Visit the Winter Wonderland Shimla in December 2020

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    Shimla in December

    Shimla is considered the Queen of hills. It looks beautiful during winters. During the summers Shimla serves as a haven for people residing in its neighboring states. You must visit Shimla in December to enjoy its real beauty. As during that time of the year, it is all snow-capped.
    Plan a wonderful trip to Shimla places to visit in December and witness the magic of winters. December is the best time to visit Shimla because then you can enjoy both the snowless part of the month along with the Christmas celebration.

    There are amazing places to visit in Shimla. Therefore, even if you do not like snow or skiing there are several other things which you can do there. If you want to avoid disputes on your vacation then get yourself a customizable Shimla tour package from TourTravelWorld and explore the beautiful hilly retreat.

    The Best Places To Visit In Shimla-

  • The Shimla City-

    Shimla City

    Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. And it is also Indias one of the highest hill stations. Shimla is also called as the colonial Queen of hills.
    Shimla has a wonderful scenic charm and colonial splendour which makes it one of the best place to visit.
    If you are planning of having a trip to North India then visiting Shimla is a must.
    Starting from the religious landmarks like the Christ Church and Jakhu Temple to the busy shopping alley like the Mall road. Shimla has all kinds of travellers.

    The Attractions In Shimla City-
    There is the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Scandal point, Shimla state museum and many more.

  • Kufri


    Kufri is approximately 16km away from the Shimla city. The Kufri snow point is one of the best attractions in Shimla.
    Kufri is also known as a heaven for Shimla during the snowfalls. The Kufri snow point makes it a very famous tourist attraction.
    Near Shimla in winter, Kufri is the best tourist spot. The mesmerising views and ski slopes in Kufri are the supreme crowd pullers.

    The main attractions in Kufri

    Skiing, horse riding, Himalayan nature park etc. Are some of the main attractions of Kufri.

  • Rohru


    Rohru is not a very famous place to visit in Shimla in winter. The entire Himachal Pradesh is aware of the amazing apple production in Rohru. It is also known as the apple orchard master in Himachal Pradesh.
    Rohru is situated near the Pabbar river and a very popular activity to do there is trout fishing.
    It is the best Shimla places to visit in December. Once the entire town is snow-capped you can enjoy trout fishing.
    Along with trout fishing you can enjoy many other activities too in Rohru, like trekking and hand gliding.

    The Main Attractions In Rohru
    Trekking, Shikru Devta temple and trout fishing.

  • Narkanda


    If you are someone who loves skiing then Narkanda is the destination for you. It is a town situated in the district of Shimla which has turned into a ski resort.
    The best time to visit Narkanda is during winters. It is just 2 hours away from the city of Shimla in a car.
    Narkanda is located at a much higher level of altitude than Shimla. Almost 7,400 feet above. Hence the views you will get from there are highly captivating.
    Book your Shimla tour package from the TourTravelWorld and enjoy the trip.
    The HPDC also conducts various skiing courses here. Hence during winters, it is the best time to visit Narkanda. They have been conducting these courses since 1980.
    Narkanda is perfect for almost everyone. There are different slopes available and both the beginners and experienced skiers can enjoy.

  • Summer Hill

    Summer Hill

    The summer hill in Shimla is the best escape into peace. It is one of the most amazing places to visit Shimla in winter.
    If you are planning a Shimla tour package then do it from the TourTravelWorld to get mindblowing packages.
    Summer hill offers you with a perfect escape from all the hustle-bustle of the city and it is a retreat for all the nature lovers in Shimla in December.
    The summer hill is situated along with the snow-clad mountains and deodar trees.
    Hence, if you are searching for tranquillity and peace along with enjoying the beautiful scenic views then this is one of the best Shimla places to visit in December.
    Also, if you are looking for a romantic getaway destination in Shimla then summer hill is the most serene and beautiful for couples.

    The Main Attractions In Summer Hill
    Monorville mansion, Annandale, Dhilon pond etc.

  • Chadwick waterfalls

    Chadwick waterfalls

    Visit Shimla in winter and sit by the gorgeous waterfalls in the evening time and enjoy the serene environment.
    The Chadwick waterfall is popular in Shimla. And it is around 5kms away from the city. The gigantic waterfall is worth sitting and watching.
    It is one of the best places to visit in Shimla because of its immense beauty and sense of serenity.
    Throughout the year there are many tourists and even locals who visit this place in Shimla temperature in December.
    Book your Shimla tour package from TourTravelWorld to get amazing deals and customised packages.
    The waterfalls from approximately a height of 100 meters and creates a gorgeous sight which is worth capturing.

    Main Attractions In Chadwick Waterfall
    Trekking, photography, picnic, sightseeing etc.

  • Viceregal Lodge

    Viceregal Lodge

    If you are someone who loves visiting places which are famous for its culture and history then the Viceregal Lodge is the place for you.
    It is one of the best places to visit in Shimla as it has the most attractive architecture and history. History buffs will spend an amazing time going around this place.
    The Viceregal Lodge displays exquisite and fine craftsmanship of the various designs and styles from the British period in India.
    This place is also popularly called as the Rashtrapati Niwas. It is situated in the observatory hill and once it was a residence of the British Viceroy who was then ruling in India.
    Today, it has become a wonderful museum. It showcases many photographs, paintings, texts and many more items from the bygone era. Visiting the Viceregal Lodge can help you gain a lot of knowledge about the history of your country.

    The Main Attractions In Viceregal Lodge

    Sightseeing, picnic, educational your, photography etc.

  • These are all beautiful places to visit in Shimla. Book your trip tickets and packages from the TourTravelWorld website and get amazing deals. Try to visit Shimla in December to enjoy the most of it. You can see the prettiest from Shimla in winter.

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