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  • Women Adventure Travel Tips

    Before setting out on your own for an adventure trip, every woman traveler should consider these basic tips and guidelines to make your trip more safe and fun filled.

    • Do build in a higher level of stamina before heading for an adventure trip. Proper workout and exercise can help you attain this. If you are physically fit and healthy, then you can easily overcome all the obstacles coming your way during an adventure trip.
    • Research about the social norms of the place you choose to visit. Always carry a route map with you. Do preview and plan your adventure trip accordingly.
    • Get an authentic health and vaccination advice before you depart for any adventure tour. Take treatment and vaccination before and during the trip. Do carry anti diarrhea, anti malaria and headache medicines along with you.
    • Opt for a self defense course before heading for an adventure trip. This will build in self confidence in you to overcome all hassles coming your way.
    • Go for a guided tour. If you are traveling alone to an unfamiliar adventure spot, consider hiring a trustful guide who is well versed with that region. Never go alone to unknown and risky spots without the consent of your guide.
    • Dress accordingly. Be cautious of the areas where women do not go much often.
    • Stay alert of unwanted advances & unnecessary attention provided by stranger while being on an adventure trip.
    • Avoid traveling at night time. Carry a flash light or a whistle to be used in case of emergencies at night time.
    • Prefer carrying a mobile phone to stay in touch with your family and friends. Do provide them with emergency contact details in advance.
    • Carry as little as possible while going for an adventure tour. Be specific on which clothes to carry and what accessories to wear.
    • Wear proper traveling sports shoes or sneakers. Avoid wearing sandals.
    • Never wear expensive jewelry while traveling as you may get targeted by thieves and burglars on the way.
    • Always be cautious of your surrounding. Never take lift from strangers.
    • Carry your money and important items inside hidden money bags to be worn under your clothes. By wearing hidden bags and pouches you can outsmart thieves and pick pockets and can stay safe.
    • Do carry sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and sun hat to get protection from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays and sun glare.
    • Never forget to carry first-aid box, along with allergy medicines, insect repellent and other essential medications to be used in emergencies.

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