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  • Kasaragod
  • Kerala
  • India
  • Area

    16.7 km2

  • Population

    The total population is 54,172.

  • Languages

    Kasaragod is titled as ‘Land of Seven Languages’ which are Malayalam, Beary, Tulu, Kannada, Konkani, Marathi and Urdu. The official languages are Malayalam and Kannada. English is also spoken and understood by many.

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Kasaragod Overview

Kasaragod is a small town in northern Kerala. The administrative headquarters of Kasaragod District and Kasaragod Taluk are situated in this town. Kasaragod is an upbeat industrial are which is growing in terms of its infrastructure rapidly. This town is the home for ship building industry. The electrical machines manufacturing plant of BHEL Electrical Machines Ltd is also located nearby. For the promotion of industrial growth, the state government has established KINFRA Park, where small scale industries are budding.

It is very famous for its unique Theyyam festival. This ritual is performed only in a few parts of Kerala. It is culturally a very diverse place. The town has ancient temples that find their origins in the Hindu mythology and many places of worship for other religios as well. With clear blue skies, lush green landscapes and historic forts, this town is an apt getaway from the rush of metropolitan cities.


Kasaragod can be reached by air through Mangalore Airport in Karnataka, 65 km away. It is well connected Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode amid others via rail routes. The place is accessible by road through NH17 and state highways linking it to major cities in Kerala and neighbouring Karnataka.

The local transport modes include buses, cars, auto rickshaws, rented cars, taxis and house boats.

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