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About Panipat

Panipat is a city that is located in the Indian state of Haryana. According to the ancient history, Panipat is amid the 5 prasthas that were founded by the Pandavas. These 5 prasthas are Indraprastha (Delhi), Panprastha (Panipat), Sonaprastha (Sonipat), Vyagrhaprastha (Bagpat), and Tilprastha (Tilpat). The soil of Panipat has also witnessed 3 battles that killed thousands of innocent people including women and children.

The city of Panipat is elevated at a height of 720 feet above the sea level. The rough terrains of the region span a gross area of 1,268 km. sq. Panipat is surrounded by Karnal in North, Sonipat in South, Jind in West, and Uttar Pradesh in East. It has a tropical humid climate. Panipat faces scorching summers with an average temperature of 40°C. During the winters, the median mercury level drops down below 17°C. This city receives an ample amount of downpour during monsoons.

Being a historic city, there are numerous attractions that ensnare the visitors. The notable places of interest in the city of Panipat are the grave of Ibrahim Lodhi, Gurudwara Dera Baba, Dargah of Ali Shah Qalandar, and the bustling markets and malls like Unity Group Mall and Mega Mittal Mall.

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