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About Serbia

Serbia is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. The official name of Serbia is the Republic of Serbia. It is a Parliamentary Republic Country. The tourism in the country is boasted by the beautiful spots in cities, nightlife of Serbia, National parks, Cultural monuments, Mountain regions, Hunting and fishing, and much more,

Currency :

Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Area :

88,361 square km (34,116 square miles)

Population :

7,186,862 (approx)

Language :

Serbian (official)

Calling Code :


Time Zone :

Summer (DST) - CEST (UTC+2)

Climate & Geography

The climate of Serbia has been dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the landmass of Eurasia. The temperatures in the coastal areas are 6°C to 7°C higher than the areas of inland. The annual mean temperature of the country hovers around 22°C in summer and almost 0° C in winter. Snowfall as well as rainfall occurs more in northern regions of the country, and increases in the northern most areas. The areas of inland in the country receive almost three times more precipitation than the southern coastal regions.

Serbia lies between latitudes 41° and 47° N, and longitudes 18° and 23° E.

Territory & Capital : Serbia is a landlocked country and shares a border with Bulgaria and Romania to the east, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia to the west, Hungary to the north, and Macedonia to the south. Also, it borders Albania through the disputed region of Kosovo. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. Belgrade is one of the largest cities of East Central Europe, and also among the oldest cities of Europe.

Suitable Visiting Seasons : The best season to visit Serbia is during summer. It is the time when climate is pleasant and favorable for roaming around. Also, the cultural festivals and events are celebrated in the summer season.


Airlines, Railways, Ships and Road transport are the modes of transport in Serbia.

Tourist & Immigration Info

Contact the nearest embassy of Serbia for updated details on the requirements for obtaining visa.

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