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About Brazil

Are you in a party mood, why not visit Brazil? Brazil is the 5th largest country in the whole world and it is situated in the continent of South America. Officially known as Federative Republic of Brazil, it is a place that remains drowned in parties, celebrations, fun & adventures for most of the times. Your trip to Brazil would never be a boring one as you will always find yourself involved in one activity or the other.

Brazil offers a diverse wildlife, which is very hard to find elsewhere. Starting from the dark, mysterious forest of Amazon to the stunning beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil offers a very distinct type of landscape. And who can forget the famous carnival of Rio, which attracts thousands of tourists to Brazil. Brazil is often seen as the place with the best beaches and thus you are advised to take all your swimming stuff with you. The best thing about Brazil is that the expenses are very cheap and thus you can freely enjoy without worrying about the costs.

Currency :

Real (R$) (BRL).

Chief Attraction :

Christ the Redeemer.

Country :


Capital :


Area :

8,515,767 square km (3,287,597 square miles)

Population :

193,946,886 (estimated)

Language :

Portuguese (Official)

Calling Code :


Time Zone :

BRT (UTC?2 to ?4)
Summer (DST): BRST (UTC?2 to ?4)