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  • Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo#1
    Ibirapuera Park

    Ibirapuera Park is often compared to the Central Park in New york and various other urban parks in cities like San Francisco and Tokyo. Ibirapuera is ...

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  • Museu Paulista in Sao Paulo#2
    Museu Paulista

    Museau Paulista or Museu do Ipiranga was built in 19th century and serves as one the most popular places in Sao Paulo. The monument is of historical i...


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  • Praia Das Pedras Brancas in Sao Paulo#3
    Praia Das Pedras Brancas

    The sea is calmer making it a good beach for bathing. It is an extremely beautiful place, where nature, carefully provided an unbelievable arrangement...


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  • Altino Arantes Building in Sao Paulo#4
    Altino Arantes Building

    Altino Arantes Building, also known as Edificio Altino Arantes or Banespa is the 3rd tallest building of Sao Paulo with 36 floors and stand 529 feet t...


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  • Edifício Copan in Sao Paulo#5
    Edifício Copan

    Edificio  Copan is known to be the most populated residential building in the world and holds a record in Guinness Book of being the largest building...


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  • Luz Station in Sao Paulo#6
    Luz Station

    Luz Station was built to serve as headquarters for British-owned Sao Paulo Railway. The interior reflects the influence of classic late-Victorian styl...


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  • Santos Beach Gardens in Sao Paulo#7
    Santos Beach Gardens

    Santos Beach Gardens are located in the town of Santos, at a distance of 45miles from the city of Sao Paulo. Santos Beach Gardens runs along the 7km b...


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  • Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo#8
    Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo

    Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo or Botanical Garden of Sao Paulo is a must-visit place for nature lovers. It was established by Frederico Carlos Hoehne ...


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  • Mosteiro De Sao Bento in Sao Paulo#9
    Mosteiro De Sao Bento

    Mosteiro De Sao Bento is one of the most important and popular religious sites in Brazil and has become a frequently visited tourist spot in Sao Paulo...


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  • Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo#10
    Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo

    Known to be one of the most dynamic and popular cultural institutions, Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo was designed in 1905 by Ramos de Azevedo and ...


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  • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo#11
    Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo

    Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo is known to be one of the oldest centers in Sao Paulo and is famous for the quality of Art exhibitions, thea...


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  • Football Museum in Sao Paulo#12
    Football Museum

    Brazil’s love and passion for football is known to the world and that is what The Football Museum in Sao Paulo commemorates. It is aptly situated be...


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  • Theatro Municipal in Sao Paulo#13
    Theatro Municipal

    Theatro Municipal in Sao Paulo is considered to be a place of both cultural value and historical importance. It was constructed during the imperial ti...


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  • Angra Dos Reis Beach in Sao Paulo#14
    Angra Dos Reis Beach

    Angra Dos Reis (meaning Bay of the Kings) is a beautiful beach located to the southwest of the state Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at a distance of 151 km ...


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