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  • 10 South Indian Temples That Everyone Should Visit

    10 South Indian Temples That Everyone Should Visit

    South India is an abode of alluring temples. One can find awe-inspiring architectural marvels in abundance. Having intricate carvings, all these Hindu shrines are an example of breathtaking skills of the craftsmen of bygone times. Most of the temples depict the Dravidian style, Chalukyan style and Tamil style of architecture. The eminent temples of South India have labyrinthine carvings on the majestic gopurams and pillars that catch the sight. If you plan to pay a visit to these beguiling shrines then here we present a list of ancient South Indian temples.

  • All the magnificent temples in South India tell about the rich culture in the foregone times. The rulers of South India had a deep faith in the almighty and thats why they constructed towering Hindu shrines as a tribute to their deity. These marvels boast a beauty that cannot be described by just a combination of alphabets. You will have to visit these shrines to experience the serenity and admire their beauty.

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