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  • 10 Thailand Beaches That You Shouldn't Miss

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    10 Best Beaches in Thailand

    "You know, it's been really long that I've been to the beach. I miss its pious ambiance, mushy sands, the massive water body..."
    "Do you know about that beach? It is a jaw-dropping spot and trust me, you'll forget that there's any word called 'stress' in life. Better go there someday."

    These kinds of statements have been heard by many of us. Beaches are truly an amazing destination where you can kick the stress and relax by forgetting all tensions. The mushy golden-white sands, calm waters, towering trees, cliffs, beach shacks, hunks & beauties, and beach sports- doesn't that make you give a double thumbs-up if someone defines a beach?

    Let's talk about the beaches of Thailand. Renowned for its natural beauty, Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. It is a foremost choice for the sizable populace for vacationing, especially due to the presence of beaches. So, how many of you have been to the intriguing beaches of Thailand? There will be multiple answers to this simple question. The beaches of Thailand are known for their, oops! This is too much for now. Keep reading ahead and you'll come to know about some amazing beaches in Thailand.

  • Nai Harn tops our list of the alluring beaches of Thailand

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    Facing the turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea, Nai Harn tops our list of the alluring beaches of Thailand. Bestowed with the beauteous surroundings of cliffs and dense palm trees, this beach is a picture-perfect spot for taking a break from the mundane schedule of the life. The beach shacks located here serve succulent seafood delicacies that'll make you drool over them.

  • Kata Noi Beach

    Kata Noi beach is one of the tidiest Thailand beaches

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    Kata Noi beach is one of the tidiest Thailand beaches. Nearly half a mile long, this shoreline is a great place for holidaymakers. They can be spotted having fun on the soft sands of Kata Noi by indulging in the various activities like basking in the sun, surfing, canoeing, swimming etc. It is one of those beaches where destination weddings also take place.

  • Railay Beach

    Railay Beach is one of the famous thailand beach

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    Astoundingly isolated from the concrete jungle, Railay beach is the place for those that are searching a place to spend some romantic time. Adorned with the rocky cliffs on one side, this beach will surely catch your attention immediately. The tantalizing scenery of this place is indescribable! You can skip any of the beaches in Thailand but Railay beach, don't even think about doing so.

  • Phra Nang Beach

    Phra Nang Beach is one of the popular beach of thailand

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    Who needs a diving board when you can hit the calm blue waters by jumping off the cliff? The rhythmic bash of waters with the cliff is soul-calming and to listen to its music, you should visit Phra Nang beach. The shallow waters of this beach lure the holidaymakers from different parts of the world. Guests adore devouring the exclusive Thai seafood at the beach shacks. Wait, did we tell that taking a massage on the beach would be fun as well?

  • Sunrise Beach

    Sunrise beach is a famous tourist attraction in Thailand.

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    Known for the scenic beauty, Sunrise beach is a famous tourist attraction in Thailand. It is a frequented beach that is best known for providing the tantalizing view of the sun rising from the horizon. The sea facing hotels of this beach serve as the perfect accommodation for the newlywed couples. Taking a stroll in the evening and relishing a romantic candlelight dinner near the shoreline is an ethereal experience at Sunrise beach.

  • Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach

    Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach is one of the top beaches in thailand

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    Thong Nai Pan Noi beach will give you the feel of the location of globally famous song 'Despacito'. It is a beach that kisses the waters of the Andaman Sea and is flocked by hundreds of vacationer and locals. This place is a great spot to wash away the stress with the waters of the Andaman Sea. Spending a day at Thong Nai Pan Noi beach isn't a bad deal.

  • Karon beach

    Karon beach is one of the top thailand beach

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    Blest with a calm and peaceful ambiance, Karon beach is the haven for those seeking some private time close to Mother Nature. The squishy sands of the beach beneath the feet and soft cool breeze kissing cheeks- it is nothing else but a heavenly feeling for an individual that visits this tantalizing beach. Karon beach can prove to be a right choice if you are a newlywed couple and want to spend some private time together.

  • Freedom Beach

    Freedom Beach is one of the famous thailand beach

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    If you're a fan of beach volleyball then visit Freedom beach without hesitation. Surrounded by the beautiful waters, Freedom beach is one of the liveliest Thailand beaches. It welcomes the tourists throughout the year as it is the place where different contests like surfing, beach volleyball, and the New Year parties are held. No matter in whichever season you visit this beach, you'll not return disappointed.

  • Long Beach

    Long beach is a must-visit beach in Thailand

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    Resting in the archipelago of Phi Phi, Long beach is a must-visit beach in Thailand. Away from the bustling concrete forests, Long beach offers peace of mind to its visitors. Hemmed in the towering palm trees, the exquisiteness of the beach is enhanced during the sunset when the gleaming peachy rays hug the leaves. Long beach can be the apt choice for enjoying the honeymoon with your spouse.

  • Laem Tong Bay

    Laem Tong bay is an intriguing beach in Thailand

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    Also known by the name of Golden Bay, Laem Tong bay is an intriguing beach in Thailand. As compared to other beaches, it is a secluded spot that never disappoints its visitors. The tranquility in its ambiance and the rhythm of the flowing water is indescribable. To know more about the enchanting beauty of Laem Tong Bay, plan to visit it, pal.

  • So many names & inordinate beauty! This clears all doubts that why Thailand is a picture-perfect holiday destination. The beaches about which you read are simply awe-inspiring and if you do not believe, you should plan a trip and visit them ASAP!

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