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  • 12 Best Tiger Reserves In India

    By: Admin | In: Adventure Places | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    12 Best Tiger Reserves In India

    Having shining orange fur with black stripes, the Tiger is Indias national animal. It is a symbol of magnificence, authority and power. It is an animal, apart from the lion, that rule the woods. The tiger has remained an inspiration for many fiction creations like the very famous villain Sher Khan in the popular novel and television show The Jungle Book. Unfortunately, there came a period where a drastic downfall was seen in the number of tigers all over India majorly due to poaching. To kick aside this problem the government established tiger reserves in all the four directions of India. Today, the popular tiger reserves are among top tourist spots that allow taking a closer look at this majestic furry animal. Take a small tour of top 12 tiger reserves in India with this quick guide.

  • The Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

    Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the most visited place to see in tigers

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    Spread across an area of 105 sq meters in the heart of the country, Bandhavgarh National Park is a home to the highest population of majestic royal Bengal tigers. It is also has the sobriquet of tigers den due to large number of tigers. Bandhavgarh also boasts numerous other species of birds, animals and reptiles.

  • Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra- Madhya Pradesh border

    Pench Tiger Reserve is one of the most popular places to see tigers

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    Entrenched on the banks of Pench River, Pench National Park is another tiger reserve located in the central India. Having an astounding ambiance with 1300 species of plants, this national park was the inspiration for the very famous The Jungle Book. Pench Tiger Reserve is also a home to a variety of fauna that contribute in sustaining its eco system.

  • Ranthambore National park, Rajasthan

    Ranthambore National Park is the largest tiger reserves

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    Ranthambhore National Park is the birthplace of Project Tiger and natural habitat of tigers in Rajasthan. It lies on the edge of a plateau and spreads across 392 sq. meters that makes it one among the largest tiger reserves. This national park bears the name of Ranthambhore fortress that lies in its vicinity.

  • Kanha tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh

    Kanha tiger reserve is the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh

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    Kanha Tiger Reserve stretches over an area of 940 sq. meters and is divided into 2 small sanctuaries called Hallon & Banjar. This unique feature of KTR makes it the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The place has a significant population of tigers, wolves, dholes, leopards and endangered barasingha. It is a meadow that is a home to over 1000 species of flora.

  • Jim Corbett National park, Uttarakhand

    Jim Corbett National park is one of the famous tiger reserve in India

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    Perching in the subtropical deciduous forests of foothills of Shivalik range, Jim Corbett National Park is an alluring marvel in Uttarakhand. The place is popular as it is a home to wider variety of flora and fauna. This is an ideal habitat for the tigers as they can hunt a lot of preys due to presence of different species.

  • Nagarhole Tiger reserve, Karnataka

    Nagarhole Tiger reserve is one of the most popular tiger reserve in Karnataka

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    Located in the hilly ranges of Western Ghats and spreading till the Brahmagiri, Nagarhole Tiger Reserve bears a vast number of fauna. Tigers are prominent here followed by elephants, leopards, otters, dholes, gaurs, spotted deer, black bears etc. The tourists here get to see a great eco system and a biosphere reserve.

  • Nagzira Wildlife sanctuary, Maharashtra

    Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is amazing places for tiger spotting

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    Locked in the arms of nature and having picturesque landscape, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to different flora and fauna. Tigers, leopards, elephants including many endangered species reside in Nagzira. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is built right in the center of sanctuary and is said to be protected by the snakes of sanctuary.

  • Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

    Satpura National Park is one among the parks where Project Tiger was initiated

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    Situated amidst the rugged peaks of Satpura hills and spread over an area of 524 sq kilometers, Satpura National Park is one among the parks where Project Tiger was initiated. Satpura National Park boasted the endangered tigers but today stands among the parks with a high population of tigers.

  • Periyar National Park, Keral

    Periyar National Park is one of the most popular  tiger reserve in Kerala

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    Entrenched in the southern range of Western Ghats, Periyar National Park is a natures bounty and is blessed with thick vegetation. Periyar is a home to an increasing number of tigers including some white tigers. The other species like gaurs, elephants, bison, langurs, wild pig etc. also reside in Periyar National Park.

  • Rhetorically, a ferocious tiger is the symbol of power and authority that wanders in majestically in the depth of woods. This royal creature is a magnificent creation of God and contributes equally in maintaining the ecosystem but has become a victim of poaching. The poachers kill tigers for their skin and that is a punishable offence. To terminate such acts, the tiger reserves have been established that provide a natural habitat to this strong and royal big cat. Due to the establishment of tiger reserves, the country has witnessed n increase in the population of tigers. The tourists can visit these reserves and can know closely the tigers along with its more friends with tails.

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