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  • 12 Evergreen Hill Stations In Kerala

    By: Admin | In: Top Hill Station Destination | Last Updated: 2017-07-24

    12 Evergreen Hill Stations In Kerala

    Halea readers! Oh, ok. Halea means Namaste in Malayalam. We arent learning Malayalam, but yes, we tried speaking a few words. So, you might be getting a rough assumption of what is our topic of the day? Since it involves Malayalam, it would be about South India and most probably, Kerala. Yep, youre right. It is about Kerala.

    Tagged "God's Own Country", Kerala is an intriguing Indian state located in the Southern Hemisphere of the country. Alright, so tell us what image comes into your head when you hear the name of Kerala? Many of you might answer coconut groves, Malayali people, lungi dance, Ayurvedic massage etc. Well, lets remove the stereotyped image of Kerala from our minds.

    The state of Kerala is a great holiday destination and is swarmed by thousands of people across the year. The sole reason is the beauty of the place that seduces the avid travelers and holidaymakers. It isnt about the mushy beaches but, there are charming hill stations as well. We have made a short guide of some alluring hill towns in Kerala. Read on and gain more information about them.

  • Munnar

    Munnar is one of the famous hill station in Kerala

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    The name of Munnar pops up immediately when an individual searches the famous hill stations in Kerala. Munnar is a place that can be referred to as a place carved by the Almighty Himself. The verdant tea plantations and the groves of coconut, trust us, such a site is simply tantalizing. If you are a newly married couple then finalize Munnar as your honeymoon destination and fall in love with your spouse, once more.

  • Vagamon

    Vagamon is a bewitching hill station in Kerala

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    Thats not a Pokemon were talking about. Resting amid the tea plantations, Vagamon is a bewitching hill station in Kerala. It is a great escape from the daily monotonous schedule of the life. As you set your foot in the vicinity of Vagamon, the cool breeze braces you by kissing the cheeks. This hill town is a delightful destination for the adventure aficionados. So guys and girls, gear up for the thrilling Vagamon Trek and push yourselves beyond limits.

  • Ponmudi

    Ponmudi is a must-visit hill station in Kerala

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    If you wish to spend the vacation in an unconventional way, Ponmudi should be the name standing in the first place on your bucket list. Accommodated naturally in the lower Western Ghats, Ponmudi is a beguiling hill town in Kerala that is frequented by tourists extensively. Blest with serenity in its atmosphere, it can lure anyone immediately. You can tour the springs, waterfalls, tea/coffee plantations, spice gardens etc. in Ponmudi.

  • Silent Valley

    Silent Valley is a must-visit destination in Kerala

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    Silence is Golden. If you thought that you might come across such hoardings then relax. Its nothing like that. Silent Valley is a must-visit destination in Kerala. It is an arresting hill station that nestles in the lower hill range of the Western Ghats and is best known for the Silent Valley National Park. Spending a few days in the hill town of Silent Valley is an experience in itself. It should be given a try, especially if you are on your first romantic holiday.

  • Lakkidi

    Lakkidi is a beguiling hill station in Kerala

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    What is all enough to reinvigorate the tired senses? A tranquilizing environment, lofty mountains, and a pleasant climate, right? Such a site is always pleasing and you can spot enough of it at Lakkidi. Lakkidi is a beguiling hill station in Kerala that is bestowed with the beauteous nature in profusion. The tantalizing landscape of this hill station has the magic that can rejuvenate the tired senses immediately.

  • Vythiri

    Vythiri is well known hill station in kerala

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    And here comes Vythiri. Known for its scenic beauty and arresting calm back waters, Vythiri is another name on our list. Billowing plantations, misty hills, backwaters, and jungles describe the beauty of Vythiri at its best. This appealing hill town has emerged as a prime choice for many to spend a memorable vacation in Kerala. Vythiri promises to take away all the stress and reinvigorate the individual. Dont you wish to get yourself relaxed and reinvigorated?

  • Peermedu

    Peermedu is a well known hill station in Kerala

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    If you adore the green color of nature then you must pay a visit to Peermedu. Peermedu is a well known hill station in Kerala. Named after a Sufi Saint, Peer Mohammed, it is a place that promises an unforgettable holiday to the guests. Trekking, nature walks, camping, hiking etc. are some ventures that should be experienced once during the visit. It is a great place for enjoying a vacation away from the polluted cities.

  • Malampuzha

    Malampuzha  is a perfect family holiday spot in Kerala

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    A renowned hill station and a great holiday destination, Malampuzha never lets its guests down. Adorned with the beauteous surroundings and an ethereal ambiance, this hill station is a perfect family holiday spot in Kerala and has something for all. Whether it is the hillocks, shopping complexes, food joints, or amusement parks, one can spend a great vacation in Malampuzha.

  • Mattupetty

    Mattupetty is one of the famous hill station in Kerala

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    Last, but not the least, Mattupetty is another name on our list. Resembling a shining green jewel, Mattupetty is every nature lovers delight. The appealing surroundings of the hill station and a pleasant weather make this place a frequented holiday destination in Kerala. Not only admiring the beauty of nature, one can capture the same in the lens of the camera as well. So, do not miss to carry the camcorders when you step out to chill at Mattupetty.

  • So, dear readers, this was a short list of some of the bewitching hill stations in Gods Own Country Kerala. Their arresting beauty, pleasant weather, scenic location etc. makes them a great holiday destination. Weve decided the one for our holidays, you too choose the favorable one as well.

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