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  • 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Thekkady on Your Next Trip

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    10 Amazing Places to Visit in Thekkady on Your Next Trip

    Gods Own Country Kerala is an alluring travel destination in India. The scenic state gloats perplexing and splendid places that are frequented by the tourists on a large scale. One such enchanting travel destination in Kerala is Thekaddy. The delightful landscape of Thekaddy is a reckoned tourist destination in Kerala and is endowed with the beautiful places of interest. The serene ambiance of Thekaddy magnetically lures nature lovers. It is a perfect holiday destination for those who seek to spend time in the laps of Mother Nature. Apart from the breathtaking locations, Thekaddy is also a home to some exotic species & one has to visit these tourist places in Thekaddy.

  • Periyar National Park

    Periyar National Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Thekkady

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    We all have read about the Periyar National Park in our primary classes. Bearing the name of the river that flows through it, Periyar National Park is endowed with garnet green surroundings. The tranquil ambiance of the national park is simply awe-inspiring. If you wish to wander amid nature then be a part of the safaris that are organized. Youll easily spot the herds of elephants along with other fauna as well.

  • Thekkady Lake

    Thekkady Lake is the major tourist attraction in Thekkady

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    The Thekkady Lake is the major tourist attraction in Gods Own Country. Hemmed in the tantalizing surroundings, Thekaddy Lake is a navigable water body. Due to its tranquil and calm ambiance, it has emanated as a popular tourist spot & many visitors throng to the lakeside. The Lake Palace is a frequented tourist spot located in the middle of Thekaddy Lake.

  • Nature Walk

    Thekkady is well known places for nature walk

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    What else can be more tranquilizing than walking amid nature? Thekaddy is known among the beguiling tourist destinations in Kerala. The emerald green surroundings, astounding waterfalls, murky hills and serenity in ambiance are something that provides an ethereal pleasure to the soul. Regular nature walks are organized in Thekaddy that allows the visitors to get closer to nature.

  • Anakkara

    Anakkara is a famous picnic destination in Thekaddy

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    Unrolled across 12,000 acres of land, Anakkara is a famous picnic destination in Thekaddy. Anakkara is known for its spice plantations and alluring green surroundings. The tantalizing Anakkara is a natures bounty is bestowed with bewildering waterfalls & remarkable green hills. The hills of Anakkara offer a panoramic view of the surroundings that leave an everlasting impression on the minds of visitors.

  • Periyar Tiger Trail

    Periyar Tiger Trail is one of the famous tiger reserve in Thekkady

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    Entrenched and passing through the exuberant lofty mountains, Periyar Tiger Trail is a protection-oriented trekking activity. The main motive served by this trail is to spread awareness about the endangered eco-system. During this enthusiastic venture, the aficionados along with the guides hop out for trekking. They cross the craggy terrains and camp under the open sky as well. Also, the trekkers tend to spot a variety of exotic fauna in the woods too.

  • Border Hiking

    Border hiking is a hard trek that begins from the dawn & ends at the dusk

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    For the venture aficionados out there, this ones for you. Border hiking is a hard trek that begins from the dawn & ends at the dusk. This enthralling activity is carried on the boundaries of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The trekkers hop and cross the jagged terrains while coming across different species of fauna like elephants, sloth bear & other wild animals. The end point of the trek offers a panoramic view of the entire Periyar sanctuary.

  • Green Park Ayurvedic & Spices Plantation

    Green Park Plantation of Thekaddy is a haven for tourist

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    If you are interested in cookery or some-thing related to Ayurvedic, the Green Park Plantation of Thekaddy is a haven for you. Green Park is an Ayurvedic & spice plantation whose fragrance greets the nostrils from a great distance. Calling this plantation a conurbation of spices wont be wrong as an individual can find different spices around himself. The spice plantation helps you pace out your travel and add another aspect to Kerala if you are on a short trip to Thekkady.

  • Mangala Devi Temple

    Mangala Devi Temple is well known temple in Thekkady

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    Mangala Devi Temple is an ancient architectural marvel located in Thekaddy. Entrenched within the boundaries of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the temple is a significance of the moral powers that a woman procures. The ambiance of Mangala Devi Temple is full of serenity. It is not only visited by the pilgrims but also by the tourists. Entering in the temple post-dusk is prohibited.

  • Chellarkovil View-point

    Chellarkovil is a tantalizing view-point in Thekaddy

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    Chellarkovil is a tantalizing view-point in Thekaddy. Endowed with waterfalls, lush green hills and ethereal surroundings, Chellarkovil is a picturesque tourist destination that lures a majority of tourists in Thekaddy. The tantalizing and breathtaking views from Chellarkovil view-point rejuvenate the senses. Any other travel destination in Thekaddy can be missed but Chellatkovil, no-ways.

  • Abraham's Spice Garden

    Abraham's Spice Garden is most beautiful garden to visit in Thekkady

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    Neither John Abraham nor any other Abraham has anything to do with this spice garden. Located between Kottam & Thekaddy, Abrahams Spice Garden is a mesmerizing organic garden of spices. It houses a wider variety of unique spices amid the beautiful gardens. This tourist destination in Thekaddy is considered as an ideal place for the cultivation of spices & ayurvedic farming.

  • Whether you choose enchanting green surroundings hemmed in hills or splendid waterfalls that gush down from a great height, both the sights will rejuvenate your senses. Thekaddy is the place where one gets a chance to observe the miraculous nature closely. Psst, not only for nature tourism, Thekaddy is also a delightful honeymoon destination. Do we really need to elaborate further on it? Pack your people, Thekaddy awaits your arrival.

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