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  • 12 Famous Places to Visit in Meghalaya

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    12 Famous Places to Visit in Meghalaya

    Meghalaya, the rainiest place in India, is one amid the 7 sister states located on the North-eastern side of the country. The name of this alluring state literally translates into the abode of clouds. Beckoned by the murky hills of Khasi and Garo, Meghalaya is full-fledged with the pristine destinations like the woods, hillocks, waterfalls, valleys, and the caves. In simpler words, it is natures bounty. The exuberant flora and fauna are another major reason that ensnares the people from all the 4 directions of the country. One should pay a visit to the enchanting state of Meghalaya and witness the different colors of nature at one place. Before you pack your bags and step out, do not forget to take a look at the must-visit tourist destinations in Meghalaya.

  • Mawlynnong Village (Shillong)

    Mawlynnong Village is well known village in Shillong

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    Counted amid the cleanest villages in India, Mawlynnong Village is a quaint village located in Meghalaya. This village is surrounded with the enchanting hillocks and is well-known for its cleanliness. One can hardly find the litter on the jagged roads of Mawlynnong Village. The famous waterfall that bears the same name as the village is a major attraction located in this village. The visitors swarm to Mawlynnong waterfall for the picnic and the outings.

  • Double Decker Living Root Bridge (Nongriat Village, Cherapunjee)

    Double Decker Living Root Bridge is well known places in Cherapunjee

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    You guessed it right! Double Decker Living Root Bridge is naturally formed bridge located in the village of Nongriat in Cherapunjee. This village houses the bridge that was created by nature itself. The root bridge is located a few kilometers away from the village of Nongriat and is covered with branches and climbers of the trees. It is a slippery bridge where a person has to walk cautiously. One has to carry a cane to avoid any kind of injuries.

  • Ialong Park (Jowai)

    Ialong Park is a scenic splendor located in Meghalaya

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    Beckoned by the murky hills of Khasi, Ialong Park is a scenic splendor located in Meghalaya. This park has the carpet of emerald green grass that spreads over its vast expanse. Ialong Park is fed by the waters of the River Myndtu and the amazing sight reinvigorates the eyes. The people are often spotted spending some quality time in the serene ambiance of Ialong Park.

  • Balpakram National Park (Tura)

    Balpakram National Park is a perfect tourist destination in Meghalaya

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    Located in the foothills of Garo range, Balpakram National Park is a beguiling and a frequented tourist destination in Meghalaya. This park is natures bounty because it is surrounded with the tantalizing hillocks and small streams. There are numerous species of the animals that reside in Balpakram National Park. The barking deer, langur, endangered red panda, elephant, golden cat python etc. can be spotted in this national park. If you love nature then Balpakram National Park will not disappoint you.

  • Don Bosco Centre for Indigeneous Culture (Mawlai, Shillong)

    DBCIC in Meghalaya is a must-visit place

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    DBCIC in Meghalaya is a must-visit place. It is a well-known museum that houses the scriptures, inscriptions, paintings, and artifacts that reveal interesting tales about the culture of the North-East India. This museum is a haven for the historians and the anthropologists. The special attraction of DBCIC is the skywalk conducted by its authorities for the visitors. The visitors can witness the panoramic view of Shillong from DBCIC.

  • Umiam Lake (Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh)

    Umiam Lake is a tranquil tourist spot in Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya

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    Umiam Lake is a tranquil tourist spot in Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya. This serene lake was formed after the construction of a dam. The small tributaries of this lake also serve as the source of water for Shillong. Beckoned by the Khasi Hills, this lake is a treat for the tired eyes and is frequently visited by the people of Nongpoh and the tourists on a large scale.

  • All Saints Church (Shillong)

    All Saints Church is the oldest Anglican Church located in Shillong

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    Constructed during the British rule, All Saints Church is the oldest Anglican Church located in Shillong. All Saints Church is surrounded by emerald green vegetation. Its vast lawn has a carpet of emerald green grass and different colorful flowers. On the occasion of Christmas and Easter, this church is bedecked beautifully. Closer to the church lies a waterfall that has made this place a sacred as well as a must-visit destination in Meghalaya.

  • Mawsmai Cave (Shella Road, Cherapunjee)

    Mawsmai Cave is famous tourist place in Meghalaya

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    Mawsmai Cave is a marvel of Mother Nature. The rocky cave of Mawsmai is located on in Cherapunjee district of Meghalaya. Encircled in the tantalizing surroundings, the cave is known for its eerie darkness. Even during the day, when the sun is shimmering, the cave is pitch-black from inside. Due to darkness, many bats have made this cave as their abode and hence, this cave is also known by the name of the bat cave. The tourists flock from distant places to see this splendid cave.

  • Mawthadraishan Peak (Nongstoin)

    Mawthadraishan Peak is one of the famous tourist spot in Meghalya

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    Offering the panoramic view of the hills of Garo & Khasi, Mawthadraishan Peak stands amid the famous attractions in Meghalaya. This serene place is bedecked with the greenery in all the 4 directions. The hills & terrains of Mawthadraishan are covered with the garnet green carpet of grass and the flora of the region enhances its beauty. One should visit this place and succumb to nature for rejuvenating the senses.

  • Elephant Falls (Shillong)

    Elephant Falls is well known falls in Meghalaya

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    While talking about Meghalaya, the waterfalls cannot be missed. Cascading gently through the black rocks, Elephant Falls are the major travel goal in Shillong. Hemmed in the serene surroundings, this place guarantees an otherworldly pleasure to everyone. The rhythm of the water gushing down through the rocks is tranquil and soothes the senses. Dont skip to visit these amazing waterfalls.

  • Siju Cave (Tura)

    Siju Cave is most popular tourist destination in Meghalaya

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    Less explored yet a popular tourist destination, the caves of Siju is the haven for nature lovers. Tagged as the 3rd-largest cave in the Indian subcontinent, these caves have various narrow chambers inside them. All the chambers are formed due to the collection of the limestone. The caves of Siju were excavated by the mining companies in the previous times but now mining has been prohibited. It is a popular tourist site that visited by the people on a large scale.

  • Whether you visit Meghalaya for a holiday or for any other purpose, the beautiful locations will catch your sight and will make you appreciate the wonders of nature. The delightful places that you read above are the frequented and popular tourist attractions in Meghalaya. The visitors never miss paying a visit to these places of interest.

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