Sanchi Stupas

Sanchi Stupas

  • Sanchi
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India
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Sanchi Stupas, Sanchi Overview

City: Sanchi State: Madhya Pradesh Location: Central India Year of Construction: 220BC to 236AD Type of Construction: Ancient Type of Building: Pilgrimage Center Dedicated To: Gautam Buddha Religion: Buddhism Famous For: Sanchi is famous for its sculptures, crafted only two or three hundred years after the historical Buddha left. / Ashoka Pillars, Sanchi Stupa Best Time: October and March Accesibility: The nearest airport is at Bhopal (72 km). Bhopal, the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is well connected by air and rail to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Sanchi lies on the rail route between Delhi and Bhopal. On the Delhi-Bombay railway line, the nearest railhead is Vidisha (10 km). There is regular bus service from Sanchi to Bhopal. Taxis are available from Bhopal. Introduction: The Sanchi Stupas, India is regarded as one of the pilgrimage in India. It is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a famous ancient Buddhist monument. The Stupa is a wonderful testament to the artistic expertise of Buddhist monks. This Stupa was built by the emperor Asoka the Great in the 273-236 B.C. he had built Stupas in honor of Lord Buddha in many places in India. But the Stupas in Sanchi are the most magnificent of all the Stupas built in the history of India. Now it has been accepted worldwide that the Stupas at Sanchi are the most organized construction in the medieval period. It was observed that the carvings that were done in the Stupas were dome with the precision of the jewelers. Any a times restoration work has been carried out in these Stupas but still these Stupas remain the most evocative and the attractive Buddhist site in India. Sanchi is primarily regarded as the place of Stupas, pillars and beautiful gateways that add to the beauty of this place. The Story Teller The Sanchi Stupas, India are the monuments, which depict the life of Buddha. The images carved on the pillars and the Stupas tell the painful story of the various incidents that took place in the life of Buddha. That is why these Stupas are called as the storytellers. The silently speak their heart out. Stupas are actually large hemispherical domes that contain a central chamber in which the relics of the Buddha are placed. There are certain things of interest, which attracts a lot of people from all over the world. The first and the foremost are the four Gateways, which are constructed in 35 B.C. They are the best form of Buddhist expressions anyone can find anywhere else in this world. These gateways are also called the Tolans. Another place of interest is the Asoka Pillar, which is the famous pillar carrying the four lions standing back to back. The Asoka pillars are an excellent example of aesthetic proportions and the exquisite structural balance. It is an example of Greco-Buddhist style. Now the archaeological survey of India maintains a museum which houses many items that wee discovered during the excavations in Sanchi and the Sanchi Stupas, India have become the greatest testimonials of the life of Buddha.

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