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  • 16 Places To Visit In Munnar For A Perfect Hill Town Retreat

    By: Admin | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    16 Places To Visit In Munnar For A Perfect Hill Town Retreat

    The name Munnar means three rivers that refer to the location at the conflux of Mudhirpuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundaly rivers. The tranquility of breathe taking views describe the beauty of Munnar. Located on Kannan Devan Hills in Idukki district, Munnar is a hill station in Gods own country, Kerala. Exuberant scenery, sprawling tea plantations, flora and fauna in abundance and magnificent low mountain peaks add more beauty to Munnar making it a popular holidaying town. Over the years, Munnar has seen an increase in the number of tourists due to its well connectivity with the nearby areas and youll know what destinations in Munnar make it a major tourist attraction.

  • Mattupetty Dam

    Mattupetty Dam is the most famous tourist spot in Munnar

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    Located 13 kilometers away from Munnar, Mattupetty is a hill station elevated at a height of 1700 meters. The dam, famously known as Mattupetty dam, is the main attraction here that covers an area of 323.75 hectares. The dam was constructed under Pallivasal hydro-electric project for generating power and now is a vital source for supply of electricity as well as haven for the local fauna, especially the elephants, due to constant availability of water. The still water that reflects the tea gardens around is simply calming. The tourist can visit Mattupetty dam from August to March for engaging in activities like boating.

  • Mattupetty Dairy Farm

    Mattupetty Dairy Farm is one of the famous place in Munnar

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    Mattupetty is known as the cattle village. This name came from the famous project of Indo-Swiss livestock project that was signed as a bilateral agreement between Indian and Switzerland in 1963. Mattupetty dairy farm, laid with the green carpets on vast acres of land, is just 3 kilometers away from the Mattupetty dam and has a variety of high quality cattle that is reared and scientifically developed here. Mattupetty dairy farm can be visited from January to April and September to December.

  • Kundala Lake

    Kundala Lake is one of the famous lake in Munnar

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    Kundala, a picturesque hill station 20 kilometers away from Munnar, is elevated at a height of 1700 meters above the sea level. Major attractions in Kundala include the Neela Kurunji flower that blooms in every 12 years and the Kundala Lake. The lake is an artificial reservoir of an arch shaped dam that is huddled between the mountain ranges. The serene ambiance of the lake is tranquilizing and takes to a world of peace. Tourists can visit Kundala Lake at any time, excluding summers, for enjoying the thrill of motor boating, row boating and pedal boating.

  • Echo Point

    Echo Point is one of the top station in Munnar

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    Visiting echo point means fun in the serene ambiance. Elevated at an altitude of 600 feet, the echo point is located 15 kilometers away from Munnar and is picturesque spot that lies on the way to the Top Station. You can scream on top of your voice and then wait for a few seconds. Youll hear your echo back and thats quite interesting. It can be visited throughout the year.

  • Tea Museum

    Tea Museum is one of the most famous place in Munnar

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    The Tea Museum located in Nullathanni estate in Munnar is the first of its kind in India. It is a fitting tribute to the toils of its rigorous pioneers who showed determination for transforming Kerala into a major tea plantation. This museum houses different photographs and machineries, each depicting a turning point that contributed to a flourishing tea industry.

  • Marayoor Sandalwood Forests

    This forest is widely popular for the great quality of natural sandalwood

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    Marayoor sandalwood forests are located at around 42 kilometers in north of Munnar through the Udumalppetta route. This forest is widely popular for the great quality of natural sandalwood and was also a part of ancient stone civilization that dated back 10,000 BC. The rock paintings, edicts and ruined dolmens are the proofs for this rich heritage. Tourists can visit the forest all across the year by chucking the monsoons.

  • Pothamedu ViewPoint

    Pothamedu ViewPoint

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    Pothamedu sits on a cliff 3 kilometers outside Munnar. Profuse green plantations that have a mixed aroma of cardamom, tea and coffee make this place look like a bouquet of natural beauty. Pothamedu has a panoramic view of the valley that becomes an ideal spot for photographers. Strolling in Pothamedu area is equivalent to walking in heaven. People can visit Pothamedu view point from September to June.

  • Attukad Waterfalls

    Attukad Waterfalls is the most visited place in Munnar

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    A panorama of waterfalls rolling down from the hills, Attukad is a feast for the eyes and is located between Idukki and Pallivasal. Attukad waterfalls are an ideal picnic destination and weekend gateway that rejuvenates the senses. This captivating attraction is surrounded by jungles in all four directions and is accessible through a wooden bridge. Chuck the monsoons and you can visit the place throughout the year.

  • Top Station

    Top Station is the highest point in Munnar

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    Shrouded in the panoramic hills, Top station is the highest point in Munnar that is elevated at an altitude of 1700 meters. Serene valley, exotic forest life and enchanting waterfalls make this place worth a visit as it draws a large number of tourists every day. To explore the exquisiteness of this beautiful place, any time of the year except the monsoons, is right for all.

  • Rajamala

    Rajamala is a part of Keralas biggest hill Anamudi and most visited place in Munnar

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    Located 13 kilometers away on the outskirts of Munnar, Rajamala is a part of Keralas biggest hill Anamudi. The Anamudi hill is the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr that has been categorized as endangered species. This endangered species id found here in abundance. Rajamala hills are lush green hills that turn even beautiful during the months from March to November hence, making it the best time to visit.

  • Eravikulam National Park

    Eravikulam National Park is the most sought tourist destination in Kerala

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    Spreading over 97 square kilometers in the crest of Western Ghats 15 kilometers away from Munnar, the Eravikulam National Park is the most sought tourist destination in Kerala that boasts a vast number of the endangered Nilgiri tahr. The area of Eravikulam is divided into 3 areas in which Rajamala is the tourism area where vehicles are prohibited. So the tourists walk on foot for admiring the serene environment. Avoid the monsoons and rest others seasons are perfect for spending a weekend in Eravikulam.

  • Blossom Park / Rose Garden

    Blossom Park is most amazing place in Munnar

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    Located merely 3 kilometers away from Munnar, the Blossom Park is a major tourist attraction in Kerala that boasts a variety of exotic flowers, prolific landscapes, embracing migratory birds and mountain butterflies and a vast stretch of artificial waterfalls. What else a person needs to rejuvenate his senses? Blossom Park also offers the facilities of nature walk, boating, bird watching etc. to its visitors. Choose any month of winter season for spending a relaxing vacation here.

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

    Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is the most visited tourist place in Munnar

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    Resting in the foothills of Western Ghats, Chinnar is a mixed deciduous forest blessed with a rich wildlife. Being a unique thorny scrub forest, Chinnar is a home to endangered giant grizzled squirrel of India. Others species like Indian gaurs, spotted deer, peacocks, leopards, grey langurs and elephants are also spotted in the area as well making it a haven for the wildlife lovers. Tourists can enjoy safari throughout the year by payin

  • Tea Plantations

    Tea Plantations is the amazing place in Munnar

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    What can be more refreshing than sipping a cup of tea in the worlds highest tea plantation Kolukkumalai? 7900 meters above sea level, Kolukkumalai offers the scenic view of the plains bordering with Tamil Nadu. The rolling acres of tea are an experience in itself for the visitors where a stroll can be taken on the plantation pathways. Winters are the best season for visiting the profuse tea plantations.

  • Lakkom Water Falls

    Lakkom Water Falls is the most visited place in Munnar

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    Located 35 kilometers away from Munnar and surrounded by rolling hills and tea plantations, Lakkom waterfalls is one of the stop by place to en route to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary. Though, Lakkom is not a big waterfall but has natural verdant surroundings that attract the tourist from different parts of the country. Lakkom waterfalls are easily accessible as it just takes a short walk from the main road near it.

  • Anamudi Peak

    Anamudi Peak is the highest peak in the southern hemisphere of India

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    Standing tall at a height of 2695 meters above sea level, the Anamudi Peak is famous as Himalayas of South India as it the highest peak in the southern hemisphere of India. Blessed with an exuberant fauna, Anamudi is a residence to mammals like lion tailed macaque, endangered gaurs, Asiatic elephants and some birds of prey like hawks and eagles. This peak is not less than a haven for photographers and adventure enthusiasts. November to May is the best time for visiting Anamudi Peak.

  • Kerala is a blessed land. It is rich, exuberant, cultured and a friendly place. The tag of Gods own country that is associated with it is felicitous. Theres a lot of divinity in the landscape of Kerala. Theres a silver lining of the Western Ghats that adds more beauty to it from other states of the country. Munnar is a hill station in Kerala that has a serene ambiance and an exquisite mesh of valleys, lakes and landscapes that make it an ideal tourist spot and a honeymoon destination for holidaying. Site seeing, nature walks, tea plantations and trekking are the major attraction in Munnar. It can be accessed easily by roadways, airways and railways. Gear up people, theres a lot that Munnar offer you for exploring during your vacation.

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