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  • 5 Fabulous Destinations for Rock Climbing in India

    By: Admin | In: Adventure Places | Last Updated: 2017-10-30

    5 Fabulous Destinations for Rock Climbing in India

    There are different sports and ventures we all love. Each venture has its own thrill and it proves either fascinating or less fascinating. One such venture that has gained an immense fame is rock climbing. Yes, it is the activity where an individual climbs the rock with some apprentice as a support.

    Rock climbing is an amazing activity. It involves a lot of stamina and enthusiasm. Across the globe, people are crazy for this activity. This enthusiasm has infected the people of India as well. The venture of the rock climbing can be enjoyed in the various states and cities of India.

    The zealous adventure aficionados between the ages 19-40 can experience the thrill without any hesitation. However, the ones having some serious health issues must abstain from rock climbing. As youll read on, you will get to know about some places where this thrill can be experienced. Oh yes, weve also mentioned their tariffs.

  • Hampi

    Hampi is the best destination for rock climbing in India

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    Stop it right now if youre thinking that Hampi is the place tagged only as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We believe that stereotyping a place is disrespectful. Hampi is also renowned as the place for relishing the venture of the rock climbing. The place for rock climbing is situated close to the ruined temples and a sizable number of people experience this venture at Hampi. After all, not everyone is interested in knowing about the temples.

    Price- 3000-6000 INR

  • Around Delhi

    Lado Sarai and Dhauj are the famous places for rock climbing in Delhi

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    Do you think people are here to fool around? No dude, Delhiites are always ready to welcome each trend with their arms open wide. After all, it is the capital city. If you wish to relish this magnificent venture in New Delhi, Lado Sarai and Dhauj are the famous places for rock climbing. At these places, an individual can easily experience the thrill of ascending the craggy rocks. Moreover, NCR is also apt for rock climbing.

    Price- 8000 INR (Negotiable)

  • Kolkata

    Kolkata is one of the famous destination for rock climbing

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    The land that has produced some great souls and is known for the sumptuous Rashogulla isnt behind in the race. Kolkata is another name on the list where you can explore the less explored locations for rock climbing. Within the radius of 3000 miles, youll come across various rock climbing destinations. Dont worry if youre unable to enjoy it in raw form. There are amusements parks that offer the same venture. Thus, problem solved!

    Price- 4000-6000 INR

  • Around Mumbai Maharashtra

    Mumbra and Borivali regions are also a famous rock climbing destination

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    When youre in Maharashtra, the rock climbing can be experienced best on the hillocks of the tantalizing Western Ghats. Since the Western Ghats are an integral part of the region, they are the unmatchable place where you can climb the huge and jagged rocks. An individual can experience the thrill of climbing the high boulders. Apart from the Western Ghats, Mumbra and Borivali regions are also a famous rock climbing destination.

    Price- 8000-10,000 INR (Negotiable)

  • Himalayas

    Himalayas is one of the famous destination for rock climbing

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    And here comes the badass guy. The majestic snow-clad Himalayas cannot be missed at all while talking about the venture of rock climbing. The mighty peaks of the Himalayas have always been the ultimate challenge for the trekkers, mountaineers, and rock climbers. If you are a valiant individual and have faith on your climbing skills then the mighty Himalayas are calling you. This venture can be experienced best in the lower belt that lies in Uttarakhand, Manali, and Dharamshala.

    Price- 10,000-12,500 INR

  • These were the top 5 destinations where you can become a spider-man and ascend the massive boulders. All you need is some passion, a heart full of zest, safety of course, and some craziness. This venture should be experienced once in life but the ones that are suffering or orthopedic problems and ladies that are pregnant, the red buzzer hoots for you.

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