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  • 9 Amazing Monsoon Trip Destination in India

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    Monsoon Trip Destination in India

    When the first drop descends from those thundering clouds and kisses the earth, the fresh aroma of the soil pleases the senses. Accompanied by the wind that fondles your cheeks, you brace monsoons. The time of the year when Mother Nature herself cleanses the dirt accumulated and refreshes everything.

    It is the time when warm bread fritters and tea become the staple diet and are savored extensively. All in all, the monsoon is a time that is enjoyed by people. But how can you expect enjoyment in the concrete woods? Monsoons in the urban areas mean hassle, hassle, and lots of hassle. Frequent and long power-cuts, traffic jams, water logging etc. become a nuisance.

    If you think we're high on dope and talking about embracing monsoons with a smile, we aren't. But, we do have some dope-like ideas to make the monsoons enjoyable. There are certain ways of living this season to its fullest. All you need is to plan a monsoon vacation to a place by choosing from the bucket-list below.

  • Cherrapunji is one of the popular monsoon trip destination in India

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    No doubt in saying that Cherrapunji is nature's marvel in India. Endowed with a delightful ambiance and alluring surroundings, Cherrapunji ranks one among the places to enjoy the Indian monsoon. It is a place that receives the highest (and extraordinary) amount of rainfall in India i.e. 463 inches! That's incredible and doesn't make the temperatures rise above 25C. So, isn't that a great place for celebrating a wet holiday?

  • Kodaikanal is one of the top tourist destination in monsoon

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    Kodaikanal is a thriving and frequented hill station in South India. The lofty hills shrouded in mist make it appear a pleasing holiday destination for all. Since the hill town of Kodaikanal is entrenched at a higher altitude, the weather remains pleasantly cool throughout the year that makes it a must-visit place across the year, especially during monsoons. The heavy downpour enhances the beauty of the garnet green surroundings and makes it a perfect place to succumb to nature.

  • Diphu

    Diphu is a serene place that is one amid the monsoon getaways in India

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    If you are trying to seek solace from the concrete jungles, Diphu is a beguiling option for you. Nestled amid the green woods of Assam, Diphu is a serene place that is one amid the monsoon getaways in India. It receives a huge amount of rainfall and can be a good option for spending a monsoon vacation, especially with your spouse. You just need raincoats, umbrellas, gumboots, and a heart full of zeal to enjoy a monsoon break in Diphu.

  • Araku Valley is one of best travel destination to visit during monsoons

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    For those who prefer the offbeat destinations, Araku Valley can be a great choice for you. It is dotted with various tourist attractions and serves as a major site of interest for the venture aficionados. The natural beauty of the valley is a feast to the tired eyes and can reinvigorate the senses. Its true beauty can be admired best by paying a visit during monsoons. Don't think why? Better visit and find out.

  • Celebrating the monsoon under the cerulean sky is a great option to visit at Ladakh

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    Visiting Ladakh is a dream destination, especially for the ones that own a bullet and wish to ride in groups. Ladakh is an astounding travel attraction that is snug amid colossal mountains in all directions. Celebrating the monsoon under the cerulean sky is a great option at Ladakh. If you do not own a bike then rent one, gather the bunch of crazy heads, and head towards the place to embrace monsoons in a unique way.

  • Kerala is a place that is popular as an ideal holiday spot during monsoon

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    "God's Own Country" Kerala is a place that is popular as an ideal holiday spot. It has mind-boggling beaches and other landscapes that never cease a chance to amaze the visitors. If you're pondering over Kerala being a monsoon trip destination then you haven't visited it during the season. Spending some hours at the sea kissing sands and residing in the house-boats offer an indelible experience of enjoying monsoons like never before!

  • Coorg is one of the most amazing monsoon trip destination in India

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    Blest with serenity in the ambiance, beauty in surroundings, and has a charm of attracting nature lovers, Coorg is a breathtaking destination for travelers. It is one of the rainiest places in India as it also receives a huge rain shower during monsoons. The joy of drenching in the shower is increased when you are beside your other half. If you're a stag then relax, you can still relish some fun with your four-legged pal at the meadows of Coorg.

  • Spending a vacation in Goa during monsoons is most amazing experience.

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    The Jamboree Capital' never loses its boisterous ambiance. Set along the Arabian Sea, Goa is a place that is thronged across the year for spending a great time. To a surprise, the monsoon is usually an offseason as people are unable to gain an access to the shoreline. But that doesn't matter because spending a vacation in Goa during monsoons is an experience in itself. Open air rain dance is organized at certain places where people groove as if no one is watching, so better give it a try.

  • The Valley of Flowers

    The Valley of Flowers is best option to trip a vacation during monsoons

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    Defining calmness in its true words, The Valley of Flowers is an intriguing biosphere reserve in Uttarakhand. It is an appealing place that houses countless colorful flowers in its vicinity. It receives a sufficient amount of rainfall and is a great choice to select for a short trip during monsoons. After visiting this valley, you would not feel to leave the place soon.

  • So who said that monsoons cannot be enjoyed? Dear readers, this amazing season can be relished at its best by visiting some destinations where Mother Nature has portrayed her magnificent skills. This small bucket-list is ready, so make sure you plan accordingly to brace the next monsoons with a smile.

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