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  • Delhi To Goa By Road: The Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Weekend Getaways | Create Date: 2024-06-21

    Delhi To Goa By Road - The Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

    Are you anxious about the next deadline at work? Is there something that makes you want to get away, like a colorful beach holiday in the sun? After that, it's time to put away the airline ticket and turn up the music. There's a Delhi to Goa road trip ahead! rnrnAs you come back in touch with the people you care about, stuff your pockets full of treasured memories. Each mile you complete represents a new chapter. Go from Delhi to Goa by road and have an exhilarating journey.

  • Top Destinations To See En Route To Goa

    When traveling from Delhi to Goa by car, the distance remains between 1,900 to 2,000 miles. The chosen route frequently affects the distance. Traveling to Goa takes about thirty hours. This is dependent upon variables like traffic and the state of the roads.

    Of the several routes that are accessible, going via Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra is one of the more popular ones. Check out the top destinations to see en route to Goa if you are going from Delhi.

    1: Aravalli Hills - Rajasthan
    2: Kishangarh Fort - Rajasthan
    3: Lake Pichola - Udaipur
    4: Nashiks Vineyards
    5: Thoseghar Waterfall
    6: Vansda National Park - Gujarat
    7: Saputara - Gujarat

  • Aravalli Hills

    Aravalli Hills

    The foothills of Rajasthan, which are framed by the worn-out slopes of the Aravalli Range, provide an alluring getaway. Envision crossing from high, rugged highlands to low, populated lowlands. Doesn't it have a surreal feel? Monsoon showers bring vibrant wildflowers to the landscape. Here, the drier months highlight hardy desert species.

    Moreover, this area serves as a sanctuary for indigenous populations. Their ancient crafts have earned them a reputation. Give up worrying. Take in all the hues of their everyday existence. Investigate the local markets, which are brimming with artisan trinkets. Here, every work is a tribute to the creative heritage of the area. You should check it out before booking beach resorts near Palolem Beach Goa.

  • Kishangarh Fort

    Kishangarh Fort

    Kishangarh Fort, which towers magnificently over the Aravalli Hills, is a testament to the incredible Rajputana grandeur. Situated about 27 miles away from Ajmer, the fort dominates the breathtaking scenery. With its towering walls, it stands. Besides, the amazing architecture melds perfectly with the surroundings.

    Beautiful views of the neighboring Aravalli Alps may be seen from the fort. Even the shimmering waters below are visible. The cliffs of red sandstone are pleasantly bathed by sunsets. It produces a genuinely captivating show. Therefore, if you're traveling from Delhi to Goa, one of the greatest spots to stop is Kishangarh Fort. It is well-known, particularly among fans of architecture. Do check this out before you search for the best places to stay in Palolem Beach.

  • Lake Pichola

    Lake Pichola

    Without Lake Pichola, the "City of Lakes," or Udaipur, wouldn't be the same. The seasons change the splendour of Lake Pichola, a manmade wonder that dates back to 1362 AD. When monsoon arrives, the hills around the lake become green. This creates the illusion of placid water.

    The surrounding region is painted with golden light by the sun once it has dried. The lake shimmers as a result, like a huge jewel. Lake Pichola is not just a beautiful location; it also has historical significance. The builder of it was Maharana Lakha Singh. It supplied vital water to the growing metropolis. The lake continues to be the lifeblood of Udaipur.

  • Nashiks Vineyards

    Nashiks Vineyards

    Surprisingly, Nashik, in western India among mountains, is well-known for its wine! There, delectable grapes grown in distinctive wines are produced by the rich volcanic soil. Envision picturesque peaks draped with vines. It seems unreal, isn't that right?

    Visit wineries with unique wines, such as Grover Zampa and Sula. Overall, adding a halt at Nashik to your journey gives your trip a special touch before you find hotels in Palolem Beach Goa.

  • Thoseghar Waterfall

    Thoseghar Waterfall

    Thoseghar is a stunning waterfall that is tucked away amid Maharashtra's verdant hills. This waterfall is approximately 150 feet high. On your road trip from Delhi to Goa, this is the ideal place to have some fun. Those who enjoy the outdoors will appreciate this place. It is near Satara.

    Thoseghar is unique because of two things: the surrounding landscape and the actual water. It's serene because of the surrounding flora and trees. Here, the vigorous water flow produces a pleasant mist. In addition, you may walk through some forest to reach the falls' base. Additionally, you may unwind in the refreshing pool of water or simply take in the might of nature! Do this before looking for the best resort in Colva Beach Goa.

  • Vansda National Park

    Vansda National Park

    Gujarat's Vansda National Park is comparable to a massive animal camp where they may sleep! It is a protected woodland area the size of a medium-sized town that was established in 1979. Adjacent to the Ambika River, that is. Vansda has so much vitality! The area is kept lush by around 450 plant types. There are about two hundred bird cries audible.

    On your visit, you could even get lucky and see some wild creatures. Picture yourself gazing at grazing bison, dancing deer, or even a cunning hyena. Additionally, keep a watch out for the incredibly rare four-horned antelope! In summary, a road trip from Delhi to Goa that includes a stop at Vansda National Park is an exciting experience.

  • Saputara


    Deep in the Sahyadri highlands is a refreshing haven named Saputara. They refer to it as the "Crown of Gujarat" for a reason. This highland station keeps everything comfortable all year round, much like a huge air conditioner. What, then, is so great about Saputara? Its enormous flat sections (plateaus), serene lakes, and verdant waterfalls all contribute to its charm.

    Numerous hiking paths meander through dense trees. These are ideal for catching some breathtaking vistas. At an Echo Point location, you may even shout till you drop to hear it reverberate. Try paragliding if you have an adventurous spirit. Either soar above it all or simply relax while cruising around the lake on a boat. This adds even more excitement to your road travel from Delhi to Goa.

  • ConclusionrnrnThis itinerary for a road trip from Delhi to Goa is tailored for those seeking unique experiences. Arrange your journey to Goa and relish all these undiscovered treasures en route. Skip the crowded historical sites. Replace them with breathtaking natural marvels. Or you can simply book a Goa tour package from Delhi, by TourTravelWorld.

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