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  • Effective Ways To Support Travel Industry After COVID- 19 Ends

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Travel Tips | Last Updated: 2020-05-29

    Effective Ways To support Travel Industry After COVID- 19 Ends

    COVID- 19 has spread a lot of pandemonium all around. It has affected various industries and no one can predict how long this pandemic will keep digging its adverse effects on people across the world. Talking about the current scenario, a tremendous count of people is losing their jobs during this pandemic. Also, it is quite impossible to calculate the loss coronavirus has caused to the global travel industry. Due to COVID 19 India, declining travel, and lockdown all around, the travel industry is suffering from unbelievable loss.

    To help out this industry so it can get back on its feet after coronavirus runs its course consider the following suggestions.

  • Book A Tour- No Matter If Its Nearby

    Book a tour- no matter if its nearby

    Well, its not safe to go anywhere now but it cannot be assumed forever. More than half of the world is under lockdown but the restrictions are expected to be implemented until the virus runs its course. Our scientists and medical practitioners are searching for new treatments. Hence it can be expected this will be over eventually. Once we win the scenarios, you can help the travel industry by tour booking as soon as possible no matter if its just a few hours from your place as it can give this industry a prospect to work upon.

  • Take The Assistance Of Travel Agents For Booking Tour

    Travel Agents For Tour Booking

    Travel agents are the one who has been affected the most during this lockdown by the lack of travel bookings. But do you know there are so many benefits of seeking assistance from a travel agent? A good travel agent can help you grab a better deal on your trip. They deliver direct help when your travel plans go awry.

    They can also manage the problems like getting a refund or any unavoidable circumstances you meet during the travel.
    Unambiguously, travel agents are the experts at crisis management. So if you approach them for booking a tour in or outside India, then you can contribute to solving their flagging condition due to Coronavirus.

  • Plan For A Safe Tour To The Green Zones In India

    Plan For A Safe Tour To The Green Zones In India

    India has been working spectacularly on this pandemic. The collaborative efforts of every sector will help the Indians see a Corona-free environment very soon. The positivity comes from the categorization of zones as green, orange, and red zones which suggest the degree of risk in these areas. The increasing number of green zones acclaims that these areas are going to be set free of lockdown soon due to the decreasing number of corona patients. So you could plan a safe tour to any of the destinations in green zones after everything gets normal.

  • Book A Tour On Cruise If You Havent Yet

    Book A Tour On Cruise If You Havent Yet

    The travel industry in India comprises of various sectors and cruise traveling is one of them which also have been hit hard by a coronavirus. As per the prevailing conditions many cruise operators not expected to run operations until coronavirus ends its impact or till June at the earliest. But if you are a fanatic of cruising and want a suggest how to help the industry, consider booking a cruise for later this year. You can also book for next year's trip by paying early. It is expected that you will get an excellent deal from cruise operators. In this way, youll help keep the cruise industry in business.

  • Invest in Travel Gift Cards Good For Future Traveling

    Invest in Travel Gift Cards Good For Future Traveling

    If you do not feel the current situation appropriate and dont feel like booking a travel package right now then you can do one thing. Investing in travel gift cards is the best if you want to support the travel industry specifically any favorite airline hotel brand, or cruise operator. A travel gift card is what you can use later. It does not pressurize you to use it with validity until youre ready. However, the travel operators like TourTravelWorld from which you purchase the card can start benefiting from the revenue you pay in right away. With this card, you get the freedom of booking any type of tour like a group tour, couple package, honeymoon package, etc.

  • Rent a Car For a Road Trip

    Rent a Car For a Road Trip

    After being stuck in-home quarantine and canceling vacations for weeks, you will love to book private tours. Due to the current pandemic of coronavirus, the rental car industry has also been left reeling. So to help it in this respect, consider booking a rental car for your next trip. You would be amazed seeing deals on rental cars once coronavirus no longer stays as a threat. A car gives more comfort and potentially helps you have more space on your next trip.

  • Inspire Others By Sharing Travel Photos On Social Media

    Inspire Others By Sharing Travel Photos On Social Media

    Once everything settles down and you are all ready to travel with your plans of course with the consent of the government, dont be afraid to flaunt it. Share your travel pictures on social media so to inspire others. Let other people know youre traveling to a new destination and inspire them to stay calm and get back to routine life. Getting out seeing the world is a wonderful feeling to share and your openness will support others planning a trip of their own and help the industry itself.

  • Post Positive Reviews To Assure Others Traveling Is Safe

    Post Positive Reviews To Assure Others Traveling Is Safe

    Posting positive reviews works as the assurance that traveling is safe now. Leave reviews for hotels and restaurants, to tell your neighbors and friends. The reason is obvious that the world is filled with two categories of travelers. One who will be ready to book a travel package once the government lifts the travel bans and ensures traveling is safe. The other category or travelers will require more convincing reviews from people they know and trust.

  • Prefer Booking Guided Tours

    Prefer Booking Guided Tours

    To support the tour guides who also have been affected by a coronavirus, book guided tours. This is a surety for them to work. Their current load of work has gone from stable to nonexistent. Once you decide to travel, you can help guides get back on their feet by booking private tours of your favorite sites or even guided tours with a group. TourTravelWorld has an extensive list of experienced guides for convenient traveling.

  • Order A No-Contact Delivery From Restaurants In Tourist Destinations

    Order A No-Contact Delivery From Restaurants In Tourist Destinations

    The tourist attractions, museums, and restaurants at the tourist spots are all suffering right now. So when you consider touring to your favorite place, dont forget a no-contact drop-off delivery from local restaurants and businesses. Also, consider to tip them well as it can help grow economically.

  • Book Refundable Travel For Next Year Or Later This Year

    Book Refundable Travel For Next Year Or Later This Year

    Well, if youre still not confident about booking a tour package for traveling now, book a refundable journey for next year. For that, you need to check for tour operators like TourTravelWorld who are offering flexible cancellation policies. The leading travel agencies have rolled out new policies according to which you can cancel up to 48 hours before departure. Easy refundable policies are grabbing maximum attention these days.

  • Select The Best Travel Deals Online

    Select The Best Travel Deals Online

    Some of the tourist hotel brands and airlines will lower the prices to tempt travelers out of their homes. So, if you want to help the travel industry alongside saving bulk in your pocket, take advantage of such hot travel deals once the time is right. While discounts can vary, you will get cheap flights around the globe, extremely discounted cruise fares, and reasonable travel packages this year or maybe next.

  • Pick Up Family-Run Hotel For Next Booking

    Pick Up Family-Run Hotel For Next Booking

    Some family-run hotels have become prey to this pandemic and they also have witnessed drastic loss due to this lockdown. To support the rise and make them come back into the business, book your next housing at a Family resort. This could be beneficial for group tours as they offer a highly healthy and comfy ambiance. When it comes to having leisure time after so long, nothing beats the facilities offered at resorts. Pick the one from your preference.

  • Discover A New Tourist Destination

    Discover A New Tourist Destination

    If you want to help the travel industry, consider traveling to a new destination that has suffered the most from coronavirus. The metro-cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Gujarat will likely be desperate for travel money once this nightmare is over, and beaches in coastal areas and other cruise-heavy destinations will have been suffering for most visitors to come for months. So consider planning a trip after proper thinking where your tourism investment will be appreciated the most. Or discover a new destination even you wanted to go but could not and a place you want to go again and again. Get some real travel guidance from experts.

  • Be Responsible And Dont Spread Misinformation

    Traveler - Be Responsible And Dont Spread Misinformation

    Lastly, it all depends on you on how to play a role in supporting the travel industry. Dont play a negative role by spreading fear and misinformation that keeps people at home for no reason. As a substitute for spreading rumors, do your homework. Read online reviews of travelers or hear from friends. Go through with real travel guidance from government agencies who conclude whether it is to be safe at home or to travel again. The World Health Organization (WHO) or any reliable news channel is the best source to know about the current growth of this Covid-19 in India and across the world.

  • In a nutshell, it is important to join hands and help each sector as much as we can so that our nation may not face any depreciation in terms of growth.

    Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any other suggestions about how a common travel enthusiast can help the travel industry right now?

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