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  • List of The Most Haunted Places in Kolkata

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    List of The Most Haunted Places in Kolkata

    Kolkata, the cultural capital of the country, symbolizes Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, trams, puchka, macherjhol, rosogulla, and a complete fiesta lunacy during Durga Puja. The flamboyant cultural city with the historical and colonial grandeur has a scarier side too. As we zoom in through the spooky lenses, the unnerving creepy mysteries, eerie dogmas, and apparently real haunted stories of Kolkata will send a chill up your spine. Dark secrets and mysteries run in the streets of 'The City of Joy'. Bringing you is the list of some ancient buildings and places that are regarded as the most haunted places in Kolkata.

  • The Kolkata Dock

    The Kolkata Dock is one of the haunted place in kolkata

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    Also known as the Kidderpore Dock, The Kolkata Dock was created by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. Rumors underline that been ditched and tipped by the Britishin trading, the spirit of the Nawab wanders in the dock to seek revenge from the British for his betrayal. So, step at your own risk.

  • The Hasting House

    The Hasting House is one of the popular haunted places in kolkata.

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    Once the Governor General of Bengal, William Hastings, built this ancient building as his residence. Presently a women's college under the University of Calcutta, this place is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of William Hastings. Hostel girls and staff have claimed to see an English gentleman entering the place on his horse and dashing throughout. To add to the eeriness, an unnatural death of a young boy while playing football on the Hastings ground is also acclaimed. Huh, wanna play football?

  • Writers Building

    Writers Building is one of the spooky places in kolkata

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    Formerly an office of the British Raj and presently the secretariat of the State Government, the most influential building of Kolkata - Writers Buildingis also one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. The vacant rooms in this 300-year-old building have some hidden mysteries. The assassination place of the famous revolutionaries, namely Binay, Badal, and Dinesh by Captain Simpson of the East India Company, the big rooms in the building are said to be occupied by the ghosts and desperate cries are heard late at night even though the premises is abandoned after 7 pm. No night shifts, please!

  • Wipro Office

    Wipro Office is one of the popular scary places in kolkata

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    The IT hub of Kolkata at the Salt Lake, was once a part of the Kolkata wetlands. The office premise of Wipro was formerly a graveyard. Rumors say that strange visions have been seen in the darkest hours during the night and people are forbidden from wandering on the 3rd floor of Tower-3. Strange voices have been heard while stepping out of the building.

  • Nimtala Burning Ghat

    Nimtala Burning Ghat is one of the spookiest places in Kolkata

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    Considered as one of the oldest cremation ghats and one of the spookiest places in Kolkata, Nimtala Burning Ghat is a sacred place for Aghoris. It is supposed that on the night of the Kali Puja, the Aghoris come and perform their various rites and to invoke the Shamshaan Kali, their reigning deity, at the ghat. Feeding on the leftover flesh of the burnt bodies is supposed to be a ritual to create mystical powers in themselves.

  • Putulbari or the House of Dolls

    Putulbari or the House of Dolls is one of the haunted places in kolkata

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    Imagine a century-old house that is almost in its ruins with the Roman architecture depicting dolls in the arches and spooky cobwebs, resonating with hue and cry of female voices. Jittery isn't it! So is the Putulbari or the House of Dolls in Kolkata. Opulent landlords of Bengal, who tortured and subjugated women, once dwelled in the house. The haunted and dark upper stories of the hoary house are assumed to be haunted by the spirits of the women with screeching laughter or even jangling of bangles and anklets!

  • South park street cemetery or Lower Circular Road Cemetery

    South park street cemetery or Lower Circular Road Cemetery - most haunted places in kolkata

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    Clicking photographs is quite common while visiting a tourist spot. So did a group of friends,who visited the cemetery. Strangely, some bizarre occurrences followed by, as one of the healthy friends suddenly fell illand another amongst them even had an asthma attack. The spooky South park street cemetery is anaged burial ground built in 1767 in Kolkata. Eerie happenings, including the movement of gloomy shadows, capturing eerie images, and health declination have been linked with this place.

  • Ravindra Sarobar Metro Station

    Ravindra Sarobar Metro Station is one of the scariest places in kolkata

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    One of the busiest metro stations in South Kolkata has become a famous suicidal site off lately. Haunted by the spirits of people who had committed suicide it is labeled as the'Paradise of Suicide'. The last train is claimed to be haunted and travelers and the station staff have seencreepy shadows wandering and then disappearing in the wind. Don't board the last train!

  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club

    Royal Calcutta Turf Club - Most haunted places in kolkata

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    George Williams, a racing maniac, owned asnow-white horse named Pride that gained fame and prizes for her master, thus named the Queen of the Tracks. After losing a derby due to old age and weakness, she was found dead on the Royal Calcutta Turf Club tracks mysteriously. Reportedly, a white horse is said to be galloping on the tracks on a moonlit Saturday night. Dare to take a ride?

  • National Library

    National Library  is one of the famous haunted places in kolkata.

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    Dare you break the arrangement of the rare and substantial books and publications treasured in The National Library in Kolkata! The erstwhile abode of Governor-General during the British period have witnessed some paranormal activities, as the place is said to be haunted by the wife of Lord Metcalfe, who keeps wandering in the halls. She was a bibliophile and ahygiene freak. She hated, if things were out of order, even now it pisses her off! Another eerie mystery of this place was revealed in 2010, during the restoration work. The Ministry of Culture and Archeological Survey of India noticed adoor-less secret chamberon the ground floor of this 250-year old building.

  • These places are a must visit for a paranormal adventure seeker for a spine-chilling experience. But..

    Beware, don't step in the unknown!

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