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  • The Tales of the Most Haunted Places in Goa

    By: Admin | In: Most Haunted Places | Last Updated: 2017-09-28

    The Tales of the Most Haunted Places in Goa

    Be it a destination wedding or an adventurous trip or a laid-back getaway, Goa has always been a favorite destination for all. A simple mention of the place jollifies the mind and reminds us of its extraordinary coastlines and great taverns. Late night parties, great concoctions, amazing seafood, turquoise waters, interesting culture, and panoramic view of the sky define the refinement of Goa!

    Being a great holiday destination for the foreigners too, the fame of Goa is surging in the itinerary of every travel enthusiast. But the flamboyance of this place befalls to the shady side, as we talk about the spookiest places in Goa. With remnants of the past, these haunted locations in Goa carry the tales of sorrow, profanity, infidelity, and wailing for the loved ones. Let's have a look at the scary tales related to some of the most haunted places in Goa.

  • Three Kings' Church

    Three Kings' Church is one of the popular haunted place in goa

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    Ghost tale of a holy place, such a contradictory phrase it is! 15km away from Velsao in the South Goa, this church is sited in Cansaulim Village. The story is about the greed of power of the three Portuguese Kings. One of the kings invited the other two for a supper in the church to settle the differences among them but instead poisoned the two. When the furious supporters of the dead kings gathered around the church for revenge, the miscreant also took poison and killed himself out of fear. A team of the Indian Paranormal Society established the presence of the spirits of the trio and the visitors also claim to have a strong feeling of someone's presence in the church. Phew!

  • Igorchem Bandh

    Igorchem Bandh is one of the famous haunted place in goa

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    Situated at Raia, behind the church of Our Lady of Snows, Igorchem Bandh is notorious to be in possession of many wandering souls. As the locals say, pass the dam in the noon between 2-3pm and you will be possessed by the evil spirits! The fearless spirits prevail in the broad daylight. Wanna try?

  • Jakni Bandh

    Jakni Bandh is most spookiest place in goa

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    A transitory bridge connecting Navelim and Drampur once witnessed a mournful accident. Due to the negligence of the bus driver, all the passengers on a school bus died, most of which were children. The localities claim to still hear the uncanny and mourning cries of the dead innocent spirits at night. Did you hear that?

  • Rachol Seminary Arch

    Rachol Seminary Arch is one of the Most Spooky Spots in Goa

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    The watchman's spirit still haunts the arch and has been around since the Portuguese era. People have sensed him marching under the arch on special days disallowing admission to anyone whom it considers unworthy. The travelers and the locals prefer to keep themselves distant from this spooky place in Goa. Stay away from the sentinel spirit!

  • Ghost HotelGoa

    Ghost Hotel Goa is one of the most scariest places in goa

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    Built by the Russians, the abandoned hotel complex never got completed due to some legal barriers. The uncanny surroundings of the bare areas and the mysterious jungle that surrounds the remnants of this hotel create a spooky effect. The visitors of the Agonda beachclaim to witness paranormal activities in the uninhibited hotel complex.

  • Baytakhol

    Baytakhol is most famous haunted location in goa

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    If you ever cross the Baytakhol, located between Dhavali and Bori, never dare to look back in case you suddenly hear the sheer weeps of a lady! Many accidents have occurred and most of them have been reported as losing control over the vehicle after looking back at the voices when actually they could see nobody there!

  • Borim Bridge

    Borim Bridge is one of the top haunted places in Goa

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    One of the top haunted places in Goa, the Borim Bridge was built in the Portuguese Era. The tale narrates the tryst with thespirit of a mad woman, who emerges from nowhere and runs towards your car and jumps off the bridge. You may not find any indication of anyone having jumped-no sound of water splashing, nothing. And once you start off with your journey again the lady is claimed to be your back seat guest! Set your rear view mirrors right!

  • Saligao Village

    Saligao Village is most spookiest place in goa

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    Ironically popular for its churches, Saligoa village is claimed to be haunted by the annoyed spirit of a woman named Christalina. This spirit suitably abodes on abanyan treein the village. Dating back over 6 decades, a Portuguese manwent missing and was later discovered full of wounds. On inquiring, he claimed to be taken by Christalina, who still haunts the village.

  • Dona Paula

    Dona Paula is one of the famous scariest place in goa

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    Sited about 7km from Panaji, named after the Portuguese Viceroy's daughter Dona Paula de Menezes, this Lover's Paradise in Goa has a tantalizing story. An innocent girl named Dona Paula de Menzes fell in love with a local fisherman. This match was objectionable to the Viceroy and after facing opposition from her family about her love affair; she jumped off the cliff into the remorseless Arabian Sea. Her forlorn spirit still continues to haunt the visitors with tales of her love. She has reportedly been noticed emerging from the moonlit waves wearing only a pearl necklace.

  • The Rodrigues Home (North Goa)

    The Rodrigues Home in Verna is most haunted place in goa

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    TheRodrigues Homein Verna, which seems like any other normal house is actually an abode of the spirits residing here 'along with' the Rodrigues family (Yes, you read that correct!). Locals claim to witness paranormal activities in the house at night. The windows and doors here, open and close self willingly, lights keep flickering, kitchen crockery keeps moving, and linens keep appearing & disappearing at midnight. Huh! Waiting for an invitation from the Rodrigues family?

  • D'Mello House (South Goa)

    D'Mello House is one of the most popular haunted place in goa

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    D'Mello house in Santimol, owing to its paranormal reputation is an abandoned house that narrates the story about the dispute between two brothers over this property, one of them was killed by the other. The house is alleged to be possessed by a ghost killed by his own brother. Reportedly, people hear squealing sounds at night associated with thespirit of the dead brother. The house is rumored to be cursed that no family will ever be able to live in harmony in this house, so it is left deserted.

  • Spooky isn't it! Now that you have a list in hand for what shenanigans you want to try on your next visit to Goa. Get your backpack and get going! But remember, STAY CLOSE AND WATCH YOUR BACK!

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