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  • Some of the Most Haunted Places in Hyderabad

    By: Admin | In: Most Haunted Places | Last Updated: 2017-08-29

    Some of the Most Haunted Places in Hyderabad

    No doubt that the creepy and mysterious stories that most of us have heard in our childhood, still haunt us. We assumed them to be a fiction, as our parents have always taught us that ghosts do not exist my child. Well, let us make you well-versed with some real haunted places that make us think twice about the existence of spirits. A few of us can dare to brave into haunted places. If you have been watching horror movies then you will understand how scary and evil these supposedly peaceful places can be! Think twice before you step into any of these places the next time. Your imagination might just run wild after hearing our stories about the haunted locations in Hyderabad.

    The twin city of India is famed for its ancient charm, vibrant traditional affluence, and contemporary expediencies. Just flip the coin and you would be able to see somenerve-rackingstories about the city. Enlisted are some of the haunted places in Hyderabad that can curdle your bloodat the very notion of a solitary visit. Its strangely ironical that the city, which is considered as the epitome of vivacity can be an abode to some places that are supposed to be bizarrelydesolate, and haunted! Breathe in my friends! Its time to peep inside some of the scariest places in the city of Hyderabad

  • Shamshabad Airport

    Shamshabad Airport is one of the famous haunted places in Hyderabad

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    How can one of the busiest places of the city be haunted? Unbelievable, right! What seems like just another airport, is actually a place of numerous spooky and mysterious incidences. The typical unanimity is that the airport is a sinister abode of the spirits of the people who got killed during the disputes prior the construction of this airport. Dont you believe it? Well, the CCTV has captured a man tilting his head 360degree! OMG

  • Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills

    Graveyard on Road 12 is one of the spookiest places in the Hyderabad city

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    Once the home of the high-class members of the Nizam dynasty of Hyderabad, this place turns into a spooky hilly forest as the night falls! The graveyard on road 12 is one of the spookiest places in the city. The inexplicable flickering of street lights and the sudden dropping of temperature and breaking down of vehicles around the place creates an intense unsolved mystery!

  • Golkonda Fort

    Golkonda Fort is one of the famous haunted locaion in Hydreabad

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    Kakatiyas, who reined the state of Andhra Pradesh, constructed this fort in the 13th century. It is said that the spirits of the queen and the king who lay buried in this fort haunt this scenic monument of Hyderabad. Strange noises of someone wailing in pain have been heard at nights. The images on the walls of the fort had been reportedly seen hanging upside-down. Huh! Just hold your breath, a few of the places are still left

  • Ramoji Film City

    Ramoji Film City is one of the famous haunted places in Hyderabad

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    One of the famous attraction for the movie buffs, the film city holds some mysterious stories of women experiencing invisible attacks. Allegedly, the film city was built on a war zone. Some strange Urdu words were noticed scribbled on the mirrors. Some people have even heard a relentless knock at the womens bathroom when no one was present there. Earlier belonging to the Nizam, this place is badly haunted by the spirits of soldiers of the war.

  • Kundanbagh Witches Lair Or Kundanbagh Haunted House

    Kundanbagh Witches Lair is one of the famous haunted places in Hyderabad

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    Hyderabads most notorious and intriguing paranormal occurrence till date is the one at Kundanabagh. The tale says, on breaking into a two-floored house of Kundanbagh, a thief noticed the highly decomposed dead bodies of the three women, who used to live there. Reportedly, a woman and her two daughters who inhabited the house were seen wearing black robes mysteriously holding candles and walking through the corridors of the dark corridors of the house. Phew! Though the corpses were 6 months old, the neighbours claimed to see the trio almost regularly. Apparently, the story became quite a wrath in the city!

  • Ravindra Nagar

    Ravindra Nagar is well known haunted location in Hyderabad

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    A continuous series of suicides of the inhabitants around 2012 has made this place notorious for holding some unusual paranormal activities. Though many residents have abandoned this place, as it is believed to be a cursed one, many can still feel an eerie sensation while crossing this place. Red flags, holding religious symbols were put up to ward off the negativity, tempting the folks to get arrested in the mystery of ghost stories.

  • Khairatabad Science College

    Khairatabad Science College is famous haunted places in Hyderabad

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    Once a flourishing Science College in Hyderabad, now lies scheduled and desolate. It is claimed to be haunted by the dead bodies that were used as subjects in the labs for different experiments.Since the guard posted at the gate died under surreptitious conditions, no one dares to venture in the premises. So guys, enter at your own risk.

  • Dedh Lakh Ghar

    Dedh Lakh Ghar well known haunted places in Hyderabad

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    Am sure all of the Hyderabad is well-acquainted with the dark reality of this house. Constructed for a sum of Rs.1.5 lakhs, 40 years ago, this house lays barren and abandoned currently, as the negative aura of desolation and despair surrounds this house. Poignantly, the day the owner entered the house with his family, his wife died due to a sudden heart attack. The locals dont dare to enter the premises, even during the daylight because of the eerie vibe and bizarre noises of the owners deceased wife wailing badly.

  • Well, if this was not enough to stir your heart, then plan a visit to these haunted places to have a frantic experience. But remember, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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