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  • Not to Miss 15 Most Elegant Places to Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-07-03

    Not to Miss 15 Most Elegant Places to Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

    Some places are so heavily loaded with the beauty of nature that everyone who visits that place feels that Mother Nature has shown some extra kindness to that location. Similar words and thoughts come out of the heart when an individual pays a visit to Arunachal Pradesh. It is surrounded with the mighty mountains, emerald green meadows, beguiling waterfalls and calm villages.

    Positioned in the belt of the Himalayan Range, Arunachal Pradesh, as we all know, is one amid the 29 states in India. It lies on the North-Eastern side of the country and is a major tourist attraction. Referring it as natures bounty is entirely right and will fetch you full marks because as we said earlier, Mother Nature has shown some extra kindness on this state.

    In Arunachal Pradesh, there are various meadows, hillocks, sanctuaries, monasteries, and much more that are awe-inspiring. Moreover, Arunachal Pradesh is also tagged as a perfect honeymoon destination in India for the couples that dont have a huge budget. Since enough of talking is done, its time to take a look at some places that weve shortlisted for you to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Tawang

    Tawang is one of the famous tourist destination

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    Tawang, also pronounced as Dawang, is a place is Arunachal Pradesh that is known for its emerald green meadows. Its spellbinding surroundings are soul-soothing and provide calmness. Tawang is also known as the birthplace of His Holiness Dalai Lama. Tawang is counted amid the sacred sites for the followers of Buddhism because it is the home to the oldest monastery called Tawang Monastery. Thousands of monks visit this monastery throughout the year.

  • Pasighat

    Pasighat is one of the famous tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh

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    The tranquility floats in the air; theres a mind-calming serenity that will make you succumb to nature. We feel this line is apt to define the spectacular site of Pasighat. With the backdrop of misty and snow-capped Himalayan peaks, Pasighat is a haven for those that adore nature. The river Brahmaputra flows through the region. At Pasighat, people witness the amalgamation of peace and adventure, which means that it is a place where you can relish the sports like river rafting, trekking, and angling etc.

  • Ziro

    Ziro is one of the perfect tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Tired from touring Arunachal Pradesh? To rejuvenate yourselves, Ziro is the perfect place for you. Surrounded by the Pine Hills in a quaint corner of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a beauteous village that cradles in the laps of Mother Nature. It is endowed with a serene ambiance and youll see greenery everywhere as far as your sight goes. When youre here, do not miss to visit Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Tarin Fish Farm, Meghna Cave Temple etc.

  • Ringo

    Roing is a picturesque attraction cum holiday destination in Arunachal Pradesh

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    After visiting Roing, youll realize that Kashmir is not the sole heaven on earth. Perching in the lower valley of Dibang, Roing is a picturesque attraction cum holiday destination in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located amid the astounding lower Himalayas and draws tourists on a large number. During winters, Roing gets bedecked with the white blanket of snow that adds more charm to its beauty. There are various places in Roing like Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Hunli Town, Bhismaknagar Fort, and other places.

  • Namdapha National Park

    Namdapha National Park is a well-known tiger reserve

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    The national parks and sanctuaries are scattered all over the nation. Similarly, theres a well-known tiger reserve and a national park that is a prominent choice for visitors. Yes, were talking about Namdapha National Park. It is a protected biosphere reserve and the third largest national park in India due to its area. It lies between Dapha and Patkai range. Namdapha National Park is a residence to tigers in profusion and other animals including snow leopard, clouded leopard, musk deer, bear, wolf, flying squirrel etc.

  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

    Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous  Wildlife Sanctuary

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    Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is a renowned sanctuary that nestles in the district of Kameng. This wildlife sanctuary is a part of the Project Tiger, an initiative that was taken by the government to protect the national animal of India. Not only the striped orange cat lurks in this sanctuary, the other two big cats include the Indian and clouded leopard. Apart from the feline predators, one can also spot the creatures like the Asiatic wild dog, macaque monkey, flying squirrel etc. Do not forget to carry your cameras along.

  • Bhalukpong

    Bhalukpong is famous tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Unspoiled by the urbanization, Bhalukpong is an eminent tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh. Fed by the crystal clear waters of the river Kameng, Bhalukpong is a place where you will adore spending some time with yourself. It is a must-visit place for the adventure buffs, especially the ones that have a strong taste in hiking as well as trekking. Not only till this venture, you can also pay a flying visit to Kaziranga National Park that lies close to Bhalukpong.

  • Tuting

    Tuting is one of the famous holiday destination in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Dont you think that gathering some knowledge about the holiday destination and its attractions is fun? Yup, it is fun, especially when you get to know about the transformation from the bygone time to the present day. To know such facts, no other place than Tuting can be the right place. Tuting is a village in Arunachal Pradesh where you can gather a lot of information about the culture & tradition from the turf level. Learning a rural Arunachal Pradesh delicacy is fun as well, dont miss that.

  • Mechuka

    Mechuka is perfect tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Mechuka, also known as Menchuka, is a valley that is located 6000 feet above the sea level in Arunachal Pradesh. Mechuka is nestled amid the hillocks that belong to the lower Himalayan belt. Since it is untouched from urbanization, theres pure serenity in its atmosphere. In recent years, this place has emanated as a frequented tourist attraction, especially by the adventure buffs. Moreover, Mechuka also houses the 400-year-old monastery that is a key attraction here. Dont forget to visit there as well.

  • Aalo

    Aalo is one of the perfect tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh

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    The tantalizing meadows, plantations, and farms that have a tranquil ambiance- wouldnt you like spending a few hours at such places? Of course, you will. Whilst youre on a tour in Arunachal Pradesh, Aalo should be a name on the bucket list. It is a bewitching valley that will lure your senses immediately. For spending a days itinerary in Arunachal Pradesh, Aalo is a preferred name in the list of the tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Hayuliang

    Hayuliang is well known tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Hayuliang is a small village nestling in the district of Anjaw in Arunachal Pradesh. With an elevation of 4,070 feet above the sea level, this village is located in the lower Himalayan belt and has an enchanting atmosphere. Due to a high elevation and location amid the Himalayan belt, Hayuliang has become a favorite spot for the trekkers. This village is visited by the enthusiastic trekkers from India as well as other countries so that they can challenge their potentials.

  • Parshuram Kund

    Parshuram Kund is a famous temple town in Arunachal Pradesh

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    Parshuram Kund is a temple town that perches on the plateau of the Brahmaputra in the district of Lohit. This kund is a sacred site for the followers of Hinduism and is dedicated to the sage Parshuram. It is said that this kund was the place where Parshuram washed away his sin of killing the Kshatriyas despite being a Brahmin. Makar Sankranti is a pious festival celebrated here and people participate in it with a great zest.

  • We hope you liked the highlights about amazing attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. All the places mentioned above have their own charm and significance. Are you pondering over why we didnt mention them? Well, thats something you should explore yourself.

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