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  • Top 50 Honeymoon Places in India You Must Visit

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Honeymoon Destination | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    Top 50 Honeymoon Places in India You Must Visit

    "The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of getting married."

    True words indeed! Marriage is the happiest moment in a person's life. And to add to that are the innumerable perks of being married. But, the best one is saved for the last, i.e. honeymoon!

    Exploring new places hand-in-hand with your partner not just adds intimacy and passion to your relationship but also help you understand each other better. India is blessed with numerous destinations to give a fairytale-like dimension to your love story. From snowcapped mountains of the North to the mystical backwaters of the South, from culturally rich West to the enchanting views of the East, India has ample number of honeymoon destinations to suit the whims of every newlywed.

    If you also want to take your spouse on the most romantic honeymoon and shower them with love, then you can choose your favored location from the list given below.

  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands

    Spend the most amazing time in Andaman & Nicobar

    Image Source :

    Cut yourself off from the rest of the world and spend exclusive time with your partner in this amazing place called Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This group of islands right in the middle of Bay of Bengal would treat you with numerous exotic beaches that would arouse your senses. It has many isolated locations where you can get romantic with your spouse and spend the most amazing time of your lives. Don't forget to visit the Radhanagar beach, Mangrove Creek and Havelock Islands to enjoy thrilling water sports.

  • Goa

    Goa is popular honeymoon places in India

    Image Source :

    Goa is synonymous with beaches, and what better place to spend your honeymoon than a romantic trip to this exotic city of beaches. Long walks on the beaches hand-in-hand with your spouse will definitely ignite a new bond of love between the two of you. The best party destination in the country, Goa would be loved by you and your partner if you are one of the party freaks. The delicious sea-food, adventurous water-sports, mesmerizing sunset views and the enchanting beaches would definitely cast a magic spell on you.

  • Srinagar

    Srinagar is the best place for honeymoon in India

    Image Source :

    Srinagar is called the best place for honeymoon in India and for obvious reasons. From boating and skiing to strolling and bird watching, Srinagar is a treasure box for all the couples out there. The natural setting of Srinagar is painted in the colors of love and romance. Be it the alluring boat ride in Shikaras over the Dal Lake, or the tranquility of bird watching in the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary; Srinagar is the apt honeymoon destination for all you newly-weds.

  • Agra

    Agra is the most popular hill stations in India

    Image Source :

    Housing the greatest epitome of love, the Taj Mahal, Agra is world renowned for its romantic quotient. The monument symbolizing the eternal love between Mumtaz and Shahjahan is the perfect way to start you own love saga. Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and other architectural marvels dictate their own stories and are the perfect setting to show your love and make it eternal.

  • Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer is yet another destination for  of newly-wedded couples

    Image Source :

    Jaisalmer is yet another destination on the list of newly-wedded couples for their honeymoon trip. The golden sand shimmering in the sun with a majestic fort standing in the middle will be a treat to the eyes. If you are yearning for a romantic getaway with your better half in a place that still has the cultural touch, then Jaisalmer is your destination.

  • Alleppey

    Alleppey is the most romantic honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    A honeymoon spent in a private houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala sounds amazing, isn't it? A trip to Alleppey will awe your senses and ensure that you spend the best time there. The large array of inland canals comprising of lagoons, lakes and freshwater rivers have entitled Alleppey to be known as the 'Venice of the East'. Row away with your companion into the endless waters of love with the enchanting houseboat stays in Alleppey.

  • Kovalam

    Kovalam is the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    The serene and tranquil environs of Kovalam will be the food for your souls and help you discover true love amid the nature. Translated as coconut grove, Kovalam is a hidden gem in India's rich southern state. The picture book setting of this amazing city has pristine lakes lined with tall coconut trees. Take your partner and flee to this city in 'God's Own Country to enjoy an exceptional honeymoon.

  • Pushkar

    Pushkaris the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    A small town in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan, Pushkar attracts swarms of tourists from all around the world. The sanctity of this place goes hand in hand with the purity of marriage. The religious aura of this place will rejuvenate your senses and will add a touch of sanctity to the pious journey of marriage that you are about to embark upon.

  • Coorg

    Coorg is one of the most exotic Indian honeymoon destinations

    Image Source :

    Why search for honeymoon destinations abroad when you can enjoy the foreign setting right here in your own country. Known as 'The Scotland of India', Coorg is one of the most exotic Indian honeymoon destinations. Nestled in the mountains of Karnataka, Coorg is popular for its vast stretches of greenery and the adventure sports that it offers. Dont miss out on the Abbey Falls and Nagarhole National park to enjoy a memorable trip.

  • Pondicherry

    Pondicherry is one of the famous honeymoon places in India

    Image Source :

    Pondicherry will fascinate you with its French architecture and attractive beaches. A haven for honeymoon couples, this state offers a blend of history and modernity on a single platter. The beaches of this state are less crowded as compared to other beaches and thus offer some quality time to create romantic memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Jodhpur

    Jodhpur is popular honeymoon places in India

    Image Source :

    Want to spend your honeymoon in a grand and royal manner? Jodhpur is the one place that where all your wishes will come true. From Umaid Bhavan and Jaswant Tada to Meharangarh Fort and Mahamandir Temple, Jodhpur is dotted with many architectural and historical marvels. Plan your honeymoon in this delighting city that welcomes you with open arms.

  • Jaipur

    Jaipur is the most amazing honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    Yet another city that is a blend of history and culture is Jaipur. Pink, the color of romance pervades throughout the city and fills you in the same mood. Explore the stories hidden behind the intricately carved walls of forts, palaces and mahals with your better half to strengthen the bond of love that you share. A visit to Chokhi Dhani is recommended by all the tourists because of its vivid Rajasthani setting and culturally rich ambience. You can also visit popular places of Jaipur and shop with your loved ones in the busy streets of Jaipur and take home some souvenirs.

  • Ranthambhore

    Ranthambhore is the most romantic destination in India

    Image Source :

    Take your spouse on an adventurous honeymoon to the Ranthambhore National Park. Located in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan, Ranthambhore is famous for its tiger reserve and other natural settings. Catch a glimpse of these wild cats and other animals, holding each other's hands to make it even more special. Embark upon the journey of married life with a touch of adventure to make it special and memorable.

  • Dalhousie

    Dalhousie is the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    Dalhousie, the city that stands atop five hills is one of the most favored romantic honeymoon destinations in India. Its romantic setting can be mirrored in the enticing views that this city offers. The mountains draped in lush greenery and the scintillating waters of river Ravi, all add to the scenic beauty of this place. Take home some rare Tibetan handicrafts as a souvenir from Dalhousie to keep your memories of this romantic honeymoon always alive.

  • Tawang

    Tawang is popular honeymoon places in India

    Image Source :

    Are you looking for a place that is isolated from the hustle bustle of the city like? If yes, then Tawang is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Yet unexplored and untouched by the urban civilization, this small hilly hamlet will cast a romantic spell on you with its utopian setting. Sela Pass in Tawang is a picturesque landscape to enjoy a romantic venture through the moonlit night. While honeymooning here, dont miss out on the Tawang Monastery to experience spiritual bliss.

  • Shillong

    Shillong is the most popular honeymoon spot in India

    Image Source :

    Another preferred honeymoon getaway in the northeastern region of India is Shillong. Imagine yourself standing on the Diengiei Peak with your lover in your arms and enjoying the panoramic view of the low lying valleys and plains. Won't that be the perfect start to your married life? Crinoline Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Laitlum Canyons, Marai Cave and Dwarksuid are some other romantic getaways where you can easily find some quiet place to enjoy quality time.

  • Gulmarg

    Gulmarg is one of the amazing honeymoon places in India

    Image Source :

    Sipping the hot kahwa with your soul mate while enjoying the amazing view of snow clad Himalayas and slight rays of sun shining from the backdrop; welcome to Gulmarg, beautiful city of India. If Kashmir is the paradise on Earth, then Gulmarg is definitely its center showpiece. It is one of the most amazing honeymoon places in India, courtesy of its mesmerizing natural setting. The Gondola Cable Ride and the Gulmarg Ski Resort must be visited to add some adventure to your romantic honeymoon.

  • Pahalgam

    Pahalgam  is the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    Located in the lap of nature, unharmed by the modern civic changes, is a small village called Pahalgam. There are many local tourist attractions where you can stroll around with your spouse and create lifelong memories. You can also indulge in adventure activities like trekking, boating, trout fishing and white water rafting etc. Explore this mini Switzerland in the confluence of Lidder River and Sheshnag Lake with your partner.

  • Haflong

    Haflong is the most popular honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    The only hill station in Assam, Haflong has many scenic beauties like mesmerizing landscapes, valleys and the Haflong hills. There is no better way to spend honeymoon than to book an amazing resort to enjoy quality time and Haflong offers exactly this. The lakeside resorts are the perfect way to be with your better half and that too undisturbed by the surroundings.

  • Kumarakom

    Kumarakom is the famous honeymoon spot in India

    Image Source :

    Shining brightly amidst the backwaters of Kerala is Kumarakom, the honeymoon destination in India. The picturesque Vembanad Lake adds to the charm of this location. Rent a houseboat and spend your time with your spouse floating on the backwaters. Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls and the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary are a must visit place to enjoy scenic beauty in the companionship of your beloved.

  • Ooty

    Ooty has been a favorite honeymoon spot for many years

    Image Source :

    The queen of Nilgiris has made space for itself in one of the best honeymoon destinations where a couple can enjoy. Located in the laps of nature, the serene beauty captivates the couples on their special break. With its pleasant temperatures throughout the year, this honeymoon destination has the Cenetary garden that is largest rose garden of India where a couple should take a stroll and enjoy the beauty.

  • Nainital

    Nainital is most popular honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    There's nothing wrong in calling it as the lover's paradise. It is one of the most exquisite hill stations with famous spots like the mall road, naini lake, eco cave gardens, snow view point, Tiffin top to be named a few. A couple will not like to miss these spots on their honeymoon. Book the tickets and head towards Nainital for an enthralling experience.

  • Kodaikanal

    Kodaikanal is most popular honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    Kodaikanal, 'the princess of hills in South India', can be your ideal honeymoon destination. Suicide point, pillar rocks, kodai lake, bear shola falls, cascade falls etc can be visited for an unforgettable experience. If you love trekking, take the tough routes to challenge yourself like Periyakulam Addukam-Kodaikanal that is an 18 kilometer distance.

  • Ranikhet

    Ranikhet is the most romantic destination in India

    Image Source :

    The awe-inspiring place holds a story behind its name. It says that the King Sudhardev won over the heart of his queen, Rani Padmini. After getting married, she chose this meadow as her residence and today it is enlisted among the top honeymoon places in the laps of nature. Ranikhet has many places to visit where you can spend the moments to be cherished with your soul-mate.

  • Puri

    Puri is the most loved honeymoon spot in India

    Image Source :

    The Bay of Bengal touches its shores and when youre walking along your partner holding hands together, the oceanic music brings you two closer. Puri is not just famous for the Rath Yatra and temples but it is Indias most visited honeymoon place by the newly-wed couples. The Puri beach is a spot that shouldn't be missed during the special time that you and your partner will be spending together. Pack the bags love-birds as Puri awaits your visit.

  • Lakshadweep

    Spend the most amazing time in Lakshadweep

    Image Source :

    Lakshadweep is the perfect honeymoon destination to enjoy without spending extra bucks, the crystal clear waters and calm islands define romance when your partner sits close to you and you both sip the drinks together. Bonfire and beach music will surely make the day of the love birds.

  • Daman & Diu

    Daman & Diu has been a favorite honeymoon spot for many years

    Image Source :

    Daman & Diu is not only a place to surprise your love after marriage but an ideal place to ask out that special one to be your life partner. So many places are there to visit with the love of your life for admiring and enhancing the intimate bond of love between you two. Walking beside the beach and feeling the soft water under the feet will surely make her say a yes if you ask her out while doing the signature pose.

  • Shimla

    Shimla is the most romantic destination in India

    Image Source :

    Set amidst beautiful hills and mystical woods, Shimla is one of most aesthetically planned cities the most popular hill station in northern India. The points that attract the visitors include Kufri where you can enjoy skiing, a trip in the toy train till Kalka, the Christ church that has the neo-gothic architecture, the Himalayan bird park where you can see the different types of birds and the lakkar bazaar that is famous for its carved wooden show-pieces. 32...1 and go to Shimla.

  • Leh- Ladakh

    Leh- Ladakh is one of the popular honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    Known for its hills and world famous road trips, Indias moon-land, Ladakh has emerged as another popular honeymoon destination of India. Serene and pure, couples feel like being in heaven with the one they cant live without. Trekking in the terrains of ladakh is a one-time experience, moreover, the magnetic hill falls in not to be missed category, the Pangong lake is a major attraction in Ladakh and the monasteries provide a peace of mind after being visited. Next stop is..Ladakh

  • Auli

    Auli is yet another destination for newly-wedded couples

    Image Source :

    If you love snowy mountains and skiing, this honeymoon destination will not let you down. Auli is a beautiful honeymoon destination in the serene Himalayan range of Uttarakhand. Cold around the calendar, this place will surely make the love-birds sing the song of love melodiously. Since it is located in the land of Gods, you can also take a small tour around the areas to visit the temples and the see the murals displayed on the ancient temple walls.

  • Khajjiar

    Khajjiar is the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    Mini Switzerland is the name that strikes in everyones head when you hear about Khajjiar. Pristine greenery is all that youll see in all the directions. A compact but romantic place, Khajjiar has become popular over the years among the honeymooners all over India. Nothing feels better than sitting close to the love of your life and enjoying the cold weather in the green fields.

  • Mahabaleshwar

    Mahabaleshwar is most loving honeymoon destination

    Image Source :

    With vantage points offering breathtaking views of hills and valleys, plenty of fresh strawberries to gorge on and riding on a horse- sounds exciting. Mahabaleshwar has turned up as an exciting destination for the couples as it offers the kaas plateau that is known as the plateau of a million flowers because of the large number of flowers boasted by it. The Pratapgarh tells the story of legendary Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji. If you want to capture the beasts in the cameras, many sanctuaries including Sanjay Gandhi national park allows to take a stroll into the fascinating world of birds and animals. Gear up couples, Mahabaleshwar is waiting.

  • Hampi

    Hampi is the most romantic destination in India

    Image Source :

    A world heritage site marked by the UNECSO, Hampi is a place that is located in the ruins of Vijaynagar Empire. This place has tremendously grown as a honeymoon spot among the couples as it gives a chance to meet the history very closely. Though places of Hampi do not need any special introduction, not mentioning the Virupaksha temple will be injustice, as it is the biggest attraction of the place.

  • Khajuraho

    Khajuraho is a favorite honeymoon spot in India

    Image Source :

    Another world heritage site marked by the UNESCO, Khajuraho is famous for the architectural craftsmanship and the erotic sculptures. The place is famous for the Hindu temples and their marvelous architecture. The place fascinates the people as well as the newly married couples to come and see the rich history of the country as it boasts Kalinjar fort, an archaeological museum and a safari in the panna national park.

  • Dhanaulti

    Dhanaulti is popular honeymoon places in India

    Image Source :

    Many does not have an idea about this calm place called Dhanaulti. Dhanaulti is located between Chamba and Mussourie and is known for its quiet environment amidst the deodar and oak trees. This quiet place holds a number of adventure sports that can be enjoyed like para-gliding, river rafting, trekking, biking and rock climbing to explore newer highs.

  • Lonavla- Khandala

    Lonavla- Khandala is most popular honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    None other than Lonavla and Khandala. Away from the noises of the city and surrounded by the hills, Lonavla and Khandala invite you to explore the spots that are perfect place for a honeymoon couple to spend a romantic time. Monsoon is the best season to be spent together in the beautiful hills of Lonavla and Khandala.

  • Mcleod Ganj

    Mcleod Ganj is most popular honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source :

    The land of his holiness Dalai Lama, Mcleod ganj is a famous name in the list of hill stations in India. It is located near Dharamshala nestled in the lush green hills. Exploring the place is best done on foot and you shouldn't miss the famous places like the Tsulaghkhang- the residence of Dalai Lama, Bhagsu falls, Triund- a popular trek point and the majestic Dhauladhar ranges.

  • Mussoorie

    Mussoorie is yet another destination for  of newly-wedded couples

    Image Source :

    Located in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan range, Mussoorie is heaven for the lovers in India. Known as Uttarakhand's 'queen of hills' Mussoorie is popular among the people for many things, also as a good place for celebrating honeymoon with your partner. It is a pocket-friendly destination that is well connected via roadways for spending a quality time after a hectic wedding.

  • Sundarbans

    Sundarbans  is most loving honeymoon destination

    Image Source :

    The largest mangrove forest in India is the home to the royal Bengal tiger. Sundarbans, being a tiger reserve sanctuary to the country, is a place to enjoy an adventurous honeymoon. Watching the tigers wandering in the wild and clicking their pictures is an interesting thing a couple can enjoy.

  • Matheran

    Matheran is yet another destination for newly-wedded couples

    Image Source :

    Located in Raigarh district of Maharashtra, Matheran is untouched by the hustle and bustle of the city. An interesting fact about the place is that you'll not see any vehicle in the area as it is declared eco sensitive by the government. There are many points where you can take a stroll and the list includes Louisa point, panorama point or the sunrise point, monkey point where you should be extra careful as many monkeys are around, one tree hill point- the hill with only one tree as the nearby area is covered with dense forests. Exciting enough, Matheran awaits you.

  • Coonoor

    Coonoor is the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    Coonoor is located in the Western Ghats and is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris. Best known for its Nilgiri tea, it is a lesser known but a calm place for enjoying honeymoon. Since the place is lesser known, it has a few spots like the law falls, Taj garden retreat- the right place for enjoying the cocktails, dolphin's nose point where you can see the panoramic view of the Nilgiri range and the Sim's park where many species of plants welcome you.

  • Rann Of Kutch

    Rann of Kutch is the most romantic destination in India

    Image Source :

    The white desert on the Western side of India, the Rann of Kutch adjoins the borders with the neighboring country Pakistan. This place should be visited by the honeymoon couples to spend the vacation in a unique way by taking the camel ride near the Indo-pak border. The Government of Gujarat hosts an annual 3 month long festival during winter called the "Rann Utsav festival of the Rann" where tourists can see the various sights of the Rann.

  • Rishikesh

    Rishikesh is the famous honeymoon destinations in India

    Image Source :

    The yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh is a beautiful place where you can spend your honeymoon. Famous for white water river rafting, bungee jumping and seasonal trekking Rishikesh is the right place for experiencing a new level of adventure mixed with romance. Triveni ghat, a sacred bathing ghat, shouldn't be missed as it is the point where 3 rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati merge together. You can also visit the temples dedicated to the religious figurines like Lord Shiva and Vishnu while returning from the vacation.

  • India is a diverse country and boasts various hill stations in all the 4 directions. All that is required is gathering of a little information about them. Completely pocket friendly and a guarantee of fun, these hill stations will not let you down on the special vacation to be spent with your other half. Go and pack your bags as the places look forward for your visit.

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