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  • Now Indians Will Get The Malaysia Visa on Arrival Easily

    By: Admin | In: Others | Last Updated: 2017-11-10

    Now Indians Will Get The Malaysia Visa on Arrival Easily

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    A visa is not just an official document but, it is the key that allows you to unlock the different destinations in a foreign land. Unless you have the stamped visa from the embassy of a respective country, you cannot visit it for any purpose.

    Since acquiring and issuance of the visa was becoming a tedious task for the people and authorities respectively, the government of different countries decided to change the norms and policies of issuing visas.

    Malaysia is one among them that has brought major changes in its policy of issuing the visa to the citizens of specific countries including India. According to the new Malaysian visa policy for Indians, Malaysia offers the multiple entry e-visa on arrival without charging any visa fee and approving the online application for a visa within 48 hours! Read further and know more about this revolutionary move.

  • Travel Malaysia Without Hassle!

    Travel Malaysia Without Hassle!

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    Whether you're going on a romantic holiday with your spouse or for spending a vacation with family, the hassle of acquiring the visa has been terminated for Indians. The government of Malaysia has announced that the Indian nationals are eligible to avail a visa on arrival. The period of the stay is pre-set as per the norms.

  • E-Visa and E-NTRI- Pillars That Terminated The Problem

    E-Visa and E-NTRI- Pillars That Terminated The Problem.

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    The first day of March 2017 will be remembered for a prominent step taken by the Malaysian government. It set up a new system of providing the electronic visa and the electronic travel and registration information. This sole motive of taking this huge step is to promote tourism and make stronger bonds with its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

  • The Valid Applicants

    The Valid Applicants

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    The Malaysian government has decided a number of applicant countries that are eligible for applying for the e-visa and e-NTRI. The set of ten countries includes the following names like Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, India, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, and Sri Lanka. The residents of these countries that hold a passport are eligible to apply for an e-visa. As per the norms, there are some regulations as well and here's a glimpse:

    • The place of application- From anywhere in the world excluding Malaysia and Singapore
    • Fee- The fee varies on the basis of nationality
    • Departure place- There are no restrictions for the place of departure
    • Validity- It has a validity period of three months for Indian nationals. They also have the perk of the multiple entries
    • Stay Duration- The stay duration for the e-visa holders with single entry is 30 days, whereas, the duration for the e-visa holders with multiple entries varies from 15 to 30 days

  • What Is E-NTRI?

    What Is E-NTRI?

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    Many people, perhaps, thought that it is a slang term of E-entry. Let's clear all doubts and queries related to it. E-NTRI is an abbreviation for the Electronic Travel and Registration Information. According to this rule, if any Indian/Chinese national holds a certified driving license in his country, he/she can hire a car for driving in Malaysia.

    The excellent move of E-NTRIs has been opened only for two countries- India & China. As per the rules & regulations of E-NTRI, the nationals of both countries have to produce a proof of nationality and their address in front of the officials to avail the E-NTRI benefits in Malaysia.

  • From The Desk of Malaysian Tourism Department

    From The Desk of Malaysian Tourism Department

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    The tourism & culture minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, commented that the new visa policy of Malaysia will lend a helping hand in giving a fresh kick start to the tourism in Malaysia. Also, it will also serve as the gateway to ASEAN for Indians.

    The policy of the multiple entry e-visa has been launched for now. However, the date for it to come into effect is under the shroud. Once the date is revealed officially, the Indian nationals can visit Malaysia and acquire a visa after their flight kisses the runway!

  • There aren't any doubts that by making amendments in the visa policies, the Malaysian government has simplified the procedure for availing the Malaysian visa for Indians. It is truly a great step to further strengthen the Indo-Malaysian relationship.

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