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  • Set Up A Travel Agency With This Treasure Chest!

    By: Palak Jain | In: Travel Agents | Create Date: 2021-07-20

    Set Up A Travel Agency With This Treasure Chest!

    The global travel space is gradually gaining pace after being jolted by the outbreak of a pandemic. Green shoots have become visible as international travel has re-opened with additional stringency on Covid-19 guidelines. With this, many new travel agencies will be born after the resurrection of the global tourism industry. Conditions would be tough initially as the industry is still gaining muscle but later on, tables would turn on the positive side.rnrnMany individuals are inclined towards starting an offline tour & travel agency business. Taking the first step is paramount but hard. Although people always prefer travel agencies with repute, changing the preference is smooth when theyre offered better deals! Before you embark on the journey of starting a travel agency, heres a look at some crucial factors. These turf-level factors would help you conceive a better plan for starting a travel agency business.

  • How To Start a Travel Agency

    Here are the pillars that would help individuals to start a travel agency.

  • 1: Choose The Segment

    A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Many new-gen travel agencies are defied by this law of business. A key mistake every new travel agency business makes is selling everything. This is nothing else than an invite to competing on the advanced level with an empty arsenal. By selecting a niche in the tourism industry, a budding travel agency gets a slow but sure kickstart. By choosing the segment, you will also gain insights about fellow competitors, prospective better deals, key roadblocks, and how to overcome them.

  • 2: Clarity Of Business Plans

    Setting up clear business plans before embarking on a travel agency business is paramount. Instead of highlighting ephemeral goals, focus on long-term goals strategized for spinning benefits in the long run. Draft a business plan that specifies the vision & mission of the prospective travel agency. Besides, enlisting possible & prospective sources of funds must be included for maintaining transparency. All in all, a travel agency business plan projecting a clear picture of long-term business goals must be specified.

  • 3: Execute The Legal Procedures

    Regardless of the business domain, setting up businesses (private limited, LLP, sole proprietorship) is a tough nut to break. Since legal procedures in India are time-consuming, one should get them done beforehand. It can be simplified by approaching the host agency. The entire process of getting registered with the authority and acquiring a trademark for getting legally registered would take less time.

    One needs to be cautious while filling in all details like owner(s) name(s), company name, address, website, and contact details. Last, but not least, get your travel agent registration done and create a travel booking agent login.

  • 4: Here Comes The Money

    Funds are mandatory for running any business. With sufficient funds, a futuristic business vision, and strategized approach, the question of how to open a travel agency will automatically get answered. Funds are needed for creating a website & maintenance. Besides, you also need it for every service thats being outsourced. Make sure you have a lot of stashes before you embark on the journey of being your own boss in the field of tourism.

  • 5: Promotion Perseverance

    Thats a staunch requirement for every new travel agency business. You just cannot compare the popularity level of the iPhone with Zenfon. A new travel agency needs to promote itself on various channels. In this digitally active era, online promotion is the easiest way to boost outreach amid the anonymous audience. If your start-up has a separate amount to be spent on marketing, a digital marketing firm can do the job flawlessly.

  • 6: Do They Have Your Back?

    Chasing the big fish for establishing the name, as an individual, must be a relentless act. Being a fresh name in the tourism market, every new travel agency needs the consent of other prominent travel industries for travel packages on their behalf. However, the game gets tricky here because new businesses are questioned a lot. Moreover, luring big companies on your end can be a tough nut to crack. Just keep in mind about a low commission & unblemished ability to sell.

  • Summarizing On A Whole

    Starting a travel agency business doesnt demand rocket science. It just requires a channelized approach for setting it uprightly. Every stepping stone that would escalate the tour company is stated above. Follow them and good luck with a great travel agency business.

  • In India, there are more than 1500 registered/licensed travel agencies. Through a travel agency, an international/domestic holiday becomes simplified. Theres hardly a pin that bends one out of shape. A lot of people book their leisure tours and business/corporate tours by approaching a travel agency. In the existing times, having a travel agent by ones side is essential because a customer would not gain access to other things on online travel company websites.

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