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  • The Colors of Gujarat Kite Festival

    By: Admin | In: Others | Last Updated: 2017-11-07

    The Colors of Gujarat Kite Festival

    Can you imagine waking up and finding the sky fully clad with colorful kites? If you said a no, then there's something wrong with your general knowledge. You can surely experience this event. If you still can't make out what we'll be discussing today, here are some hints:-
    A. Celebrated at the place where every man has Bhai in his name and every woman has Ben
    B. Every elder brother is referred as Mota Bhai, even if he's skinny or well-built
    C. "Tum _____log ka khaana itna khatarnaak kyu hota hai dhokla, fafda, handva, thepla.. jaise missiles hai".

    And now, you are reading this line with a smile because you have the answer! Call it Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan, both are correct. Falling on 14th or 15th January, Uttrayan is a famous Hindu festival and is celebrated in various ways. In the Indian state of Gujarat, it is celebrated as a kite festival. It is a gala day in the Gujarati culture as people are all set to unleash their kites in the cerulean sky. It is truly enchanting to see a plethora of kites flying high in the sky and people participating in the kite fest with a great zest. But, there's a lot more to know about it. Keep reading further.

  • A Magical Sight That Happens Only Once A Year

    A Magical Sight That Happens Only Once A Year

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    Yeah, that's truly a magical sight to see countless colorful kites invading the cerulean sky. The event of the kite festival, or Uttarayan, is celebrated on a mass scale across the Indian state of Gujarat. As the sun rises in the sky, the people get ready to spend a jovial time with their kites. Whether an adult or a child, everybody is filled with the enthusiasm of flying the different types of kites.

    Unlike regular kites, you'll get to see the fancy kites on the event of the kite festival. Due to such zest, the kite festival is truly an event that shouldn't be missed.

  • Want To Know How Good You Are At Kite-Flying?

    Want To Know How Good You Are At Kite-Flying?

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    The event of kite festival attracts the people on an extensive scale. Keeping this in mind, the kite flying competition is organized at various places. People participate in this event on a huge scale with their vivacious kites. Yep, we aren't lying. During this fest, you can see the differently shaped kites. Right from the animated cartoon characters and birds to the mythical creatures, one gets to see a plethora of kites on this event. If you also feel that you can give a tough competition to the old hands in kite flying, you're welcome to this fest.

  • Ever Wondered How The Manjha (kite string) Is Made?

    Ever Wondered How The Manjha (kite string) Is Made?

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    Manjha is an abrasive string that is used for controlling the kite. Have you ever thought this string constitutes of what material that makes it trenchant? No? Alright, allow us to enlighten you with the process of manufacturing the manjha. It is made up of a miscellany of dough, powdered glass, and dye. The powdered glass is mixed thoroughly with dough and dyed. A layer of gum is applied to the string which is covered by the repeated process of applying thin layers of the dyed dough. It is left for drying for a day.

    After it is dried, it is given a final wash with the boiled water that helps in removing the extra layers of the dough and poof, the secret of making the manjha is revealed to you now.

  • The Breathtakingly Beautiful Night Sky

    The Breathtakingly Beautiful Night Sky

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    If you thought that the celebration of the kite festival is limited till the sunset, you've to think again. Every festival in Gujarat is celebrated zealously. As the sun melts in the horizon, people shift their flying flavors from the kite to the paper lanterns called Tukkal. A Tukkal is a paper lantern that resembles a mini-hot air balloon. It contains a small box that is lit on fire to produce the hot air. Due to the warmth, it expands and gradually begins to float higher and higher in the sky. It is guaranteed to spot countless tukkals on the Uttarayan night. The night sky on this occasion is indeed an intriguing sight.

  • Love Gujarati Food?

    Love Gujarati Food?

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    Don't say a no, pal. No one can deny the appetizing Gujarati food. Savoring the lip-smacking handva, fafda-jalebi, khandvi, dhokla adorned with chutney, mohanthaal, and much more are utterly delicious vivers that can awake the sleeping foodie. Apart from the event grounds, all the shops located in the nook & corners remain crowded throughout the day. Locals, as well as visitors, can be spotted savoring the traditional Gujarati dishes. Even you should try this out. After all, vacation and celebration calories do not count. (Sshh, keep it a secret.)

  • A Day When Everyone Around You Is Happy

    A Day When Everyone Around You Is Happy

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    There's a phrase that says 'Money can't buy happiness'. Though that's true, it can buy the various kites, tukkals, and yummy food that can make many people happy. There aren't restrictions for any age group. The kids, youth, and adults live this day to the fullest by enjoying each moment. The entire celebration expresses the respect for the culture of Gujarat.

  • The kite festival of Gujarat is amazeballs. Thousands of the people all over the state become a part of this grand fest. Not only in Ahmedabad but, this fest is also organized in different other cities as well. It is approaching soon, so make your plans accordingly to visit Gujarat.

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