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  • The Pristine Lakes of India

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    The Pristine Lakes of India

    India is a land full of natural splendor with placid lakes and bustling rivers spread all across the country from Kashmir to Kerala and from Rajasthan to Assam. The burbling waters of the lakes in India have always been a favorite spot to build hotels and resorts and even been a favorite picnic spot for all. The diverse geographical structure of India and an enormous river line, form several lakes in the country. Though some of them are non-natural, they outdo many of the natural lakes with their purity and tranquil. Nearly, every province of the country is dwelt by numerous lakes that enhance a great charm to their natural features. The hundreds of lakes lying in the rich natural surroundings all over the country attract a large number of tourists, and have become hot picnic spots.

    Let me provide you a glimpse of the natural splendor of some important lakes in India. So pals, hope you know how to row a boat!

  • Dal Lake, Srinagar

    Dal Lake, Srinagar is one of the famous lakes in the india.

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    The famous Kashmir valley is blest with an outlandish natural beauty of panorama and water bodies; out of them one of the best and the most famous lake is the Dal Lake. The lake is positioned in the immaculate city of Srinagar and is an icon of the Kashmir tourism industry. The Dal Lake has an immense scenic beauty to boast and is the second largest in the J&K valley. The floating gardens, colorful shikaras, houseboats, and the tranquility of the surroundings make this lake otherworldly.

  • Wular Lake, Kashmir

    Wular Lake, Kashmir is one of the popular lakes in india.

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    Wular Lake situated between the towns of Bandipore and Sopore in Jammu and Kashmir is the livelihood source of thousands of fishermen, as it is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia and the largest one in India. Being located amidst the snow-clad hills, the beauty of this lake is undoubtedly beyond any description. The emerald waters of the Wular Lake is a vital natural habitat for fish and a rich population of fauna dwell here. The nearby Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary adds the music of birds chirping in the surroundings. And, you would be glad to know that this freshwater lake is a natural flood reservoir for Jhelum River, which drains off the excess water.

  • Nagin Lake, Srinagar

    Nagin Lake, Srinagar is one of the pristine lakes of India

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    Nagin Lake in Srinagar is a fraction of the Dal. It is an astonishing place that is sited at the foot of the Zabarwan hills. It is belted by the Shankaracharya hill towards the south and Hari Parbat on the west. Prevalently known as 'Jewel in the ring', the serene vibe of the Nagin Lake gives a pleasant hideout from the manhandle crusade of the marketplace. Its shimmering blue waters against the backdrop of swaying green Poplar trees are surely an explorer's delight! Indulge in the surreal atmosphere of the lake on houseboats and enjoy various water activities like swimming, water skiing, and boat rowing for a playful experience!

  • Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh

    Pangong Lake are an exceptional illustration of the stunning lake in India

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    Situated at an elevation of 4350 meters, inLadakh, the sparkling Pangong Lake is the 'Turquoise Blue Paradise' The unique feature of this lake is its distinct shades of blue, green, purple, and violet during the year. The sublime magnificence, crystal waters, and placid hills of the PangongLake are an exceptional illustration of the stunning landscape of the region.Brackish water of the lake does not support vegetation or aquatic life except for some small crustaceans. The lake mesmerizes one and all with its shimmering beauty. So, just visit this lake and be prepared to enter a surreal world.

  • Renuka Lake, Mandi

    Renuka Lake, Mandi is one of the famous lake of India

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    Famous for its cultural and historical connection Renuka Lake in Sirmaur district is situated amidst the lush green forests of the Himalayas. The tourists can experience the breathtaking views of the lake while passing through the dense alpine forest. The tale says that the lake is an embodiment of Renukaji, the mother of Parashurama. She drowned herself in the lake to escape an evil named Sahasarjuna. She decided to stay permanently in the river and after her death, Lake Renuka was formed. The immorality of Goddess Renuka is celebrated as a fair, which is held on the bank of the lake in October or November. Renuka Lake is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in the arms of nature.

  • Rewalsar Lake, Mandi

    Rewalsar Lake, Mandi is one of the popular lake in india

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    A trio of pilgrimage, Rewalsar is 24kms away from Mandi. It is also known as Tso Pema Lotus Lake by the Buddhists. Rewalsar Lake is a mid-altitude lake positioned on a mountain spur. Traditionally, Rewalsar is allied with three religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. The square-shaped lake has a variety of natural beauty and is a sacrosanct place for all pilgrims. The lake offers an aesthetic view to the pilgrimages. The Sisu fair and the festival of Baisakhi are the major tourist attractions here.

  • Prashar Lake, Mandi

    Prashar Lake, Mandi is one of the best lakes in india.

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    One of the most offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh, Prashar Lake is beautiful crystal clear water body sited 50km northeast of Mandi. The lake holds a spiritual history, as it has been named after the sage Prashar, who meditated here. Enclosed by the colossal Dhauladhar range in Kullu Valley, the place is full of mystic charm. It is nestled in the midst of tall cedar trees and develops an impeccable location for a calming vacation, away from the chaos of the city. When seen from above, it resembles the same as the bird's eye. There is a temple dedicated to the sage Prashar alongside the lake that gives a spiritual tranquility to the place.

  • Suraj Tal Lake, Lahaul Spiti

    Suraj Tal Lake, Lahaul Spiti is one of the major lakes in india

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    One of the best attractions in Spiti, Suraj Tal, also known as Surya Tal is a sanctified place hemmed at an elevation of 4950m above the sea level. Suraj Tal, as known the 'lake of the Sun God' is the reason that the basin is revered as a sacrosanct. The tale speaks that a sacred dip in the Suraj Tal Lake can purify one from all the sins. Bhanga valley, on which the lake is placed, is an enchanting and celestial sight. The Suraj Tal Lake is an extensive haven for motorcycling and trekking enthusiasts from all around the world. So peeps, keep your bikes ready to enjoy the thrill.

  • Nainital Lake (Naini Lake)

    Nainital Lake (Naini Lake) is one of the famous lake of india.

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    Nainital Lake belted by hills is the nucleus of Nainital's exquisite beauty is a beauteous lake. This enchanting lake is a major tourist spot in Nainital, as it offers vacationers with the opportunities of paddle boating and yachting. The view of pristine water mirrors and the star-filled sky at night leaves the vacationers spellbound. The mythological tale depicts that the worship of the three sages resulted in filling up of the dug hole with water, drawn from the sacred Mansarovar Lake. It is also a popular recreational spot.

  • Bhimtal

    Bhimtal is one of the popular lake in india

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    Bhimtaal, a picturesque primeval valley, with an approachable distance of approx. 22kms from Nainital, named after Bhima, is said to be a part of the ancient Silk Route. Bhimtaal has a large lake flowing through its valley. A small island that is surrounded by the crystal clear water of the Bhimtaal Lake is a mesmerizing view to watch. The island has an Aquarium in which many of the unseen varieties of the marine species are resting. A small Island, surrounded by crystal blue water enhances the beauty. It has an island in the center approached only by a boat and at present, it has an Aquarium there.

  • Sattal Lake-Bhimtal

    Sattal Lake-Bhimtal is one of the major lake in india.

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    As the name suggests, Sattal is a cluster of seven freshwater lakes, which are interconnected to each other. The names of these lakes go as, the Ram Lake, Sita Lake, Lakshman Lake, Hanuman Lake, Bharat Lake, Nal Damyanti Lake, and Garuda Lake. No wonder, all names are usually taken jointly, as if they are seven bowls fed by the same source. The area has been surrounded by the dense woodland those of Oak and Pine and is an awesome place to relax and connect with nature.

  • Kalagarh Dam Lake, Corbett

    Kalagarh Dam Lake, Corbett - The Pristine Lakes of India

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    Kalagarh Dam Lake also known as the Ramganga Dam Lake is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, who visit the sanctuary for spotting the waterfowl, which migrates here only in the winter season. Kalagarh Dam is an embankment dam on the Ramganga River 3km upstream of Kalagarh in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Besides the famous place to see birds, the dam is part of the Ramganga Multipurpose Project, irrigation, and hydroelectric project.

  • Damdama Lake, Sohna

    Damdama Lake in Sohna, gurgaon is one of the popular picnic spots to spend the weekend.

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    Damdama Lake in Sohna near Gurugram has been established as the most renowned lakes in India from its stunning districts and tranquility that is connected with the goal. Encompassed by the Aravali Mountains, Damdama Lake in Gurugram is one of the popular picnic spots to spend the weekend from the hustle-clamor of the town in a composed and quaint atmosphere. In the serene area, one can appreciate paddling in rowboats, paddle rafts, and speedboats. Damdama Lake also has adventure activities, such as rock climbing, etc.

  • Upper Lake (Bhopal)

    Upper Lake (Bhopal) is one of the famous lakes in india

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    The Upper Lake is prominently known as 'Bada Talab', fostered by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century. Spread over 36.1sq km, the lake is encased by a scenic royal garden and Kamla Park. A perfect spot to unwind and experience various water sports as kayaking, canoeing, parasailing, and water skiing, Upper Lake is a great getaway for the city people, who relish tranquility.

  • Chilika Lake

    Chilika Lake is a must-see place in Puri

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    Spread across the districts of Puri, Khurda, and Ganjam, Chilika Lake is an integral part of the ethnicity of coastal Odisha that has interesting historical contrasts of the legend and geological versions. The brackish water lake and a shallow lagoon with an estuarine character is also the largest wintering ground for some of the largest assemblies of the migratory birds from large parts of Asia, providing a close encounter with nature. The lake is pleasant throughout the year and one can enjoy Chilika in any season. Just visit this marvelous lake in India and be prepared to be overjoyed.

  • Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

    Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim is one of the marvelous lake in India

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    At a height of 17100 ft., Gurudongmar is a high-altitude lake close to the Tibet border in North Sikkim. Located in Lachen, it is among the top 15 highest lakes in the world and is the second highest lake in India. The name Gurudongmar is derived from the name of the Guru Padmasambhava, who blessed the place. Ringed by snow-clad mountains, the revered lake freezes during the winters except at one spot, which the devotees believe has been specially blessed. The crystal clear water gives an exceptional shimmering view at night and the calmness delivers peace to the mind.

  • Sela Lake, Tawang

    Sela Lake, Tawang is one of the popular lakes in India

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    The heavenly Sela Lake is one of the most breathtaking spots of Himalayan vista. Being the most stunning gift of nature to the Northeast, Sela Lake is positioned at the elevation of 4170mtrs. By visiting this place, one can relish the entire amazing panorama of snowy mountain ranges. The place still holds its raw form, as the area is completely pollution free, clean, calm, less populated, and totally untouched by the modern amenities. This lake of India freezes in winter that creates an enchanting mirror effect to the surroundings.

  • Loktak Lake

    Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in North- Eastern India.

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    Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in North- Eastern India and is placed near Moirang in Manipur. The lake serves as the lifeline for the people of Manipur, due to its significance in their socioeconomic and cultural life. The lake is also a source of livelihood for the rural fisherman, who lives in the surrounding areas. It is also called Floating Lake due to the floating 'phumdis' over it. Economically, the lake serves as a source of water for the hydropower generation, irrigation, and drinking water supply. It also serves as a great tourist spot, due to its pristine view.

  • Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

    Nakki Lake, Mount Abu is one of the popular lake in India

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    Assumed as the heart of Mount Abu, Nakki Lake has an interesting mythological history. Tale says that Devtas plowed this lake using their nails, thus, the name of Nakki Lake was derived. Being in the heart of the city, the lake is at a walking distance from the main market and surrounded by the hotels. The picturesque location of the lake belted with mountains, gardens, and rock formations makes it a hub of evening activities, photography, and boating. So, keep your cameras ready to capture delightful pictures and selfies.

  • Venna Lake

    Venna Lake is a man-made lake created to cater the water needs for the Mahabaleshwar

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    Being one of the most popular tourist attractions among the honeymooners as well as families, Venna Lake is a man-made lake created to cater the water needs for the Mahabaleshwar City in 1942 by Chhatrapati Shri Appasaheb Maharaj. Encircled by opulent greenery, the lake has plunged pilgrimages too. And, don't forget to relish the joy of Row and Paddle boating here.

  • Saputara Lake

    Saputara Lake is a pristine spiritual place and is an amazing tourist spot in India

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    Around 172km from Surat, Saputara is a prevalent picnic spot rested in the heart of the Saputara valley. Saputara means the 'Abode of Serpents' and a snake sculpture on the banks of the river Sarpagana is venerated by the Adivasis on Holi. Saputara Lake is a pristine spiritual place and is an amazing spot to relax and bond with nature. Tourists can explore the lake by paddle or row boating. For vacationers and spiritual aficionados, the spot is a destination to be visited again and again.

  • Vembanad Lake

    Vembanad Lake is among the longest lakes in India.

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    Classified among the longest lakes in India and the largest lakes in Kerala, Vembanad Lake is sited in Kumarakom, Kottayam city. The famous snake boat race attracts many tourists here. With the nearby Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, the place is a utopia for bird lovers. Apart from boating and fishing Vacationers can spend some splendid moments in the lap of nature and rejuvenate their soul.

  • In a nutshell, these lakes are the most beautiful places on the planet that offer an opportunity to spend few tranquil moments in the lap of Nature!

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