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  • Top 10 Hottest Places in India

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-04-05

    Top 10 Hottest Places in India

    Warning- The content written below might increase the temperature around you. It is advisable to switch on the coolers and the air-conditioners before you commence with the reading.

    The summer season is that season of the year that gets many boos and dislikes. It is the unbearable time of the year when the sun commits the atrocities on the people on a large scale. Every year, the previous records of the heat and temperatures soaring high are broken as the new records are established frequently.

    The cities of India arent untouched from this phenomenon as well. There are many cities in India that encounter severe temperatures during the summer season. The people that reside in those cities do not like summers at all because this season also brings with it the daily power-cuts that increase their existing discomfort.

    Heres a look at some of the hottest cities in India where the temperatures shoot up beyond the limit and cause inconvenience to the people.

  • Delhi

    Delhi is the hottest place in India

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    The scorching summers in the capital city of India are booed by a majority of the people. The climate of Delhi is subtropical humid that advocates for it being a humid city. Honestly, none likes to step out during the summer season as the sun is always ready to suck the energy from the body. .The median mercury level rests between 39C-43C and makes everyone look sun-kissed if they spend some time under the sun.

  • Bilaspur

    Bilaspur  comes in hottest places in India

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    The city of Bilaspur is located close to the tropic of cancer. Due to such location, it is bound to receive the suns heat in abundance. During the summers, the temperatures shoot up and touch 40C during the daytime that makes it pathetic for the people to step out from the house. The noontime of the day is considered as the worst because the sun is at its peak.

  • Vijayawada

    Vijayawada is well-know hottest places in India

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    Vijayawada is a beautiful city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Fed by the waters of River Kaveri, the city is also known as the Oven Of Andhra. The reason is well-known because, during the summers, the temperatures rise above 45C during the daytime and fall down merely 3-4 degrees at the night. Due to immense heat, stepping out becomes a chaos for the people that live in the city of Vijayawada.

  • Machilipatnam

    Machilipatnam is one of the hottest places in India

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    Machilipatnam is a city located in Andhra Pradesh on the eastern coastline of India. With its close proximity to the Bay of Bengal, it experiences warm temperatures amid the year. During the summer months, the situation worsens as the temperature rises above 44C. It becomes difficult to tackle the situation during the summer months. Even the smaller streams dry during extreme summers in Machilipatnam.

  • Sambalpur

    Sambalpur comes in hottest cities in India

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    Sambalpur is the 4th largest city located in Odisha. Known for boasting the remarkable tourist destinations like the ancient temples, the city of Sambalpur holds its place amid the hottest cities in India. During the summers, the temperature scale goes beyond 45C during the daytime. The summer season isnt the right time to plan a tour in the city of Sambalpur.

  • Titlagarh

    Titlagarh is tagged as the hottest city in Odish

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    Titlagarh is a town located in the Indian state of Odisha. Known for its bustling markets and happening nightlife,Titlagarh is tagged as the hottest city in Odisha. It has earned this title because of the heat that it encounters during the summers. The temperatures during the daytime cross 43C and fall merely 4 degrees down during the night.

  • Nagpur

    Nagpur is one of the hottest city in India

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    Affectionately known as the city of oranges due to a wide scale production of oranges, Nagpur is a well-established city in Maharashtra. This city houses amazing tourist attractions that are thronged by the holidaymakers. But, the summer season is the baddie that restrains the people from stepping out of their homes. The mercury level rises up to 45C on an average during the daytime and makes it another addition to the list of the hottest cities in India.

  • Jhansi

    Jhansi comes in list of hottest cities of India

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    The whole India knows about Jhansi and its dauntless queen Laxmibai. The gateway to Bundelkhand is last but not the least amid the hottest cities of India. The city of Jhansi lies on the plateau region and encounters severe temperatures during the summer months. The mercury level rises up to 45C during the daytime and reduces two or three degrees at night. The small tributaries that flow through Jhansi tend to dry up during the extreme summers.

  • Arent you sweating after reading about these hottest cities? Well, the other people have demanded the cold drinks after they went through the write-up. The summer months of the year arent equal all across the country. There are cities that face the torture of the sun during the 4 months of discomfort. Honestly, the people do not like the summer season as it makes the skin tan within a couple of minutes. If you reside in any of the city mentioned above, you should better stay indoors and protect yourself from the unbearable heat of the sun.

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