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  • Top 12 Most Popular Places to Visit in Aurangabad

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    Top 12 Most Popular Places to Visit in Aurangabad

    Renowned for housing the marvelous attractions, the city of Aurangabad is a beguiling destination located in Maharashtra. It is beckoned by the murky and exquisite hills of Western Ghats. This city served as the authoritarian seat of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in bygone times and bears his name. During his reign, he contributed a lot to the welfare of his empire and people. Thus, the gruesome ruler was also affectionate.

    Enough of history, its time to explore different places will tell you more about the history of such historic places. Whether theyre mausoleums, dargahs, caves, museums, gardens, or sanctuaries, you will get to know about the compelling stories and legends that are associated with them. Theres a reason why people from the different directions of the country swarm to these places. We feel that you should know those reasons, so this quick guide will help you in knowing about those reasons.

  • Sunheri Mahal

    Sunheri Mahal  is one of the most famous Mahal in Aurangabad

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    Literally translating into the Palace of Gold, Sunehri Mahal is an astounding architectural splendor located in Aurangabad. It was built by Pahad Singh, the chief of Aurangzeb in Bundelkhand, in the mid 16th century. This building is located in the well-known Baba Saheb Marathwada University campus. In the bygone times, it served as the residence of Pahad Singh but now, Sunehri Mahal has been transformed into a museum. It is visited by hundreds of people daily.

  • Bibi Ka Maqbara

    Bibi Ka Maqbara is well known tourist spot in Aurangabad

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    If people think that the great Taj Mahal is the sole symbol of love then they havent seen Bibi Ka Maqbara yet. Showcasing the immortal love, Bibi Ka Maqbara is the mausoleum of Aurangzebs ladylove Dilrasbanu Begum. Constructed with the white marble in the 16th century, this mausoleum reflects the architecture of Taj Mahal. Yes! Youll be astonished to see the beautiful mausoleum, especially during the full moon night when it illuminates in the moonlight.

  • Dargah of Pir Ismail

    Dargah of Pir Ismail is most famous dargah in Aurangabad

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    Bhardo jholi meri ya Muhammad, lautkar main na jaaunga khaali and more ethereal qawwalis you will hear when you will visit the dargah of Pir Ismail. Pir Ismail was the tutor of Aurangzeb when he was a prince. This dargah is built in the memory of Pir Ismail and stands in the Islamic style of architecture. It is revered by hundreds of Muslims and Non-Muslims extensively, especially on the auspicious occasion of Eid.

  • Damri Mahal

    Damri Mahal  is one of the famous mahal in Aurangabad

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    Damri Mahal is another architectural masterpiece located in Aurangabad. Its architecture is an amalgamation of the Hindu and Persian culture. This building is also known by the name of Revenue Office Building. It has a riveting tale behind it. It says that workers that were constructing Damri Mahal had to pay a tax during the work. This place is surrounded by beguiling lawns and serves as a perfect recreational spot.

  • Ellora Caves

    Ellora Caves  is one of the most famous caves in Aurangabad

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    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the caves of Ellora are a beguiling must-visit destination in Aurangabad. The astounding group of 100 caves is devoted to Lord Shiva and 34 are opened to the public. Ellora Caves houses intricate carvings from Hindu, especially Shaivism and Jain sacred scriptures. Walls of these caves are bedecked will amazing figurines. Being a world heritage site, it is swarmed by wayfarers on a large scale. Try to pay a visit to Ellora Caves during your expedition.

  • Siddharth Garden

    Siddharth Garden is well known garden in Aurangabad

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    If you are tired and want to spend some time away from noises of the city, your next stop should be Siddhartha Garden. Unfolded over acres of land, this is a delightful place to spend a relaxing day. Siddhartha Garden is a home to various species of flora like the violet tulip, yellow hibiscus, and different other flowers. Close to the garden, theres a small zoo that is frequented by visitors. One can spot the white tiger, white peacock, alligator, elephant, deer, langur etc.

  • Goga Baba Hill

    Goga Baba Hill is most visited places in Aurangabad

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    Hills never fail to lure tourists. If you are searching for a place to calm down your senses, especially in laps of nature then you must visit Goga Baba Hill. Endowed with the lush green surroundings and a tranquil ambiance, it is the right spot where you can succumb yourself to nature. Also, if you wish to test your trekking skills then you can do the same without any hassle at Goga Baba Hill. After reaching the peak of the hill, the mesmerizing view of sunset can be witnessed.

  • Pithalkhora Caves

    Pithalkhora Caves  is one of the famous caves in Aurangabad

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    What do you thought that Ajanta & Ellora are the only caves in Aurangabad? Let us tell you about Pithalkhora Caves. Set amidst the green surroundings in a steep valley, Pithalkhora Caves is a group of 14 caves that are carved entirely out of rocks. All sculptures that are engraved depict the history of Hinaya sect of Buddhism. Though they are located quite far, these caves are considered as the part of Ellora Caves and are flocked by tourists on a large scale.

  • Jayakwadi Dam

    Jayakwadi Dam is most beautiful dam in Aurangabad

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    Why would anyone visit a dam? People usually say such words when they are on a holiday. To an extent, its right but, it transforms entirely when the site is visited. Jayakwadi Dam is a massive earthen dam situated in Aurangabad. It stands on the river Godavari and has a capacity of holding 2147 million cubic meters of water. The nearby area is surrounded by greenery in profusion and serves as an ideal recreational spot for an outing.

  • Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary

    Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary is well known sanctuary in Aurangabad

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    Bearing the name of sage Gautam, Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary is a not-to-be-missed destination in Aurangabad. Since it lies in hills of Western Ghats, this sanctuary is endowed with the beauty of nature in abundance and acts the perfect place for a one-day itinerary. Animals like nilgai, sloth bear, barking deer, civet cat, fox, and much more. Youll not regret the decision of visiting this sanctuary. Do not forget to carry your camcorders as well.

  • Tomb of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

    Tomb of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb is one of the famous places in Aurangabad

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    The tomb of Aurangzeb is the place where the Mughal ruler rests in peace. Located in the complex Sheikh Zainuddins dargah, the tomb of Aurangzeb is a popular tourist attraction. In his last years, the gruesome ruler drew his focus from luxuries and led a simple life. After his death, a small grave was dug near his spiritual teacher Sheikh Zainuddin. Today, people do not forget to visit his grave during their trip to Aurangabad.

  • And we come to an end of our tour. As we said, we visited the alluring destinations that were promised. Though the journey was short, it was compelling indeed. Since you have gathered an overview of the different must-visit destinations, it is now time to pack your luggage and visit Aurangabad and see the astounding destinations.

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