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  • Tadepalligudem
  • Karnataka
  • India
  • Location Tadepalligudem is a well-knonw town situated in the district of West Godavari. It lies at a distance of around 50kms from Eluru (the district headquarters), Andhra Pradesh.
  • History of Tadepalligudem The town of Tadepalligudem played a vital role during the World War II. Here an airport was constructed so as to accommodate all the military aircrafts needed during the war. Nowadays, the 2km long old airport is not used.

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Tadepalligudem Overview

Know the Town of Tadepalligudem! Jagannadhapuram is the largest village located in Tadepalligudem mandal. The town of Tadepalligudem is renowned for the jagarry market and also for the rice cultivation, which is done here in abundance. Tadepalligudem is also famous for the cultivation of other crops like sugar, bananas and turmeric. Here, one can find various warehouses, where bulk of products of Andhra Pradesh is stored. There are three engineering colleges here in Tadepalligudem i.e. Vasavi Engineering College, Akula Gopayya Engineering College and Sasi Engineering College. In recent years, Tadepalligudem has also witnessed a fast development in the arena of business.
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