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  • Bellary
  • Karnataka
  • India
  • Introduction Bellary forms the headquarters of Bellary district of Karnataka. It is a famous industrial town that includes 7 taluks within it. Bellary is rich in black cotton soiland thus abounds in vegetation.
  • History of Bellary The word Bellary sprang up from the term Balari i.e. Goddess Durugamma, who appeared in the town of Bellary. Various historical events of the epic Ramayana are associated to this place. According to Ramayana, when lord Rama was searching for Sita, he met Hanuman & Sugreeva near Hampi, which was earlier the capital of the kingdom of Vijayanagara. Bellary played an integral role during the periods of Kadambas, Satavahanas, Kalachuryas, Chalukyas of Kalyana, Hoysalas and Sevunas. In the year 1953, Bellary was transferred to the former state of Mysore (now Karnataka).
  • Geographical Location The town lies on the eastern part of the state of Karnataka. Bellary is bordered by the district of Raichur on North and by the district of Dharwad on West. On the southern side, Bellary is covered by Davangere and Chitradurga districts, while in east it is surrounded by Kurnool & Anantapur districts of the state Andhra Pradesh.

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Bellary Overview

Bellary is a city that is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. This city exists since the Neolithic Age. The artifacts that were discovered during the excavation revealed the astonishing facts about the earliest inhabitance in Bellary. The city of Bellary was ruled by the powerful clans like Maurya, Sattvahana, Badami, Kalyani, and Hoysala. After the defeat of Hoysala clan, the Muslim rulers took over as the supreme authority and built many splendors in Indo-Islamic architecture.

The city of Bellary is hoisted at a height of 1,590 feet above the sea level. The jagged terrains of Bellary cover an entire area of 90 sq. km. The climate of the city of Bellary is described as humid in nature. This city encounters warm temperatures during the summers with an average of 38°C. The winter season is a pleasant season as the median mercury levels do not rise above 25°C.

There are numerous places of interest located in Bellary. The frequented attractions in this city are the Bellary Fort, Kumbara Hills, Kategudda Park, Bellary Zoo, and the well-known shopping malls.

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