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  • Top 41 Best Places To Visit In India

    India is a country of unity in diversity. It may have developed and changed over the years but the true essence still remains intact after all this time. The country is filled with diversity and cultural richness. It is a land of multiple cultures and traditions. The land of countless forts and temples, national parks and sanctuaries, various religious sites offers so much more to the world than just spices. Let us see which would be the top 41 best places to visit India.

  • Agumbe, Karnataka

    Agumbe is one of the beautiful places to visit in India

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    Agumbe is also known as the Cherapunji of South India because of climate and the scenic beauty as well as its bio-diversity. Located on the plateau at the top of Someshwara Ghat, it is 380km away from Bangalore. Agumbe holds a record for having the second highest annual rainfall in India. The city is extremely rich in bio-diversity and the hill station is surrounded by the last surviving lowland rain forests.

  • Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

    Mandu is one of the historical places to visit in India

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    Because of its strategic position and natural defences, Mandu has been a place holding great historical importance. It used to be an essential military outpost and was very helpful for the army. The wall surrounding Mandu encloses a great number of palaces, forts, mosques, Jain temples of the 14th century and other important buildings. If you are in Mandu, do not forget to visit the oldest mosque Jama Masjid which dates from 1405 which is the finest example of Pashtun architecture.

  • Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

    Valley of Flowers is one of the beautiful tourist places in India

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    Valley of Flowers is situated over 87 km in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand at the backdrop of the magnificent Zanskar Ranges. It is also known as the virtual paradise on earth, which was unknown to the world until it was discovered by the great mountaineer Frank S Smith in the year 1931. The beauty of the Valley of Flowers lies in the pouring waterfalls, small streams and the attractive spectacles. If you are a person who loves nature and its beauty, nothing could be better than this place which is so rich in flora and fauna.

  • Spiti Valley

    Spiti Valley is one of the best places to visit in India

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    Spiti Valley is also known as Little Tibet because of its geographical features. It is situated in the Himalayan Mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. It is only accessible during the summers and it is highly remote. The more you explore Spiti Valley, the more amazed you will get as it has a lot in store for you. Mountains, glaciers, old monasteries, crystal-clear rivers and streams, monks and the prayer flags waving in the direction of cool breeze, and much more! You will never get enough of Spit Valley!

  • India is a country, which is full of surprizes. Take out some time out of your busy schedule and travel for it will make you realize how beautiful our surroundings are and how important it is for you to see the world around you. With the above-mentioned places, we hope that we have been able to provide you all the relevant information that would be required in deciding to make the list of places to travel in India.

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