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  • 10 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

    10 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

    The fourth biggest city of India, Chennai is convoluted with sanctuaries, houses of worship and shorelines. The decorative legacy is encompassed by the shining and element appeal of a metro city having under its area a night life you simply would prefer not to miss. Scrumptious delicacies, rich culture and a plethora of architectural marvels add charm to the beauty of Chennai. But, theres always another side. Chennai is among those places where frequent paranormal events and sightings have been experienced. There are numerous places that are inhabited by the un-resting entities and their sight can make an individual numb. If you are a daredevil then heres a list of most eerie places in Chennai. Dare to go.

  • Karikattu Kuppam

    Karikattu Kuppam is one of the most popular haunted place in Chennai

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    Karikattu Kuppam was devastated after the Tsumani of 2004 that ate thousands of people. It is said that this place is haunted by the blood thirsty spirits of the locals. Various poltergeist actions have been experienced with a creepy sighting of an old man and a child. Their souls meander in the area nearby.

  • Madras Christian College

    Madras Christian College is famous haunted place in Chennai

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    Madras Christian College is a prestigious school in Chennai however with some other reason. It is said to be spooky by the spirit of an uneven sweetheart that conferred suicide after he failed to lure the young lady. His infamous phantom meanders in the school premises and causes disturbance like breaking the windows and kicking entryways. May be it is his approach to show the very long disappointment.

  • Demonte Colony, Chennai

    Demonte colony is among Chennais most creepy places

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    Demonte colony is among Chennais most creepy places. It is haunted by the spirit of the person whose name it bears. An uncanny reach to this place makes it creepy even in the morning hours. Meandering apparitions and spirits are unconventional to this place. There have been cases of pets furthermore security guards disappearing.

  • Blue cross road

    Blue cross road is one of the famous haunted place in Chennai

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    Blue Cross road is referred as the suicide point in Chennai. It is the place where many people have committed suicide and no vendors are seen on this road. In the dull or midnight, nearby inhabitants have seen white human misty apparitions strolling down on this bustling street. The locals claimed to witness the dead during unearthly hours on this road.

  • Valmiki nagar

    Valmiki nagar is the most visited haunted places in Chennai

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    Valmiki Nagar brags a house that is empty from a significant long time. It is controlled by an un-resting soul of a young lady that passed away in the house. As indicated by the nearby occupants, noisy wails of the young lady are heard every day in the stroke of midnight. Indeed, even the cell phones get turned off at whatever point a man goes by this spooky house.

  • Broken bridge

    Broken bridge is well known haunted places in Chennai

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    The Broken Bridge is a left place in Chennai. The extension broken down and was never repaired. It is a famous spot for shooting movies yet as the night wins, the spookiness of the place increments as the negative vibes of winding souls appears.

  • Two Lane East coast road

    Two Lane Coast Road is well known for its frightening paranormal events in Chennai

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    Two Lane Coast Road is well known for its frightening paranormal events. The story behind it says that a young girl was accidently pounded to death by a vehicle. From that point forward, the soul of the girl frequents this street. Her soul is innocuous, however, the locating has prompted to numerous lethal mishaps.

  • Anna Flyover

    Anna  Flyover is most popular haunted places in Chennai

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    Anna Flyover does not require a presentation, particularly for Chennaites, because of its unnerving paranormal events. As indicated by individuals, Anna flyover is occupied by souls that bother the bystander both amid daytime and also night. Additionally, shocking groaning has been heard and white apparitions have been spotted by the general population.

  • Theosophical Society

    Theosophical Society is one of the famous haunted places in Chennai

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    The premises of theosophical society are renowned for apparition sightings and frightful encounters. The huge old banyan tree alongside the innumerable house in the forested areas and additionally uncanny claims of individuals of this place define its fright. There have been a few occurrences of shouting that neighborhood individuals have reported about this spooky place in Chennai.

  • Besant avenue road

    Besant avenue road is most haunted road in Chennai

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    By looking at the calm and lush green ambiance of Besant Avenue Road, none will believe that it is a haunted road in Chennai. Besant Avenue Road is haunted by multiple entities that do not miss a chance to harm the passersby. People have experienced cold sensations, physical assault like being slapped and pushed hard that turn more frequent with every passing hour.

  • The presence of supernatural and paranormal is quite debatable. Some claim to experience them whereas many call this as crap. But, it becomes necessary to remind that evil does exist and dwells amid the places that are very less or not at all inhabited by the human race. Whether its a mansion or a deserted place, they are surrounded by strong negative energies that do not want any kind of human interference while some want to make the others feel their presence. The above listed places are some of the examples that tell the truth. Whats your perception?

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