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  • 15 Awesome Places That You Need to Visit Near Chennai

    By: Admin | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2017-08-10

    15 Awesome Places That You Need to Visit Near Chennai

    Sleeping on the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. One of the metropolitan cities, it is the fourth largest city in India. Here, an individual gets to see the astounding blend of culture with modernism. As far as the cuisine of the city is concerned, it is simply finger-licking good. People hog on the dishes like the uttapam, idli, sambar, rasam etc.

    And now, well talk in our way i.e. the must-visit place near Chennai.

    The city of Chennai is ornamented with numerous tourist attractions. There are different places like ancient monuments, temples, forts, hill stations, beaches etc. that witness a huge footfall across the year. Whether it is an old individual or a youngster, a short expedition or a honeymoon holiday, if it is spent at the places near Chennai then each moment is worthy. Thus, heres a small list of the places that you should see around Chennai.

  • Mahabalipuram

    Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India

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    Mahabalipuram aka Mamallapuram is a town in Tamil Nadu. The town of Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is known for its group of monuments. These monuments comprise the intricately carved Hindu temples of the foregone times and also depict the rich cultural legacy of the country. During your visit, do not miss the attractions like the Shore Temple and the giant Butter Ball Rock at this place.

  • Pulicat

    Pulicat is one of the famous tourist places near Chennai

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    Facing the humongous Bay of Bengal, Pulicat is a township in the district of Thiruvalluvar in Tamil Nadu. This township is a beguiling place to spend a holiday away from the hustle & bustle of the city. At Pulicat, you can still spot the architectures that were built during the Dutch period. These structures are in a semi-ruined state but serve as a perfect photo shoot location. If youre not interested in the ruins, you can visit the Dutch Cemetery, Pulicat lake, Pulicat Bird Sanctuary etc.

  • Kanchipuram

    Kanchipuram is a well-known town in Tamil Nadu

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    Regarded as one of the seven Tirtha Sthanams in Vaishnavism, Kanchipuram is a well-known town in Tamil Nadu. This town has a rich history of the great rulers that ruled this place. Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Rayas, and lastly by the British. During the reign of the Indian kings, various temples were built dedicated to Lord Vishnu. These temples have intricate carvings done on all the pillars. You should pay a visit to Ekambareswarar Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, Kamakshi Amman Temple, Iravataneswara Temple etc.

  • Tirupati

    Tirupati is an amazing place to visit near Chennai

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    Tirupati, Naam toh suna hoga- we prefer this kind of introduction of this spellbinding town. Tirupati, better known as the Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh, is an amazing place to visit near Chennai. This town is known for the shrine of Tirupati dedicated to Sri Venkateswara. It is considered as the holiest and richest temple in India because of its riches including the precious metals like gold and silver. You can attain the mental peace once you set your foot in the delightful ambiance of Tirupati.

  • Vellore

    Vellore is one of the well known tourist attraction near Chennai

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    Vellore is a sprawling and a famous city that rests in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This city is hemmed in the misty Eastern Ghats and its origin dates back to the 9th century. Ruled by the various South Indian kings, Vellore has a magnificent blend of the foregone era and the present-day modernism. On one side, there are ancient grandeurs that are flocked by tourist, whereas on the other, there are world-class universities that tag the city of Vellore as a hub of education.

  • Puducherry

    Puducherry is a stunning place around Chennai

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    Formerly known as Pondicherry, the present-day Puducherry is a Union Territory in India. So well not be talking about the history of this place. All you should know is that Puducherry is a stunning place around Chennai and is thronged by the visitors across the year. Puducherry is also known for its French Colonial blend with the Indian culture and it can be spotted everywhere. It includes the buildings and the cuisine as well. And did we tell that the churches and temples of Puducherry are a must-see place?

  • Yelagiri

    Yelagiri is a tantalizing hill town near Chennai

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    Visiting Yelagiri means peace of mind and a feast for eyes. Yelagiri is a tantalizing hill town near Chennai. Resting at a colossal height of 3,643 feet above the sea level, it is truly an enchanting place to kill the stress of life. Beckoned by the lush green hillocks shrouded in the blanket of snow, Yelagiri welcomes its tourists across the year. Blest with a cool climate, it serves as a perfect destination to chum around with your spouse. Try visiting Malai Falls, Nature Park, Jalagamparai Falls etc. in Yelagiri

  • Tranquebar or Tharangambadi

    Tharangambadi, is a beautiful town in Tamil Nadu

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    Relax, it has two names and it is absolutely fine. Tranquebar, formally known as Tharangambadi, is a beautiful town in Tamil Nadu. Being a less populated town, it is seen as the right place near Chennai to spend a weekend. Tranquebar lies close the Bay of Bengal and is also known for its slushy beaches. After spending a jovial time at the beach, you can also visit the churches and temples located here. Each visit is worth a million dollars.

  • Yercaud

    Yercaud is a tranquilizing hill town near Chennai

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    Hemmed in the arresting hills of the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud is a tranquilizing hill town near Chennai. It is hoisted at a height of 4,970 feet above the sea level and it is natures bounty in true words, especially due to its location at a huge height. It is endowed with a rich flora and is a place where some rare flowers bloom. And yes, Yercaud is also known for its coffee plantations where the finest coffee is produced. Do not forget to sip some coffee.

  • Mysore

    Mysore is a frequent tourist attraction near Chennai

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    Renowned for its historical grandeurs, art galleries, museums, and gardens, the city of Mysore is a frequent tourist attraction near Chennai. Mysore is the 3rd largest city in Karnataka where you can witness the blend of cultural heritage and modernism. The fun is not constrained here, you can also savor the lip-smacking cuisine of Mysore as well. And yes, theres no need to splurge. You can easily enjoy a vacation in Mysore without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • BR Hills

    BR Hills is one of the most visited tourist spot near Chennai

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    This one is exclusively for those who love Mother Nature. BR Hills is a hill range that is located at the edge of the Western Ghats. The indescribable beauty of this place can spellbind anyone that visits these hills. BR Hills is a home to a variety of animals including the tiger, elephant, antelope, flying squirrel etc. The forest department organizes regular jungle safaris for the tourists so that they can observe the furry beasts closely.

  • Kodaikanal

    Kodaikanal is the best places to visit near Chennai

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    Kodaikanal is an alluring hill station in Tamil Nadu. Beckoned by the Western Ghats, it is blest with the beguiling meadows. Initially, this pristine hill town was inhabited by the tribals. As the times advanced, it underwent development after the arrival of the British. Being a hill town, it is less inhabited. A fresh and calm ambiance, green meadows, misty hills etc. describe this place as a spectacular summer retreat.

  • Ooty

    Ooty is an astounding hill station near Chennai

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    Ooty is an astounding hill station located in the arresting Nilgiris. It is a frequented destination near Chennai that witness a huge footfall throughout the year. The sole reason behind this is the spectacular beauty of Ooty that seduces the globetrotters. The serene Nilgiris is the place where you can succumb to nature. A trip to Ooty is always memorable, plan one for yourself soon.

  • And heres the final full-stop. The city of Chennai offers various places of interest that are swarmed by the tourists on an extensive scale. It is their charm that attracts so many visitors and if also wish to witness the charm, pack your luggage and spend a weekend these destinations around Chennai.

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