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  • 19 Mysterious Places In India That Will Spook You

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    19 Mysterious Places In India That Will Spook You

    Some things are not uncertain. They are mysterious.- Anonymous
    WARNING- The content written below is not meant for the faint-hearted. Therefore, it is advisable to read it at your own risk and with all lights on.

    India is a home to endless mysteries. There are numerous eerie mysteries that are have fascinated the human mind. To the Western countries, India might look as the land of snake charmers but, the soil of this nation holds unbelievable yet true tales. Such tales can give jitters even to the lion-hearted.

    Some or the other day, we all have read about some crazy and weird stuff that has caught the attention. These incidents usually talk about sightings of non-human creatures lurking around in odd hours, people witnessing or experiencing something that cannot be explained. On the other hand, the ancient grandeurs have been reported as a haunted place as well and we believe that you know about the bone-chilling tale of the fort of Bhangarh.

    Reading about the mysterious places gives rise to just one question in everyones head that what truth lays behind these places? Is this a way to gain publicity or there exists something extraterrestrial that makes it an uncanny place. If you are a valiant soul then take a look at these 19 mysterious places in India.

  • Markonahalli Dam: Word Of Caution

    Markonahalli Dam

    Image Source :

    How can a dam become a mysterious place? If you do not believe then read this. The Markonahalli Dam is a mysterious (or haunted) spot in Karnataka. Yes, thats entirely true. The ones that pass through this ditch get a queer feeling even in the brightest hour of the day. The bikers that have crossed the ditch complain of the breakdown. Locals claim that this ditch is the place where an old lady was buried and its her ghost that causes trouble.

  • Brij Raj Bhavan Palace: Getting Slapped By A Ghost

    Brij Raj Bhavan Palace is well-known heritage hotel in Kota

    Image Source :

    A ghost can possess a body and can harm it as well. The same incident happens at the well-known heritage hotel of Brij Raj Bhavan Palace. Located in Rajasthan, this grandeur is considered as haunted. The ghost that haunts this hotel is a British officer, Major Burton. He was murdered during the sepoy mutiny. 2 days after he passed away, the guards were slapped especially when they dosed off during the duty. Till date, he slaps the guards that do not perform their duties appropriately.

  • Sabarimala: Celestial Lighting

    Sabarimala is a popular shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappan in Tamil Nadu

    Image Source :

    Sabarimala is a popular shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappan in Kerala. Now you might think that whats mysterious with this shrine. There is a mystery. Each year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, a celestial light on a particular hillock can be spotted clearly. Not only by a bunch of people but, it is witnessed by thousands of devotees. According to them, this light is nothing but Lord Ayyappan himself who appears in front of his devotees to bless them.

  • Kongka La Pass: UFO Sightings

    Kongka La Pass is one of the most haunted places in India

    Image Source :

    The UFO sightings have always fascinated the world. Similar sightings have been reported at Kongka La Pass. With an elevation of more than 12,000 feet above the sea level, Kongka La Pass is a disputed region between India and China. However, the major highlight of the area is that it is suspected as a permanent UFO base! Locals from both sides have reported strange objects floating in the sky and even some humanoids wandering in the hills. Strange!

  • Living Tree Bridges of Cherrapunji: Unbelievable Sight

    Living Tree Bridges of Cherrapunji is well famous in Cherrapunji

    Image Source :

    Trees are also living beings, though they remain static throughout their life. But theres something uncanny about the bridges of Cherrapunji. The bridges of Cherrapunji are defined as alive! Heres that fact that supports it. These trees have their roots that spread as far as 50 meters. Such monstrous growth of a trees root is enough to make a bridge and the people have utilized these roots to prepare bridges. But why these roots grow in this manner is an unsolved mystery.

  • Dumas Beach: Getting Lost And Not In The Nice Way

    Dumas Beach is one of the mysterious places In Gujrat

    Image Source :

    A slushy beach is a perfect location to chum around. Just rethink because youll get to know something that will give jitters. Dumas Beach is a well-known beach in Gujarat, but it is utilized more like a cremation ground, where the dead are burnt! People have stopped visiting Dumas Beach because of some paranormal sightings. People claim to see the dead people walking and vanishing in the waters of the sea. Dont you wish to visit and meet someone that left this world long back?

  • Magnetic Hill: Car Slipping Uphill

    The Magnetic Hill is a hilly region in Ladakh

    Image Source :

    This is one of the most talked mysteries in the country. The Magnetic Hill is a hilly region in Ladakh where a car can climb the hill at 20 km/ph when left neutral. This hill is also known by the name of the Himlayan Wonder. Travelers on a large scale are fascinated by this phenomenon. Experiencing it yourself would be more intriguing.

  • Jatinga: Birds Commit Suicide

    Jatinga is a quaint village located in Assam and holds an ancient mystery

    Image Source :

    Imagine a flight of birds suddenly dropping dead turn by turn. Such a sight would be horrible and sad. Believe it or not but this is entirely true. Jatinga is a quaint village located in Assam and holds an ancient mystery that remains unsolved till date. This abnormal incident usually occurs between the months of September and October at a specified time. Many reasons were given to decode the mystery but, no satisfactory conclusion came up.

  • Skeleton Lake: Case Of Mystery

    the lake of Roopkund is a popular glacial lake in Uttarakhand

    Image Source :

    Imagine that you are sitting on the bank of a lake and a human skull comes up out of nowhere. Your heart will race like a horse. Located in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand, the lake of Roopkund is a popular glacial lake. It came into the limelight due to the presence of human skeletons in profusion. During the excavation, flesh on some skeletons was found along with weaponry and jewelry. Well, no one in India cremates the dead ones like this!

  • Bullet Baba: Self-Starting Bike

    Bullet Baba Temple is a famous temple located in Jodhpur

    Image Source :

    Bullet Baba Temple is a famous temple located in Jodhpur. It is devoted to Shri Om Banna. The tale behind it goes like this- Om Banna was on the way to meet some officials on his bullet bike. In the midway, he met with an accident and passed away. His bullet bike was taken into police custody but, it vanished and was found at that very place where he breathed his last. Such episodes were repeated consistently and finally, a temple was built to commemorate him.

  • Bhangarh Fort: Cursed By A Wizard

    Bhangarh Fort is one of the famous haunted places in Rajasthan

    Image Source :

    The majestic and terrifying fort of Bhangarh doesnt need an introduction. Ask anyone about it and they will narrate its ghastly tale. This fort is situated in Rajasthan and is said to be haunted. In the bygone times, an evil wizard fell in love with the charming princess. He tried to lure her in the wrong way but was unsuccessful. He was executed and his last words cursed the fort of Bhangarh. As the dusk prevails, the entry to the fort is entirely restricted. Those who have trespassed have faced the horror.

  • Kuldhara: Disappearing Villagers

    Kuldhara is a haunted village in Rajasthanj

    Image Source :

    Ruined huts, dried wells, cacti, and an eerie silence in the deserted ambiance- this is the picture of the abandoned village of Kuldhara. Located in Rajasthan, Kuldhara is a haunted village that draws tourists extensively. According to the famous folklore, Salim Singhs atrocities and lust to marry the village chieftains daughter was the prime reason for the downfall of Kuldhara Village. Residents vanished overnight and cursed this village to remain uninhabited till eternity.

  • Loktak: Only Floating Islands In The World

    The islands of Loktak in Manipur are the only floating islands in the world

    Image Source :

    Do you know that solid chunks of earth float or drift in a sea. Nope, we arent cracking a pun, but yes, the islands of Loktak in Manipur are the only floating islands in the world. Though this place looks like a beguiling holiday spot but, it holds a deep mystery that no one has been able to solve, not even science! These solid pieces of land are said to have a low buoyancy that makes them float on water. Doesnt it bring the concept of Rama Setu floating rocks in your mind?

  • Agrasen ki Baoli: Hypnotizes People To Commit Suicide

    Agrasen ki Baoli is well known haunted places in Delhi

    Image Source :

    Located near Connaught Place, Agrasen Ki Baoli is a popular tourist attraction in the daytime but turns haunted as the sun melts in the horizon. This baoli was constructed by Maharaja Agrasen in the 14th century. It was a major resource for water but, one fine day, the water of the baoli turned black. Those who went to fill water were transfixed and it seemed that a paranormal force is giving a call for death. During the wee hours of night, an uncanny laughter can be heard at Agrasen Ki Baoli.

  • Delhi Cantt: Lady In White Saree Asks For A Lift

    Delhi Cantt. road is spooky places in India

    Image Source :

    Many Delhiites have gone through this horrifying incident that drove their vehicle through the grisly road of Delhi Cantt. Located near Cariappa Vihar, Delhi Cantt. road is spooky. It is haunted by the restless spirit of a lady. Clad in a white saree and open hair, a lady in the unearthly hours asks for a lift. As the person speeds up the vehicle, she runs with the same speed and keeps knocking on the window. Taking that route during the night should be avoided.

  • Khooni Nadi: A River That Sucks People In

    Khooni Nadi is one of the famous nadi in Delhi

    Image Source :

    Some phenomenon cannot be explained by science as it doesnt have a concrete-hard proof for everything. Similarly, the mystery of Khooni Nadi or the Bloody River remains shrouded till date. It is said that the waters of Khooni Nadi are inhabited by an unknown entity that succumbs people to death. It is said that the soul of the dead sucks in whosoever enters and disturbs them.

  • Hanging Pillar: Temple Complex Stands On The Pillar

    Hanging Pillar is one of the horror places in Andhra Pradesh

    Image Source :

    India is the home to architectural masterpieces and the temples are one amid them. But how can a pillar be mystifying? Allow us to tell you. Constructed in the 16th century, the Lepakshi Temple is a well-known temple in Andhra Pradesh. But, thats not the lone thing that lures people. An intricately carved pillar that floats in the air is the point of attraction. It floats 2 inches above the ground and to test it, people pass the cloth or paper and get astonished.

  • Jamali-Kamali Masjid: Shrill Cries In The Night

    Jamali-Kamali Masjid is one of the famous masjid in Delhi

    Image Source :

    Do you believe in the shape-shifting Djinns? No, alright. After reading this you will start believing. Jamali-Kamali Tomb and Mosque is a renowned place located close to Qutub Minar. What makes this place eerie is the huge backyard containing earthen pots. These pots are wrapped in a red cloth and are said to be the prison of evil Djinns. Each night, one can hear the howl of jackals but, those arent jackals. The howl is produced by Djinns caged inside those pots!

  • Rat Temple, Deshnok

    The rat temple is a famous shrine located in Bikaner

    Image Source :

    Popular as Karni Mata Mandir, the rat temple is a famous shrine located in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. It is built in the Indo-Islamic style of architecture and is dedicated to Karni Mata. The riveting fact about this temple is that you will find numerous rats running here and there. It is said that Karni Mata spared the lives of 20,000 soldiers that came back running from the battleground by transforming them into rats.

  • Such incidences remind about the horror shows like Aahat, Anhonee etc., that were considered as the spookiest shows. Children werent allowed to see the episodes as they were, uh-oh, we are getting jitters whilst talking about them. So, if you adore mysteries then the above-listed places are the right destinations to test yourself. Beware.

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