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  • Top 7 Haunted Places In Rajasthan

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    Top 7 Haunted Places In Rajasthan

    "Because it is not always about Kesariya Baalam, Padhaaro Mhare Des"

    Set in the midst of the sands, Rajasthan is a captivating spot that brags a plenty of glories. It is among the spots where individuals become acquainted with about the rich social legacy. Rajasthan is prominent for its sovereignty, cooking, society music and move, painstaking work and the rundown goes on. Yet, there are sure places in Rajasthan that are gone by individuals just when the beams of the sun are spread over the cerulean sky. After the sun set the frightful sides of these spots turn up and each has its own particular story that can give creeps. Here's a short wrap of most frequented haunted places in Rajasthan. Set out to go on the off chance that you have guts.

  • Rana Kumbha Palace- The Eerie Screams

    Rana Kumbha Palace is most popular place in Rajasthan

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    Rana Kumbha Palace is a ruined fort entrenched in the sands of Chittorgarh. Its spooky chambers have the potential to make anyone pee in their pants. Legend has it that when the sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji assaulted the royal residence, Queen Padmini played out the self-immolation alongside 700 female adherents. From that point onward, there have been numerous occurrences where individuals heard the shouts of ladies requesting save their realm.

  • Nahargarh Fort- Sawai Man Singh Wanders After Death

    Nahargarh Fort is one of the most visited haunted place in Rajasthan

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    Perching on the Aravali hills and overlooking the Pink City, this splendid grandeur turns spooky after dusk. Nahargarh for is a marvel that was built by Sawai Man Singh for his queens. He was so passionate about this grandeur that his ghost still wanders and looks after this palace. Numerous instances have been experienced by people where they have heard horse neighs and an uncanny laughter.

  • NH-79 Near Dudu Village- The Blood Thirsty Highway

    NH-79 is most popular haunted place in Rajasthan

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    NH-79 is the highway that connects Ajmer and Udaipur and has a tag of bloodthirsty highway because of the accidents that happen during odd hours. The spooky story behind it dates back to the time when child marriage was ubiquitous in India. An infant girl was married to a 3 year old toddler. The girls mother was against it and she fled towards the parkway to request help where she was hit by a traveler vehicle that murdered her and the kid in a split second.

  • Brij Raj Bhavan- Major Burton Never Left

    Brij Raj Bhavan is one of the most famous haunted places in Rajasthan

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    Brij Raj Bhavan is an architectural marvel in Rajasthan that was built during British rule. It is now a hotel that is haunted by the spirit of a British soldier Major Burton. During the sepoy mutiny, Burton was killed along his family by the Indian militants. Till date, his ghost meanders in the premises and even the guests have seen this harmless spirit.

  • Kuldhara Village- A Curse Of Love

    Kuldhara Village is famous for haunted story in Rajasthan

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    Kuldhara has an abnormal story that no one has faith in. Kuldhara is a betrayed arrive as a result of revile that an indecent Diwan has in his time. An evil Diwan strongly needed to wed a beatuiful village girl and debilitated her family to grab hold of her. The villagers left the place leaving an undying spell so that nobody would ever live or breed on this land.

  • Jagatpura- The Witches Wander Here

    Jagatpura is one of the most popular haunted places in Rajasthan

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    Jagatpura in Rajasthan is an uncanny place where it is said that witches reside here. A couple of streets and some bit of the territory in Jagatpur are prominent for eager spirits, witches and un-earthly apparitions. Many individuals have reported abnormal vibes around the range and have seen witches. Wandering here during odd hours can be fatal.

  • Bhangarh Fort- The Evil Chants

    Bhangarh Fort is one of the most pouplat haunted places in Rajasthan

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    Bhangarh fort doesn't needs a presentation as a large portion of the general population know about it. The frightfulness story of Bhangarh says that a dark mystical performer became hopelessly enamored will Ratnawati, the beguiling princess of Bhangarh. He attempted to draw her in an uncanny way yet was uninformed of unavoidable. Before breathing his last, he put revile on this fort that it will stay uninhabited.

  • The betrayed spots of Rajasthan hold some untold stories can make any one's jeans wet. Every one of the spots you simply read about might gave you jitters. Trust it or not, but rather reality about these spooky places in Rajasthan will continue as before. There have been various experiences with the extraordinary at these spooky spots. Unordinary sightings, ghostly shouts, uncanny chuckling and vibes have given individuals a chill in their spine. Individuals have been whipped by some famous spirits also. Theres a lot that wanders amid the sands of Rajasthan during the odd hours. If youre fascinated, then gear up as spooky side of the desert awaits your arrival.

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