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  • 20 Reasons Why People Love Malaysia Tourist Places

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-05

    20 Reasons Why People Love Malaysia Tourist Places

    Malaysia is an amazing country that is located in Southeast Asia. Dotted with thousands of tourist attraction, it has emanated as a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia. It houses various tantalizing landscapes, caves, beaches, forests, sanctuaries, museums, and other marvelous architectures. Such places lure the travelers extensively and have enhanced the footfall in Malaysia. All in all, Malaysia serves as an appropriate tourist destination for holidaymakers. Lets have a look at 20 Impeccable Tourist Destinations in Malaysia.

  • Bako National Park

    Bako National Park is one of the famous tourist attraction in Malaysia

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    All those that adore spending time amid nature and exploring the wildlife, Bako National Park of Malaysia is the right tourist destination for them. Unfolded across 2727 hectares, this national park is an extravagant attraction for tourists and houses a distinguished fauna. Animals like langur, lion-tailed macaque, flying squirrel, elephant, and various birds can be found here. Being a part of the jungle trek organized at Bako National Park is total fun.

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

    Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is one of the famous park in Malaysia

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    Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is a group of 5 beauteous islands. These islands are an apt location for enjoying a stress-free vacation. The serenity of the environment of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park makes it a superb place to chum around and spend a memorable honeymoon. You shouldnt forget to participate in the beach activities that are organized here.

  • Melaka Historic City Or Malacca City

    Melaka Historic City is well-known city in Malaysia

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    Want to gain knowledge about the colorful and interesting history of Malaysia? Lets move to Melaka City. Melaka historic City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malaysia. This well-known city is dotted with hundreds of must-visit places like cathedrals, museums, and temples that are swarmed by hundreds of people on a daily basis. The major names that lure the people are Nyonya Heritage Museum, St. Pauls Hill, Cheng Hoon Temple, Jonker Street etc.

  • Cameron Highlands

    Cameron Highlands is famous tourist site in Malaysia

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    Utter Serenity will be the two words that will come out of your mouth when youll visit the alluring Cameron Highlands. Endowed with lush green surroundings, Cameron Highlands is an enchanting hill station and a famous tourist attraction in Malaysia. It houses the beguiling tea plantations, farms, gardens, forests, an art museum, and a gallery that are the prime highlights. Succumb yourself to nature and reinvigorate your senses by visiting Cameron Highlands.

  • Georgetown Heritage Walk

    Georgetown Heritage Walk is must visit places in Malaysia

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    Georgetown is the capital of the island of Penang. Spanning a substantial area, this town used to be a trading hub in the bygone era, especially for the Chinese traders. Though this town has been transformed into an urban region, still the ancient and well-preserved Chinese trading shops can be spotted here. The must-visit places in Georgetown are the mansion of Pinang Peranakan, Kelling Mosque, Town Hall, and the local astir markets. Dont forget to collect the souvenirs from here.

  • Batu Caves

    Batu Caves are a group of holy caves in Malaysia

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    Batu Caves are a group of holy caves dedicated to Hinduism. These caves are claimed to be the sacred caves located outside India and are dedicated to Lord Murugan. The enchanting interiors of Batu Caves are entirely made up of the limestone and house 3 marvelous temples. After climbing 272 stairs, you can reach the temples to bow in front of the almighty. Thats equal to a cardio workout of 30 minutes.

  • Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

    Kilim Karst Geoforest Park is a tantalizing tourist attraction in Malaysia

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    Kilim Karst Geoforest Park is a tantalizing tourist attraction in Malaysia. It is a delightful destination dotted with the amazing mangroves located in the islands of Langkawi. Exploring this geoforest park guarantees fun as you will come across various species of avifauna. The migratory birds like flamingoes can also be spotted here. If you wish to meet the underwater creatures, the venture of snorkeling awaits you.

  • Turtle Sanctuary Beach, Malaysia

    urtle Sanctuary Beach is a popular attraction located in Malaysia

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    Dont get surprised when a turtle comes at you just to say hi, whilst youre basking in the sun. The Turtle Sanctuary Beach is a renowned attraction located in Malaysia. The sandy shores of the beach are the breeding point for turtles. Tourists, especially couples, flock to this beach on a large scale due to the ethereal ambiance that seduces them to the beach. Taking a romantic walk on the shoreline of this beach and watching the sunset is an experience in itself.

  • Sipadan Island

    Sipadan Island is most visited place in Malaysia

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    And now, its time for taking a break and spending some lazy moments at Sipadan Islands. The white virgin sands set getting intimate with the blue waters of the enormous Celebes Sea, this island is a picture perfect destination for spending the vacation. Sipadan Island is visited by holidaymakers throughout the year due to its astounding location. It is also regarded as the best place for scuba diving in Malaysia. Do take a dive in the calm waters of Sipadan Island.

  • Mount Kinabalu

    Mount Kinabalu is well known tourist site in Malaysia

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    Talking about tourist places in Malaysia and not mentioning the name of mount Kinabalu, nope, we dont do such mistakes! Mount Kinabalu is a prominent landmark of Malaysia and stands at a mighty height of 13, 438 feet above the sea level. This monstrous peak is the highest point in Malaysia and is endowed with an empyrean ambiance. It is also the residence to a variety of flora and fauna that can be explored by gearing up for trekking.

  • Aquaria KLCC

    Aquaria KLCC.  Known as the worlds largest aquarium

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    Not everyone wants to dive and explore the marine life, the same can be done by visiting Aquaria KLCC. Known as the worlds largest aquarium, Aquaria KLCC is a prominent name in the list of the tourist attractions in Malaysia. After you step through the doors of this humongous aquarium, you can witness the amazing marine creatures swimming around you. The giant squids, sharks, eels, seahorses etc., are the major attractions that will surely astonish you.

  • Tioman Island

    Tioman Island is one of the famous Island in Malaysia

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    The original name of this island is Pulau Tioman. Located at the southernmost tip of the village of Pahang, Tioman Island is a bewitching tourist attraction in Malaysia. Facing the South China Sea, its sandy beach and palm trees make this location a perfect weekend getaway for the local people as well as tourists. You will not be disappointed after visiting the beguiling island of Tioman. And yes, do not forget to carry sunscreen and protect your food from the local cats.

  • The Perhentian Islands

    The Perhentian Islands are known as the best honeymoon destination in Malaysia

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    The Perhentian Islands are known as the best honeymoon destination in Malaysia. Surrounded by green hillocks on three sides and facing the calm waters, the Perhentian Islands are a frequented tourist destination in Malaysia. They comprise 2 islands known as Pulau Besar and Pulau Kecil and here, you can enjoy the water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and boating. The luxury resorts and a calm ambiance of the Perhentian Islands are heavenly enough to make your romantic holiday indelible.

  • Petronas Twin Towers

    Petronas Twin Towers is well known towers in Malaysia

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    Who said that Twin Towers do not exist? Well, they do not exist in the USA but, they stand tall in Malaysia. Petronas Twin Towers are counted amid the worlds tallest structures and have a humongous height of 1,483 feet. Such height is enough to sprain an individuals neck if these towers are seen from the ground. Petronas towers comprise of the identical 88 storeys and are connected via air-bridge at 41st and 42nd floor.

  • Islamic Arts Museum

    Islamic Arts Museum is one of the famous tourist attraction in Malaysia

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    To know and understand the beauty of the Islamic world from the turf, you should visit Islamic Arts Museum. It is an enticing attraction in Malaysia that houses over 7000 artifacts that throw the light on the Islamic culture in Malaysia. This museum was built and opened in the year 1998. Regarded as South Asias largest Islamic Museum, it houses 12 galleries where you can see the beauteous Islamic teachings and the miniature models of various grandiose.

  • Langkawi Sky Bridge

    Gunung, Langkawi Sky Bridge is a must-visit tourist attraction in Malaysia

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    Located in the serene surroundings of arresting hills of Gunung, Langkawi Sky Bridge is a must-visit tourist attraction in Malaysia. This bridge is constructed in a curved shape at a monstrous height of 410 feet. Such shape of the bridge provides a unique experience to tourists who walk over it. By walking on Langkawi Sky Bridge, you can witness the panoramic view of the Gunung Hills and the nearby lake. And yes, this bridge is not for the faint-hearted.

  • Menara KL Tower

    Menara KL Tower is the highest broadcasting tower in Malaysia

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    Another architectural splendor of Malaysia, Menara KL Tower is the highest broadcasting tower. It stands on the hill of Pineapple with a majestic height of 1380 feet. Youll be surprised to know that Menara KL Tower is known for housing the highest McDonalds outlet in the world! Munching your favorite snack while watching the city of Kuala Lumpur from a great height- doesnt this sound something worth trying?

  • Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

    Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is well known park in Malaysia

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    Visiting Malaysia and not relishing at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Nah, thats disrespectful. This amazing recreational hub sprawls over 88 hectares and houses over 70 rides for all age groups. Whether you love the water rides or adore rain dance, spending one-day itinerary at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park will surely rejuvenate your senses. After tiring your limbs, do not miss to hog on the scrumptious snacks offered at the food outlets present there.

  • We hope that this quick guide provided you with enough of information. You learned about slushy shorelines, beguiling temples, astounding caves, intriguing museums, tantalizing islands, and an exotic flora & fauna. Oh yes, we also mentioned about the activities that shouldnt be missed! Enough said, now you should get your tickets booked for Malaysia. Happy journey.

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